5 Online Stores To Pick Stunning Wedding Greeting Cards From

You have spent ages and ages sifting through wedding greeting cards looking for just the right card to give to the imminent couple in your life, but since it’s their WEDDING, and since that’s a rather huge thing, you just can’t find the right card. Aww poor you, here have a hug. Now brace yourself, you didn’t have to do any of that legwork. The above retelling is sure to be a normally occurring one across the length and breadth of the country. And to those not in the know, we tell you this. Welcome to the Internet. A cornucopia of online markets for almost any imaginable product, the net is a repository of amazing shops to look for anything you could possibly want.

Wedding greeting cards can, and do, come in a number of different formats, going from standard greeting cards that can be bought at almost any stationery store, to more home-made projects that can have that evocative DIY feel , and even some professionally created digital pieces that are made to exact printing specifications with the most extreme precision. But instead of going through all the trouble of moving from shop to shop, just browse through the millions of cards that are available via the Internet. Online stores have some superior products at sometimes unbeatable prices.

The perfect wedding greeting card would accomplish the purpose of being not overly sentimental while being honestly sweet and ultimately custom-tailored to the pair in question. Consider the strength of the bond that you share with the couple involved; is this for an aunt and her new partner? Or that overly stubborn friend who used to declare that he would never settle down with one person at all those feminist meeting that you attended? Then go through our choices of some of the best online stores to find the perfect wedding greeting card that you want.

1. Papyrus

Wedding Greeting Cards - Papyrus

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The store at Papyrus online is full of some brilliant example of wedding greeting cards. Many of their cards are done with unique handmade embellishments and are filled with a variety of designs ranging from uber cute to highly elegant. Their personalised invitation cards and save-the-date cards are out of this world, and they are also far ahead of the times as they have been carrying same-sex cards for years now. An foreign company, they ship their products across the world.

2. Seven Promises

Wedding Greeting Cards - Seven Promises

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The intrepid team at Seven Promises has carefully compiled a beautiful collection of stunning cards. One of the best Indian portals for online access to some wonderful cards, this site has it all. From the latest trends in contemporary card fashions to matching box invites, they even have shagun envelopes and boxes. Their designer invites are also available for the budget conscious and they do rush deliveries.

3. Menaka Cards

Wedding Greeting Cards - Menaka Cards

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Established in 1980, this veteran card company now also offers its products to customers online. Renowned for their quality and reliability, the superb cards designed by these fabulous people will have you sending some extremely stylish, and yet relatively affordable, wedding greeting cards.

4. Indian Wedding Card

Wedding Greeting Cards - Indian Wedding Card

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The stunning collection that is on offer from the stables at Indian Wedding Card will leave you astounded. The sheer range and diversity of the options available is truly mindboggling. With over 5,000 designs to choose from, you won’t be closing your browser empty-handed and unsatisfied. From normal cards to elaborate scrolls, almost any form of wedding greeting or invitation card can be found on this site.

5. Hallmark Cards

Wedding Greeting Cards - Hallmark Cards

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Staple veterans in the industry, both in India and outside, Hallmark cards are some of the best and most sensitively handled wedding cards around. Whatever be their purpose, a Hallmark card always seems to strike just the right chord to resonate with the recipients’ hearts.