30 Offbeat Wedding Dance Songs For Your First Dance

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Your wedding is the one days of your life you would loathe to forget. Your bridal attire, the theme, the decor, the flowers and of course, the abiding love you feel for your significant other is really what makes your big day so special. It’s all about the little details that will stick to your mind years after your big day.

No matter where your grand bash is, no matter what theme you’ve chosen to go with, finding that perfect playlist for your wedding is what will be the proverbial icing on your wedding cake. Right from the processional song, each and every song must be hand-picked with a lot of care. And as for the song you’ll pick for your first dance, well, let’s just say that if you screw this up, you’ll probably regret this for the rest of your life. So no pressure! But on a more serious note, your song for your first dance should be something that really resonates with you and your better half. So, make sure you get their views on the matter. Perhaps you both have very different tastes in music. This is completely all right. You know the cliché about how opposites attract, right? Try to find a song among these wedding dance songs, that you both would adore. If you can’t find such a middle path, maybe you could mash up your favourite songs. Whether you want to opt for a fast, smooth ditty that will make everyone groove, or a soft, romantic one, all that really matters is that the two of you completely enjoy the moment. Even if you or your husband are afflicted with the condition known as two left feet, finding the right song and just doing your thing would make you guys look simply adorable!

Here, we’ve carefully picked out, for your listening pleasure thirty indie and offbeat wedding dance songs for the unconventional couple. This is the moment to really celebrate what makes you guys special. Whether you’re the mushy romantics, the nerds, or just plain weirdos, we’ve probably got something you might like. So, get your bridal headphones out and get ready for some heavy listening!

1. Better Together By Jack Johnson

This is for those of you who love a good acoustic song. It is sweet, romantic and catchy. These notes and the beautiful lyrics penned by Jack Johnson are sure to nestle up in your heart and make you fall in love all over again. Yes, it’s definitely better when we’re together!

2. Listen To The Man By George Ezra

When you listen to the gorgeous, chocolate-smooth baritone that is so characteristic of George Ezra’s music, you may be surprised to know that he’s only twenty two! This English songwriter brings you the exuberance of new love and keeps that alive a certain youthful charm. This song will make you look forward to the long years you’re going to spend together.

3. Game Of Thrones Theme By Vitamin String Quartet

Yes, Game of Thrones definitely has had a terrible history with weddings! But if you love it, then why not wear it on your sleeve. From their album titled, “Geek Wedding Collection”, this has been especially composed for weddings by this charming band from Los Angeles. The gorgeous melody is intense, exhilarating and just a little romantic, just like the show.

4. Green Grass And Crazy Hair (Tom Waits Cover) By Agathe & Fine

These two lovely ladies from France have a voice that sounds like liquid honey! Couple that with the acoustics of the ukulele, and you’ve got yourself a treat for the ears. With lines like “Lay your head where my heart used to be/Hold the earth above me”, this impassioned song will tug at the heart-strings of everyone present.

5. Just The Way You Look Tonight (cover) By Mouse Rat

Well, this is actually a fictional band. The Parks and Recreation fans would know what I’m talking about! This song gives a very groovy take on the classic by Frank Sinatra. But what could be better than Chris Pratt’s gruff, raspy voice singing an old jazz number!

6. Gypsy Wedding Song By The Turbans ft. Anna RF

This song begins like a slow waltz, but there are delightful surprises all along. Make your guests hold their breath as the winding song gets faster and faster until it erupts into an ecstatic, rapturous celebration. Those of you who are great dancers could definitely impress your guests with this number.

7. Is This Love By Jaymay

This singer-songwriter from New York has some of the most original songs that have been penned down. Her lyrics are usually charming and witty, and this song is no exception. This one is about that scary and exhilarating feeling of falling helplessly in love. This would indeed be a wonderful way to begin your new life together.

8. Banana Pancakes By Jack Johnson

This one of the most laid back, affable songs you can find. This is a slow paced song about waking up late in the morning with your love, and just lazing around, shutting out the world around you. This also has a very tropical feel to it, so this would be simply perfect for a beach wedding.

9. Rock Paper Scissors By Jaymay

This is one of the wittiest songs in the artiste’s repertoire. This song is sure to keep it sweet, short and also incredibly romantic at the same time. This first dance is sure to be quick and fun for everyone involved!

10. I Will Follow You Into The Dark By Death Cab For Cutie

This is a very beautiful yet dark song. The great vocals, the great acoustics all add to the incredibly meaningful lyrics of this song. Knowing that you’ll be together forever, and travel the world, no matter where the journey of life takes you – this is what this great song is all about.
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