Online Classes: The Future Of Education

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A few years ago, the thing that was barely used by any educational institution has become a big part of every student’s life today. Since 2020, most universities and schools in India have switched over to online learning for safety reasons.

“I am glad that Orchids – The International School continued their online classes immediately realizing the situation.” Said Rashmi, a resident of Bengaluru, who lives with her husband and two kids.

“Online school has given me a respite from getting up at 5 am. Now I just have to prepare breakfast for my family. I have more time and energy to focus on my kids and can spend more time with them. I can even help them with their homework, although it is rarely needed since Orchid’s teachers know how to make the students do the homework even in the online classes,” she said.

Online doubt clearing classes have always been a part of Orchids educational facilities, but the last year made its need even more apparent. Since the start of lockdown, the management and staff of all the Orchids Schools are working diligently to provide the same quality of education in online classes as the kids received in the physical classroom. This requires organizing and streaming the curriculum and channelizing it every day.

As Orchids – The International School started their online classes on 18th March 2020, Mr. Rajesh Ranjan, father of Tusharnshu says, “Orchids – The International School was the first school in the pandemic situation that started regular online classes.”

Online Classes The Future Of Education

While some parents are very happy with online classes, the immediate availability of the staff members, some others had doubts at the beginning. “During the lockdown due to coronavirus, we shifted to online learning, and I was very skeptical about how this will go”, stated Tejas Raje. His daughter is currently in 3rd Grade at Orchids. But on seeing how smoothly the school is handling the online classes, he could not help but be impressed. “I really like the creativity of the teachers while they take the virtual classes and my daughter loves it. She’s taken like a fish to water when it comes to online classes,” he said.

What Are The Facilities Provided By Orchids International For Their Online Education Program?

  1. Regular LIVE Online Classes through the Eduvate portal.
  2. Special Online Doubt Class, an extended online program, that facilitates the LIVE interactions between students and subject experts.
  3. Special courses prepared for each grade available on the Always-On Learning (AOL) portal.
  4. Free pdf worksheets to encourage parent-child activity together during difficult times.
  5. Free eBooks for parents by Dr. Yasmin Siddiqui (child and parenting specialist) to provide professional tips on keeping things positive.

Advantages Of The Online Classes

What Are The Advantages Of The Online Classes Conducted By Orchids International School?

  1. The school ensures the complete safety of the students, with the online classes planning to continue until the schools are 100% safe to reopen.
  2. Your child will have the same teachers online as their physical classrooms. This guarantees a smooth transition from offline to online classes and vice versa for the kids.
  3. The classes are personalized in terms of time, space, and content. The children can decide what to learn and how to learn in their own time.
  4. Teachers, as well as IIT alumni, are available to help your child at all times.
  5. The content is delivered in an amalgamation of text, audio, graphics, and videos for easy accessibility and understanding.
  6. The web portals are designed in such a way so that they can be easily used by kids of any age.

Orchids International School provides parents the assurance of their kids receiving the same quality of education through online classes as they would in physical classes.

“I feel like I should go back to my school days so I can enjoy these kinds of classes,” said Suresh, whose child Darshan studies in grade X.

Although it is unavoidable due to the ongoing pandemic, online classes are slowly but surely progressing on a path to becoming a permanent part of education. Quite a few international schools, with their global structure, provide kids with the chance to network with peers from the other side of the world. Online classes will soon become a medium for exchanging culture and knowledge across continents. Orchids – The International School will always motivate students to reap all the benefits of growing technology.

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