6 Outdoor Wedding Decorations For Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding ceremony is a one in a lifetime occasion. No matter where you are from, almost every bride would want to ensure that her big day is perfect to the very last dot. After all, you have found the perfect man to spend your life with. Why shouldn’t your wedding day be just as perfect? You must have attended a large number of weddings, which all look and feel roughly the same. The teeming relatives and friends streaming into the auditorium, the same old seating arrangements, the same kind of decorations – how passé! If you are one of the brides who wants something very different for her big day, then an outdoor wedding could just end up being the wedding of you dreams. With an outdoor wedding, you would be proclaiming your abiding love for each other with the skies and stars as your witness. Not only that, you will have a much huger variety of outdoor wedding decorations and themes to choose from. With the right planning and creative ideas, you will be able to beat the heat even in the summer! So we have collected some fresh outdoor wedding decorations for the couple who wants something really special as they get hitched.

1. Antique Chairs

Outdoor Wedding Decorations -chair decoration

Image Courtesy : Bougainvilla Designs

Just because you are having an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean it can’t be Indian in style and mood. A perfect way to capture that aesthetic that is so unique to our country is to abandon regular chairs and decorate your space with antique Indian chairs. These could also include divans and couches. When comfortable, fluffy cushions would make the scene even more comfortable, it will also add that definite Indian touch to your day. These cushions can be embellished with traditional Indian designs like phulkari work or kutch embroidery which will give it that authentic feel.

2. Parasols

Outdoor Wedding Decorations -Outdoor decoration

Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

If you are having a summer wedding, then decorated parasols would keep your guests (and you) cool as a cucumber! There are so many different things you could with colourful and decorated parasols. On a hot day, a parasol could be the manna your guests were looking for. The parasols could also work as decorative hangings if they are hung upside down and decorated with orchids, lilies and vines. You could also have a wall made out of decorative parasols for your guests to take that memorable snap! The possibilities are endless.

3. Drinks Or Food Truck

Outdoor Wedding Decorations -food truck

Image Courtesy : F5 Weddings

No Indian can ever forget those giant, colourful trucks that often run amok on our roadways. Nor can we ever forget their tagline, “Horn Ok Please”. Why not bring the essence of the Indian streets into your outdoor wedding. A decorated truck serving up some delicious food or the drinks would be charming and would definitely bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

4. Frame Those Moments

Outdoor Wedding Decorations -Frame decoration

Image Courtesy : Wedding Soul

When you want to save a special picture forever, you frame it. Frames are not just for photographs, they might just end up becoming one of the best pieces of decor on your big day. The frames can be left hanging from a stand or from trees. You could include both of your childhood and family photos and literally have yourself a “family tree” at your wedding. This would also be a great prop to get some amazing snaps with your loved ones.

5. Rustic Ladders

Outdoor Wedding Decorations -Outdoor decoration

Image Courtesy : Shubharambh Productions

When you think of wedding decor, the last thing on your mind would be ladders. But, wooden decorated ladders would add that unique, antique feel to your wedding day. These ladders can be decorated with amazing floral arrangements, little wax candles, brightly coloured choodis and maybe even figurines of the bride and groom. Perhaps, it is your names that you would like to see emblazoned upon the ladder. Whatever you choose to do, your rustic decor is sure to look stunning.

6. Personalized Cushions

Outdoor Wedding Decorations -Flower decorations

Image Courtesy : Wedding Soul

Another quirky way to really make your wedding decorations stand out from the rest is to incorporate many cushions with personalized messages. This could range from your favourite quotes, to your pet peeves about your intended, your favourite movie lines – the possibilities are endless.