35 One Sided Love Quotes To Express A Broken Heart’s Grief

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We go through a million emotions on a daily basis but most of those emotions are directed towards those whom we love and those who love us back. But not everyone is lucky enough to be loved back. Some are only left on one side hoping to be ‘The One’ for the love of their lives. Some are rejected when they express their feelings while others are ‘friend zoned’ or fail to ever confess their emotions. Here are some of the truest 35 one sided love quotes that brilliantly say what your heart feels.

1.One Sided Love Quotes - Let's Begin

Such thoughts are bound to cross your mind when you’re in love with someone who does not reciprocate the feelings. You start wondering if they’ll ever love you back, and then you think of one sided love quotes.

2.One Sided Love Quotes - In Dreams

Dreams are a person’s happiest place to be in where they can have what they never had. When you’re in love, your dreams are your only source of hope of being with the one you love. Well, dreams and one sided love quotes.

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3.One Sided Love Quotes - I Tried

Hating someone you once loved is just not possible. With every thought of them, your feelings only grow stronger making you feel more and more miserable without them.

4.One Sided Love Quotes - Flying With A Broken Wing

You try hard, but, alas! Always end up hoping to be with them. It truly is one of the worst feelings in the world.

5.One Sided Love Quotes - From A Distance

This is one of the truest one sided love quotes ever. With every inch of your heart wishing to tell them how much you love them. You observe them from afar and are always there for them like a guardian angel but can never tell them how much you love them.


One Sided Love Quotes - Love Is Heaven

Being separated from someone whom you once loved a lot is terrible. But what’s worse is being with them and not being loved back. It gives you a feeling of what being in hell would be like, so look upon these one sided love quotes and feel the pain.

7.One Sided Love Quotes - Pain

People sometimes take you for granted but when you love them, you always choose to ignore the way they hurt you. You only hope that one day they’ll realize it themselves.

8.One Sided Love Quotes - When I'm Gone

Like with one sided love quotes, when they take you for granted, they fail to see how much you did for them. They realize it only when you choose to let go and take a stand for yourself.

9.One Sided Love Quotes - A Shoulder To Cry On

Because the one you have secret feelings for is already with someone else. We’re only humans, and every once in a while, we all need someone to console us and tell us that they’re there with us.

10.One Sided Love Quotes - Just Friends

When people don’t see you in a romantic way, they say you should just be friends. But when you deeply love someone it is just not possible to remain just friends. You heart cannot accept them with someone else right in front of your eyes.

11.One Sided Love Quotes - Break Through

Only you can fix your broken heart. By hurting others, you can never achieve peace. Fixing things always takes time and that often hurts more.

12.One Sided Love Quotes - To Hard To Forget

People take months and even years to get over someone they once felt deeply for. It is always a hard choice to make when you have to decide to move on and let go.

13.One Sided Love Quotes - The Silence

Expressing is always the best solution but is also the hardest way. So people sometimes keep their feelings to themselves hoping that the other person will understand, as there is always that fear of being turned down if you tell them your honest feelings.

14.One Sided Love Quotes - The One

Isn’t this usually the case? We keep sighing over people and praying that they’ll be ours one day but sadly they pick someone else over us.

15.One Sided Love Quotes - Break The Habit

Breaking such habits is never easy. When you love someone, they become a part of your life like a part of your soul and to get over them is never easy.

16.One Sided Love Quotes - My Life And Death

You feel like you have a new lease of life when you fall in love. But when the feelings aren’t same from the opposite side, you feel like your world would come crashing down.

17.One Sided Love Quotes - So Far Away

When your hearts connect, you feel like you’re always together no matter how many miles apart you may be. But when they don’t, you feel aloof and distant no matter how close you are.

18.One Sided Love Quotes - May The Best Man Win

‘All is fair in love and war’, but just like a war, you either win in love or you lose. The loss of love is the greatest loss ever as you lose something that you put your heart and soul into. And then you read one sided love quotes, to reminisce.

19.One Sided Love Quotes - The Hospital

This is one of the most famous quotes for those who give up everything for others but get nothing in return. When you’re busy trying to save them and they’re working on their plans to end it.

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20.One Sided Love Quotes - You Don't Understand

It always does. When they’re your love, they become a part of you. And when you have to let them go and see them with someone else, you always end up losing yourself.

21.One Sided Love Quotes - Do Hard

After all that’s all that you ever wanted to hear. To hear them say ‘I Love You’ has been your life’s dream since the day you saw them. It is the hardest feeling when it’s never fulfilled, so you go .

22.One Sided Love Quotes - Memories

Great love stories leave great memories. How do you move on and forget them when in everything you do, you can only think of them?

23.One Sided Love Quotes - Those Brown Eyes

You want to look into their eyes one last time and lose yourself in those emotions. But when relationships come to an end, it is not just the end of the relationship but also the end of the chapter that included that person in your life.

24.One Sided Love Quotes - I Still Love You

It takes forever for people to move on after being in love. The worst feeling is when they have moved on and you’re trying but are unable to because you still love them.

25.One Sided Love Quotes - I Still Love You

This isn’t always true but happens mostly when you end up falling for the one who seems too good to be true. You keep wondering and wishing that they are perfect for you but it rarely is the case.

26.One Sided Love Quotes - The Stupidest Little Love Song

All the sappy romantic songs and one sided love quotes begin to make complete sense and you start feeling as if they were written especially for you. Particularly those songs which are about the longing for someone else.

27.One Sided Love Quotes - A Part Of Me

Only to be incomplete without them. You are never whole until you find someone else. Till then you’re only wandering and wondering about the lost part.

28.One Sided Love Quotes - Never Stop

Deep love often gives you the feeling like you’ll never stop loving them. At that moment when you lose them, you feel like you’re going to be stuck in that moment forever.

29.One Sided Love Quotes - Eye Contact

It is the most awkward yet painful moment. You get a flashback of all the memories and the urge to say something but then you also know that the phase is over and you need to let go.

30.One Sided Love Quotes - Don't Hate Love

When you’ve been hurt in love over and over again, you begin to fear about the end without thinking of the beginning. These kinds of one sided love quotes remind you of those feelings.

31.One Sided Love Quotes - They Deserve You

When you give in your 100 per cent it is not necessary that you will get a cent per cent in return. People have their own priorities and where you fit in it is what decides how much you get hurt.

32.One Sided Love Quotes - Nothing

Truly. You give your everything because they mean the world to you but they don’t love you back and you end up with nothing. What could be worse?

33.One Sided Love Quotes - Useless And Disappointing

Sometimes you just have to convince yourself to understand this, probably with one sided love quotes, and just move on. Because no matter how long you wait, they are never going to come.

34.One Sided Love Quotes - The Worst Thing In The World

Because you constantly get the feeling like you’re knocking on a door which will never open while silently hoping that it does.

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35.One Sided Love Quotes - You Can't Have Them

It gives you a feeling of being incomplete. Even though you’re around them, you see them every day; you are still unable to hold them like a lover because they don’t feel the same way. Some one sided love quotes say the words you don’t.

One sided love is never easy. You don’t get the one you feel for and at the same time you are often judged by others for being hung over one person. Love hurts, and that’s a fact. These are our selection of 35 sad one sided love quotes which speak the language of a broken lone heart. Do you feel the same?

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