One Sided Love SMS: 15 SMSes That Are TBH Touching

One sided love sms texts make for quite the readers’ collection. They’re little msgs sent across, to friends and family about one sided love. Being in a one-sided affair is like throwing a boomerang that never comes back to you. It is a fire and ice thingy. You are warmed every day by your love while receiving cold vibes from the one who has your attention. Remember, it is not exactly a secret love but just a relationship where one is friendzoned by the one who has involuntarily stolen your heart. In case you are the one who is in a one-sided love situation, then..

Here are 15 One Sided Love SMS Msgs that you can relate to.

1. One Sided Love SMS - Except That

This is for the moment when your love interest knows that your heart beats for her. It is one of those waiting for love quotes, and makes a great one sided love sms to share with a common friend or even with the girl (as a message in third person tone). Surely a good way of sharing something that would otherwise stay always hidden in your heart.

2. One Sided Love SMS - I Don't Know Why

A nice touching one sided love sms that shares how you feel when you end up in a relationship where you become good friends with your beloved but he/she always treats you like any other random person.

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3. One Sided Love SMS - Love Is Not Winning

A poignant one sided love sms, which stresses on the point that love is not about winning someone but also letting them go in case they don’t love you since you will always wish and do the best for that person. It does sound a lot like a sad Disney love quote.

4. One Sided Love SMS - Selfishness

Here is another one sided love sms that reverberates the words of the previous message but this time in a more sentimental way. It is the love present in your heart that makes you fall in love with someone, and the same pure love gives you the strength to let them go when you feel they are not meant for you.

5. One Sided Love SMS - I Wish

Anyone who has ever experienced one-sided love has thought this one sided love sms at some point in their virtual relationship. After all, never letting go of that person is what you always wanted and wished for.

6. One Sided Love SMS - One Sided

Don’t you realise it is always people who never reciprocate your love eventually teach you the most about the nuances of love? This one sided love sms is a great way to put that thought in some nice words.

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7. One Sided Love SMS - All I Dream Of

This classic two-liner unrequited love poem sums-up all the thoughts in your mind when you are in an one-sided love affair. It is an astute one sided love sms to share with someone whom you love. Yes you can do that, and you may be surprised by the recipient’s reaction.

8. One Sided Love SMS - When We Are Together

Even a few minutes spent with your adored one feels like bliss. That is the power of loving someone truly even when you don’t get back that feeling in return. This makes a great love SMS to share when you feel that way for someone.

9. One Sided Love SMS - I Like To Dream

This one is touching and adorable at the same time. It will surely tug the strings of the heart of your love interest.

10. One Sided Love SMS - When Nights Are Long

It forms a rhyme, and that makes this one sided love sms nicely stand out. It truly captures the sentiment of having deep affection for someone who does not care about it.

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11. One Sided Love SMS - Written In Sand

No matter how far your beloved goes, he/she will always stay in your heart. Even if you are forgotten by the one who never reciprocated your love, that person’s name will always remain etched in your memory, and your heart.

12. One Sided Love SMS - Would You Know

This one is a mix of all the emotions making a turmoil in your heart. You put it all in this one sided love sms and send it across as a message to the one whom you love. This one is best for the scenario where you are good buddies with your love interest, and he/she is aware of that.

13. One Sided Love SMS - If Anyone Asks

It is a heart-warming and light-hearted one sided love sms that works great to strengthen your friendly relationship with your beloved. It is also a great way to strike a friendship in case you are looking for some means to start a conversation, and well, it makes for a great love you forever quote too.

14. One Sided Love SMS - Always The One

This one is a bit on the melancholic side, and captures the sombre feelings inside you when you are in a one-sided love affair.

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15. One Sided Love SMS - I Found Love

You start understanding the true meaning of love only when you fall in love yourself. Even if it is a one-sided love it is love after all, and it opens your heart to the wonderful feeling called love all thanks to the person who captured your attention. This one sided love sms is a great way to put those feelings in words.

So those were some heart touching one sided love sms msgs. Hope you liked them.