6 Old School One Liner Love Quotes For Him To Get TLC!

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to express how we feel. And sometimes its all about the right one liner love quotes for him. But coming up with the right thing to say to him is so troublesome. Lost in thoughts, the writer within struggles to surface. Sigh! That’s just not our thing. Then we think of all the romantic movies and the sweetest of dialogues that had truly touched our souls.

But We’ve Got You Some Swanky One Liner Love Quotes For Him!

And this is when Hollywood comes to rescue! We have rounded off six mushiest, and the most romantic one liner love quotes for him, to make him fall in love with you, all over again.

1. One Lifetime With You

One Liner Love Quotes For Him - One Lifetime With You

When Liv Tyler sacrifices her mortality for Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings, Viggo’s plea with her to not forsake her people was answered by, ironically, the most perfect of one liner love quotes for him — “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” Nothing matters more than to be with somebody you love.

2. The Oceans Of Time

One Liner Love Quotes For Him - The Oceans Of Time

After years of waiting, when you finally meet that one man who sweeps you off your feet, and treasures you as though you were his only prized possession, at that moment you feel that all that waiting was worth the while. Patience outdraws the most mystical of feelings that dwell in our hearts. This compassionate dialogue by Gary Oldman in the movie Dracula reflects myriad hues of love and happiness that can heal a weather-beaten heart. And if you have ever stayed away for long from him, or are into a long distance relationship, when miles are covered and bodies come closer, this one of the best one liner love quotes for him will sum up the way you feel.

3. Even If We Never Met

One Liner Love Quotes For Him - Even If We Never Met

Remember the movie The Wedding Date in which Debra Messing hires Dermot Mulroney to pretend to be her boyfriend at her sister’s wedding? Love doesn’t come with an invitation. How, when, where and with whom you fall in love are all just unpredictable. If you have met your man in unusual situations, one liner love quotes for him like this one line will sum up everything you ever held in your heart for him. This is one among the cute one line love quotes for him, which will certainly do the magic!

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4.  Scared Of Walking Out

One Liner Love Quotes For Him - Scared Of Walking Out

This heart-warming dialogue of Jennifer Grey to Patrick Swayze is from the classic love story Dirty Dancing, the movie that inspired a million more one liner love quotes for him and her. It shows that love has no bounds. It simply fills our hearts with all the love that can possibly exist in this universe.

5. Without You

One Liner Love Quotes For Him - Without You

How beautifully Audrey Tautou expresses her feelings in a small string of words. She intertwines the past with the present by simply saying that without him (her love), her feelings would have been nothing more than the flakes of vanity of her past. If your man has filled in the void in your life, this is one dialogue that will melt his heart.

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6. I’m At Liberty To Profess!

One Liner Love Quotes For Him - I'm At Liberty To Profess

You know how perfect these classic movies can be… so perfect that we wished our lives were just like the stories in those movies. And this classic romantic dialogue by Hugh Grant in Pride and Prejudice justifies why we wish to be lost in such a reverie. That’s because nothing feels more real and true than falling in love with somebody. If your heart aches in his absence and beats faster at his sight, then no words can be more magical than these.