6 Orange Wedding Decorations For A Zesty Affair

There are very few elements of a beautiful wedding that are remembered for years to come by the attendees. Most of them of course are to do with the beautiful couple that on that very special day pledged their undying affection and commitment to each other and embarked on a journey of loving togetherness thenceforth. Of the others, it is always the food and the décor that stand out, and it can be said without question that orange wedding decorations are a sure hit. Not merely for weddings in the season of fall, though perfectly suited for them, orange wedding decorations add an easy charm and certain elegance to the overall ambiance, and when used in the right proportions and instances, they can be really easy to look at and manage to liven up the proceedings.

Here are some of the ways in which orange wedding decorations can add zest to your wedding.

1. Citrus Flowers

Citrus Flower Decor - Orange Wedding Decorations

This gorgeous arrangement sees beautifully halved oranges in a mason jar paired with beautiful flowers in various shades of orange and its derivatives, making for an altogether gorgeous centrepiece that really brightens everything around it. The dashes of green and hints of red really combine well, and the overall arrangement is just a delight to look at.

2. Wedding Pumpkins

Wedding Pumpkins - Orange Wedding Decorations

As cute as they are beautiful, these minimally decorated pumpkins feature bits of tulle, flowers, lace and a bow tie, and a whole lot of charm. Meant to be a cute representation of the couple to be wed, these delightful pumpkins – if you’re not conscious of your weight – make for some of the best orange wedding decoration ideas around.

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3. Rustic Appeal

Rustic Appeal - Orange Wedding Decorations

For outdoorsy venues and themed weddings, these beautifully arranged wildflowers hanging off poles in the ground bring a most earthy and rustic charm to your decorations. With a little experimentation with just the right flowers, herbs and berries (or fruits) that you want to use, as well as a little thoughtful lighting around the arrangements, you can achieve a most magical feel with these beautiful decorations, making them one of the best options for flower decoration for weddings.

4. Feasts Of Orange

Feasts Of Orange - Orange Wedding Decorations

When the time comes to sit down and feast, you can show off your beautifully decorated tables with this delightful arrangement of folded napkins, candles and of course, the quintessential and fuss-free flower decorations. Bringing a definite elegance to the table, especially in the way they complement the silverware, these orange wedding table decorations are sure to draw a few kind remarks, and are one of the wedding table decoration ideas you can’t go wrong with.

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5. Fall Heaven

Fall Heaven - Orange Wedding Decorations

Perhaps best signifying the fall season is this gorgeous and ingenious creation featuring pumpkins and fall or orange flowers. The light pink of the roses complements the most beautiful shades of orange that the sunflowers carry. The wholly natural orange wedding decorations are sure to be a most excellent addition to your beautiful ceremony.

6. Pine Cones And Sun Tones

Pine Cones And Sun Tones - Orange Wedding Decorations

Working to show that beautiful orange flowers needn’t be paired only with pumpkins (although that can work out to phenomenal effect), these pine cones in a tall glass jar are topped off with an orange floral arrangement. As if already not beautiful enough, the warm glow of the candles and the autumn leaves add to the entirely pleasant appeal.

So there you have it, 6 ways in which you can incorporate orange wedding decor into your own beautiful wedding. If you decide to use one of these designs or are inspired by them to create ones of your own, do tell us just how they worked out. You can write to us or drop a comment in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.