18 Osho Love Quotes That Bring Out The Best In You

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Chandra Mohan Jain or Acharya Rajneesh was an Indian mystic, spiritual guru and a philosophical teacher. He was popularly known as Osho, renowned for, among other things, his take on love. He was a highly acclaimed spiritual speaker and yoga guru who gained international prominence when he relocated to the United States of America and established his ashram in Oregon. He later came back to establish the now famous Osho International Meditation Center in Pune, India. He has been a firm believer in love and inner peace, and most of his quotes and speeches have always been about getting in touch with your inner soul and being in sync with nature, despite owning a number of Rolls Royces himself. These are 18 of the best Osho love quotes that are excerpts from his many bestselling books and speeches on self-realisation. Please read though, and we are sure you will love them and would want to share and spread the love that Osho envisaged.


A beautiful quote on love by Osho that is simple and carries a subtle message on how you should treat love and your lover. He compares your love interest with a flower and talks of how you should appreciate love and not try to posses the person. After all, the one you love is not a thing.


A typical example of Osho quotes on love about how you should be the person or the feeling you wish to be, rather than trying to feel it – be it. Through experience and self consciousness you can be aware and in control of your love, over time becoming love itself. A quote that sounds a bit complex but is very simplistic when you really understand the true meaning of what Osho is trying to tell.


This is one of the most popular love quotes by Osho, one that actually talks of courage and how it is like having a love affair with the unknown. You really don’t know your strength, your courage till that is the only option you are left with. Love is about the same thing too, it is only when you really need it that you realise the full potential of the relationship and the strength of your bond.


A beautiful message of love and how it isn’t a one sided affair. In Osho’s words, “There should be a dialogue, it isn’t a monologue.” Love is all about giving and taking. Love is not unreasonable; love is logical, practical and just like how sound is produced when two hands clap together, love happens when two hearts meet, share and grow together.

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A subtle yet crystal clear distinction between love and lust that is succinctly explained by Osho. Love is a feeling where the other person’s feelings, thoughts and ideas are important – you care for what they want and will provide what they need. And lust is one where it is all about you, it is more of taking and less of giving, you are the one who is important and how you feel about it is the only thing that matters. A quote that does not diminish lust vis-a-vis love or vice versa, but a quote that clears shows you the subtle difference between the two.


Yet another philosophical quote on love by Osho that tells us how we should love, in the truest sense of the word. Love is not dependent on a person, there is no need to objectify it. Love is an inner feeling and a state of being; you are your master and love is a state you are in. This quote can be of great help to anyone in love. Share it with your partner and help each other in truly understanding what love is – because it is you.


A quote on how love is not about a relationship or the person that you love, it is about you and you alone. As Osho puts it “one is not in love, one is love”. It is a state of being, loving and living by yourself and for yourself. Being in love is just a by-product of you being love itself. A quote on self-belief and love that is a must share with your partner.


Intimacy: Trusting Oneself and the Other is a book that is a part of a series called Osho’s Insights for a New Way of Living. This quote is an excerpt from that book. It carries a beautiful message that states that love is the goal of existence and that life is just a journey towards it. It is a message about love and life that everyone should read, understand and imbibe. A must-share quote on love and life by Osho.


A quote about love and how feminism is a much needed revolution right now in this world. You cannot love a person unless you see or feel as equals. You need to share you pains, pleasures and life equally, together. A quote on love that needs to be shared with many of the men today, a must-share just that everyone knows what it takes to really love.


A quote by Osho on how love is the all consuming force in a relationship. It is true that we do not surrender to each other but we for sure surrender to the love for each other that is there in our hearts.


A quote where Osho tells you that love is a state of mind, not a relationship. You will love a person, will fall in love only because it is simply your nature. A quote on love that tells you to love without any mental boundaries, or constrict love with a relationship, because love is within you – it is not something you draw from an external source.


A quote on love that is practical and much needed advice for today’s generation. You cannot love the good qualities in an individual and complain about the not-so-good ones. True love is all consummate in its nature and approach. As Osho beautifully puts it, “If you love a person, you accept the total person.” A quote you can share with your partner or with anyone who’s close to you because it is important to let them know, that you love them – as a whole.


A quote on love that is yet another assertion by Osho that you should love an individual as a whole. This quote takes the message of the previous one a little further and tells you that you should never try to change that person, because it is like loving only a part of the person and brings forth the idea that you do not accept the other half of his or her personality.


One of the very simple and subtle Osho love quotes that succinctly explains what love is. You don’t have and you don’t need a reason to love. When you love, you simply love. One of the simplest quotes of love that has a very deep meaning, a quote that proves that Osho is truly the modern “love guru” as many popularly called him in his time.

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With this quote, Osho explains the inseparable relationship between love, awareness and one’s personal growth as an individual.


In Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships, Osho tries to answer the questions that we raise about love, lust, freedom and living without mental boundaries. A bestseller in its time, this book is a brilliant body of work which represents the ideas and thoughts of Osho on love and life in general. This quote is a meaningful excerpt from the book that talks on how love is the light that dispels darkness, i.e. your ego. To love someone, first you should be in a position to love yourself, to be free from ego and the darkness that focuses on others. Loving yourself is the most basic need of a human; it has tremendous power and is a spiritual force that you should enlighten yourself with.


The Search: Finding Your Inner Power, Your Potential is exactly what the title suggests. A book by Osho that is all about finding your inner power and unleashing your true potential to the fullest. This quote talks about loving your woman like a goddess, the best thing you could do for her. And Osho comes up with his witty logic that loving your woman like a goddess would make love feel like worship! An Osho love quote that will put a smile on your partner’s face.


This is one of the wittiest Osho love quotes that is actually very practical and real. Love is all about sharing, it will not run out of stock, so don’t be greedy in love. A quote that makes a lot of sense as most people these days aren’t so forthcoming as they were once. You need to love and live together, as individuals and as a society. A quote on love that you can share with your partner; be sure that he or she takes it in the right sense though.

Did you Know?

“The Sunday Times in London has described Osho as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century”. The famous American author Tom Robbins called Osho “the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ.” India’s news-daily Sunday Mid-Day named his as one of ten people – alongside with Gandhi and Buddha – who redefined the destiny of India. Talking about himself, Osho has said that he wanted to redefine how people think and live in the future. He said he often characterizes the new-age socially aware individual as “Zorba the Buddha” – one who is fully capable both of enjoying the basic pleasures of Zorba the Greek and still possesses the silent serenity of Gautama Buddha.

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