10 Beautiful Orchid Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Do you want to teach your child about flowering plants? Or do you want to introduce your child to tropical flowers found all over the world? Are you looking for some orchid coloring pages? Well, if you are then you should look through our post.

Orchids are one of the most loved flowers and why wouldn’t they be. After all, an orchid is beautiful. Orchids do not look like regular flowers because of their geometrically shaped petals. These lovely flowers represent beauty, strength, and luxury. There are around 880 genres and a whopping 25000 species of orchids. Discover a few of the orchid species with our orchids coloring pages.

10 Beautiful Orchid Coloring Pages:

1. Sarcochilus Orchid:

The Sarcochilus is an orchid native to Australia. It is very tiny in size and blooms only in spring. There are around 15 species of this orchid, most of which you will find in Eastern Australia. The coloring sheet of Sarcochilus will make a delightful addition to your living room.

2. Dendrobium Orchid:

Dendrobium orchid is one of the most common orchids. There are more than 1200 species of the orchid. Dendrobium comprises of the diverse “catch-all” orchid genus. The beautiful flower comes in almost any color imaginable. And it is a tough plant, which lasts a long time.

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3. Moth Orchid:

Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid is native to Australia and Philippines. The easy to grow orchid is a perfect choice of people who want to grow orchids. This large and showy flower comes in a wide range of colors. The Moth orchid can have spots, stripes or can be plain white or single colored. This long lasting flower grows very quickly and blooms twice a year.

4. Miltonia Pansy Orchid:

The Miltonia Pansy Orchid is one of the best looking orchid flowers and has a very pleasant smell. It is a beautiful spring to summer blooming orchid. It looks very dainty with its light green grassy leaves and lovely, showy petals. The plant produces thin and long leaves, and the flower varies in color and sizes. Miltonia Pansy Orchids make excellent houseplants.

5. Calanthe Vestita Orchid:

Here is a orchid coloring sheet of a Calanthe Vestita orchid. This species of orchid is widespread throughout Southeast Asia. It has thick pseudobulbs and attractive thin leaves. This large, showy flower blooms only during spring. But thankfully your child does not have to wait so long to color it.

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6. Leopard Orchid:

Ansellia or leopard orchid is a tropical orchid found in subtropical regions of Africa. This large, yellow colored orchid has maroon colored spots that make it look distinct. It has white, needle-like roots, characteristic to an orchid. Make sure your child uses different colors for the spots.

7. Disa Kewensis:

Disa Kewensis is a large orchid that delights onlookers with tall spikes loaded with flowers. There are around 44 species of Disa Kewensis, most of which you will find in the Himalayas. The orchid plant grows almost 3 feet tall and bears tiny, smaller bulbs topped with long leaves. Disa Kewensis produces mainly from November to April.

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8. Renanthera Imschootiana Orchid:

Renanthera Imschootiana Orchid is an orchid that occurs in China and the eastern Himalayas. It has bright pink flowers and green sepals and petal. It is quite a sensitive orchid and does not last more than 60 days. So tell your child to color this orchid coloring page before it dies.

9. Cattleya Schilleriana Orchid:

Botanists discovered the orchid in 1894 and today it is one of the most popular orchid flowers. There are more than 48 species of Cattleya orchid, most of which you will find in Mexico and West Indies.

10. Lady Slipper Orchid:

The coloring pages of orchids features Lady Slipper Orchid. The colorful orchid got its name from its slipper-like shape of the pouch at the center of the orchid. Next time you are visiting your garden; your kids may easily recognize the Lady Slipper orchid among the other flowers.

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Our orchid coloring pages will surely bring a smile to your child’s face. Make sure you check out our flower coloring pages as well. Your child will love it.

Which flower is your child’s favorite? Tell us and we will try to compile a coloring page article on his favorite flower.

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