Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers: Top 10 Picks of 2016

Arabic mehndi design for fingers is an integral part of the whole bridal mehndi design process. Extending the mehndi design to the fingers, both on the front and the back, looks delicate and graceful. And when intricate floral patterns are drawn on the fingers, adding character and giving the overall look of the mehndi design an edge, it looks like a mehndi ornament adorning your hands. We have carefully picked out the top 10 ornamental Arabic mehndi design for fingers. Next time you just want to wear mehndi, and not decorate the whole back, these are the designs to look out for. Have a look at these Arabic mehndi design for fingers and we are sure you will find your design.

1. Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers

Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers

Simple geometric shapes like thin and bold lines, circles and dots, triangles and squares are drawn in a simple Arabic mehndi design pattern that give this geometric mehndi design a more pleasant and chic look. And dropping a floral arrow and a dotted chain from every finger just gives a little edge to the overall design.

 Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers-Finger mehndi designs

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2. Index & Thumb Curve

This looks very chic and elegant. All those women who wish to wear mehndi, but not cover their hands and fingers with delicate designs, will absolutely love this. Starting from the tip of the thumb, a floral and leafy vine free flows and bends down to decorate the index finger. Leaving the other fingers and the back of the hand free of any designs, this vine grasps full attention.

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3. Ring Finger Design

Be it your left hand or the right hand, you can go for an extravagant ornate design on your ring finger. This sketch of a ring on the finger looks magnificent and opulent. To add a little drama, pearls of mehndi can be dropped from both sides of the ring. They just make the ring mehndi design look a little more appealing.

4. Multi-ring Design

Like the trending fashion fad of wearing multiple rings, above and below the knuckles in all the fingers, this multi-ring mehndi design looks chic and fashionable too. The design could be of geometric or floral patterns, or like a leafy wreath worn around the fingers. It is just perfect for those who like the bohemian look of accessories.

5. Temple Design

 Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers - Temple Design

Like the elaborate designs of the temple, the dome of the nail is decorated with extravagant designs. Leaving the back of the back and the rest of the fingers blank, the decorated dome of the nails become the highlight of the design. Concentric circles or a bouquet of flowers, geometric lines or just a little artistic dome resting on the dome of the nail. This design is very simple, but it looks absolutely spectacular and impressive.

6. Aquatic Style: Fusion Mehndi Designs For Fingers

 Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers-Aquatic Style: Fusion Mehndi Designs For Fingers

Instead of colouring the tips of the fingers, parallel lines are drawn to form the aquatic bed. And on it grows aquatic leafy plants that are drawn in bold, cursive lines. It looks very natural and fresh.

7. Intricate Ornamentation Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers

Intricate Ornamentation Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers

Like crystal chandeliers, from the dome of the nail hangs the intricately drawn chandeliers that overlook different styles of multi-ring designs. It is apt for those who do not wish to cover the fingers with henna designs, but also want something magical happening in the designs.

 Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers-finger mehndi design

8. Full Canvas Design

In this design, the four fingers and the thumb are like a full canvas. Any design can spread out from the little finger to the thumb. The designs are not in a symmetrical pattern. The overall design is in the form of continuity from the little finger to the thumb — an intricately designed upside down V that spreads across the fingers and thumbs. A floral or a paisley vine. It has a very artistic appeal to itself and looks very glamorous.


9. Linear Floral Arabic Mehndi Design For Fingers

In this design, a delicate linear floral vine drop from the tip of the finger to the wrist level. It looks very simple. To make it look a little more chic and attractive, sparkles and gems can be used to adorn the design.

10. Ring Finger & The Charm

For something absolutely funky and artistic, a ring mehndi design is drawn just below the nail and with chain of droplets, an intricate mirror frame or a pretty flower drops like a lucky charm. This design looks fabulous and absolutely gorgeous!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock