15 Out Of The Box Engagement Gifts Ideas For Your Favorite Couple

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An engagement is a precursor to a wedding. A hope and a promise for lifelong togetherness. It brings the couple one step closer to marriage and that by itself is an occasion to be celebrated in all its glory. If you are little unsure on what would make a great gift for your favourite couple, check out these quirky and out of the box engagement gift ideas that will be a great addition to their new home and their life together.

1. The Goodies Basket

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You can pick and choose goodies like a wedding book, a bottle of good wine, some wine glasses, Swiss chocolates, gift vouchers and more that will suit their taste and their taste-buds.

2.The Silver Ring Holder

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There is nothing that’s more classy and stylish that this beautiful ring holder. This is one decorative piece that truly stands out by itself, even without the ring in place!. A gift that they will always cherish.

3. Vintage Value: The Wooden Glass Keepsake

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A fine example of minimalistic vintage design. A keepsake box made of wood and glass, one that they can use to safely store their memories – be it their personal love letters, greetings they want to preserve or beautiful photographs from before the wedding.

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4. Love Letters Of A Different Kind

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Newlyweds planning to host their first dinner party will be thrilled to have these hand printed table love letter napkins. These napkins come as a set of four with literary love letters written by the best English writers ever, from Jack London and Mark Twain to Emily Dickinson and D.H. Lawrence. A one of a kind gift that the newly-wed couple would love to have.

5. Why Not Gift A Romantic Getaway?

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What would be a better gift that sponsoring a romantic vacation for the to-be-weds? With the advent of online tourism and bookings – there is a trip that suits every budget. Give the couple a romantic vacation, a few days in some far off place where they can cool their heels after all the hullabaloo that an engagement is. It’s a very sensible engagement gift idea.

6. The Ring-For-A-Kiss Bell

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A simple handmade ring-for-a-kiss bell for the lovely couple. A gift that will surely find space in a cozy corner of their new love nest. This definitely is one of the easiest yet endearing DIY engagement gifts ever!

7. Ring Holder – Necklace

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A personalised ring holder chain made of gold or silver that can also serve as a lanyard badge holder. A gift that is not just valuable but also useful and practical.

8. The Wedding Countdown Table Top

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There is nothing cooler that having a wooden countdown table top with gold embossed lettering that reminds them how close they are to be man and wife. A beautiful gift that expresses your shared excitement as the big day inches closer.

9. Commission An AV To Play On The Wedding Day

So you’ve been a part of their journey form strangers to friends to good friends and now lovers who are all set to take the big plunge. Why not commission a video on their love story? An entertaining short film that you could play at their wedding.

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10. A Book For Inspiration

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An informative wedding planning book is always helpful for the newly engaged couple. Gift them a top-selling book on wedding planning jam-packed with inspiring ideas, themes, decor, trends and more. It will be a gift they can use to plan and make their big day even better.

11. The Nerd Band Rings For Her And For Him

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For all the nerds out there, a funny Nerd Lord and Nerd Lady band rings is the best gift to lit up their faces and make their day.

12. A Personalised Engagement Ring Dish

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A custom made ceramic engagement ring dish with the initials of the bride and groom-to-be embossed in a heart and “the best is yet to come” message that promises hope and a beautiful future.

13. Tickets For The Theater

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Pick the coziest seats and gift them tickets for a drama or a concert they’ve been wanting to attend. Bonding over art, music or drama is an evening well spent for many newly engaged.

14. Lend A Hand

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Lend them a hand, offer help with things you’re good at. Could be bar-tending, photography, cooking/baking, designing, ushering the guests or anything that will knock a job off their to-do list. The best gift you can give is being on their wedding team.

15. Custom Phone Cases For Him And For Her

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Give them these custom made I-Phone cases for him and for her as an engagement gift. And better still if it suits your pocket, put a phone in each of them.

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