30 One Sided Love Statuses For The Lone Heart

How many times haven’t you read status messages on your Facebook feed about one of your friends being happy or sad in love? We live in a world where whatever we feel or experience is up for friends to see/read on our favourite social networking sites. We update statuses and tweets to express how we’re feeling about everything. And when it revolves around our love life, it is something that we express even more firmly. Whether we’re happy or sad, we can always come up with the appropriate words but when we’re stuck in a one-sided love story, it often becomes very difficult to find the correct way to express our grief. So here we are with some of the most accurate one sided love status messages that speak of love that remained incomplete.

1. One Sided Love Statuses - We Are One

It takes years and years to make a relationship work, but one mistake and one problem can bring an end to the most beautiful phase of your life.

2. One Sided Love Statuses - With The One I Love

We have so many dreams and hopes, but is it all worth anything at all when we don’t have the one person to make them all come true?

3. One Sided Love Statuses - I Wish

I wish… So many wishes and dreams. But alas, life has other plans and sometimes you are not meant to be together.

4. One Sided Love Statuses - Broken Hearts

Both feel equally bad but it’s worse being in love and seeing them love someone else.

5. One Sided Love Statuses - Worksheets

Talk about taking things with a pinch of salt! Lucky are those who can find humour in even the saddest situations.

6. One Sided Love Statuses - I Offered

When we’re in love, we want to give it our all. But what does it matter when the person you want to do it all for doesn’t want it?

7. One Sided Love Statuses - Still In My Memory

When you can’t get what you want, you sometimes learn to settle for what you get, even if it’s only memories.

8. One Sided Love Statuses - With The One

It increases the envy quotient but sadly you know you can’t do anything. They are happy with them and you need to be happy for them.

9. One Sided Love Statuses - Severus Snape

Daniel Radcliffe, our very own Harry Potter, speaks for the ones who know what it’s like to not have your love returned.

10. One Sided Love Statuses - Judgement

They say love is blind. You sometimes choose people based on what you see and fail to see those who love you for your soul.

11. One Sided Love Statuses - Hand In Hand

We see our lives revolving around certain people but we also know somewhere deep down inside that seeing them with someone else will only fill our hearts will sorrow.

12. One Sided Love Statuses - Alone Forever

Forever alone is something that most people use on social media to laugh it off, but when you actually get that feeling, isn’t it just terrible?

13. One Sided Love Statuses - Just For You

Sometimes we see them falling in love with people who could never love them the way you love them. And that hurts the worst.

14. One Sided Love Statuses - Just Me

Sometimes one-sided love stories are even those where we get to be with them but they just refuse to make the efforts for us.

15. One Sided Love Statuses - Buy One Get Nothing

This is how BOGO turns NO-GO, where you give and give but don’t get the ticket to their heart.

16. One Sided Love Statuses - Your Loss

Sometimes you’ve just got to accept and move on. You can’t keep sulking over what you didn’t get, because guess what? You’re probably missing out on so much that you could get.

17. One Sided Love Statuses - We're Different

It’s not always the one in love who feels hurt. Sometimes it’s the one who doesn’t love back who feels sad about seeing the other one go through pain.

18. One Sided Love Statuses - Walking Into Walls

It’s like a robot whose command function turns faulty and no matter how many times you try to make it turn around, it still chooses to hit the wall.

19. One Sided Love Statuses - The Night

They say there’s always sunrise after a dark night. But when you’re the only one in love, you feel like you are in the tunnel that doesn’t end.

20. One-Sided-Love-Statuss-19

You’re not the only one who suffers when you’re in love. Your friends too suffer as they have to see their best friend go through a phase that changes him/her completely.

21. One Sided Love Statuses - My One True Love

True love never dies. No matter how many times you get turned down, you may choose to move on, but your love never dies.

22. One Sided Love Statuses - Drunken High

We feel high in happiness when they’re around but sadly they have no clue about it.

23. One Sided Love Statuses - I Will Still Be Here

The thing about true love is that it never fades. So when others show you the door, true love will still be willing to accept you with open arms.

24. One Sided Love Statuses - Happy Alone

Being in a one-sided love thingy doesn’t mean desperately wanting to be loved back at all costs. Being loved for a moment is worse than not being loved at all. At least it doesn’t give you the feeling of losing what you got only for a moment.

25. One Sided Love Statuses - A Dream

A beautiful dream that I wish to fulfil once. But when we’re dreaming in our La La land, we do all that we can to have them become our most loved page in our story.

26. One Sided Love Statuses - Ours

Love stories find their worth in the characters, and if a character like you loves so deeply and whole-heartedly then there can never be a better love story.

27. One Sided Love Statuses - Dear Cupid

We do need to beg and bargain with Cupid sometimes, don’t we? Things we have to do for love!

28. One Sided Love Statuses - Not In Your Life

No matter what you do or what you want, some people are just not meant to be a part of your life. They only remain a happy memory in your heart.

29. One Sided Love Statuses - With Me

Your love for them is sometimes enough to let you feel complete even when they’re not around.

30. One Sided Love Statuses - Always

True love never dies, no matter how long it has been since they moved on.

So one-sided love may seem like a phase where you don’t have words to express yourself, but remember, you’re not the only one going through it. Why not use one of the statuses listed above to express your feelings and may be even convey the message to that special someone?