Top 10 Sea Animal Crafts And Activities For Kids

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Has your kid been to the beach? Did she love frolicking in the water, or was she more interested in collecting seashells and observing crabs? Well, it is rather common for kids to love water and be fascinated by sea creatures. The world under the water is utterly fascinating, and even more so for the little ones.

If your kid is keen on learning more about ocean or sea animals, we have a brilliant idea to help her do just that! So, engage your kid and further her interest in marine life using our ocean or sea animal crafts for kids. Check them out below:

Top 10 Sea Animal Crafts For Kids

1. Sea Shell Curtain:

Sea Animal Crafts - Sea Shell Curtain
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  • Ask your kid to collect all the seashells and other objects that she has found on the beach. Make sure they are all clean.
  • Now let her use a strong piece of craft wire and wrap it around the shells and objects one by one.
  • Your kid will have to wrap the wire around one object first and make sure it is secure, before moving on to the next. Let her create several long strings full of sea treasures.
  • Once she has completed making the strings, help her string them up to another wire that you can hang from a door or her window. Explore your kid to do this ocean animal crafts at home.

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2. Sea Shell Cup And Bowl Decoration:

Sea Animal Crafts - Sea Shell Cup And Bowl Decoration
Image: Shutterstock
  • Ask your kid to collect all the seashells that she has found on the beach and make sure there is no dirt or any other residue in them.
  • Once clean, let her leave them overnight so that they are completely dry.
  • Your daughter can make a few outlines in a ceramic cup or bowl using a marker pen. Let her glue the shells around the outlines to make a pretty pattern on the cups and bowls.

3. Paper Fish Mobile:

  • Ask your kid to cut some colored papers in a circular shape.
  • Show her how to fold the paper in parts to create a pattern that looks like a fan. Once done, ask her to attach a googly eye on both sides.
  • Now ask her to cut a triangular shape from a similar colored paper and glue it to the back of the fish to make the tail.
  • Hang them up with string to make a mobile. This is one of the best sea animal craft ideas that your kid can enjoy doing his free time.

4. Fishing Game:

  • Ask your kid to cut fish shapes out of foam sheets and write a number on each. Let her attach a paper clip on each fish.
  • Now help her tie a magnet to a string and attach it to the end of a stick.
  • Put the fish in a water bowl and let her sit and fish.

5. Ocean Painting:

  • Ask your daughter to use different colored chalks and color a sunset and ocean part on thick white paper.
  • Let her dip her finger into the white tempera paint and spread the colors. Cut out ocean figures from black paper, such as fish, boats, whales and so on.
  • Once the paint is dry, ask her to glue the figures on top.

6. Star Fish Frame Art:

Sea Animal Crafts - Star Fish Frame Art
Image: Shutterstock
  • Help your daughter put together four pieces of thick wood.
  • Glue sandpaper on the back of the pieces.
  • Now let her decorate the frame with some starfish decorations. Great ocean animal craft ideas that helps them to explore under sea animals.

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7. Glittery Fish Craft:

Sea Animal Crafts - Glittery Fish Craft
Image: Shutterstock
  • Ask your daughter to cut a fish outline from white construction paper and fin shapes from papers in different colors.
  • Let her make the head area and glue the fins all over the body.
  • Apply a layer of glue on top and sprinkle glitter. Shake off the excess and let it dry.

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8. Ocean In A Bottle:

  • Let your daughter cut strips of blue chart paper in five different shades. These will be the layers of the ocean.
  • Help her glue them outside a big plastic container, the lightest shade at the top and the darkest at the bottom.
  • Let her attach strings to plastic sea animal toys and glue them to the inside of the lid. Add a few stones at the bottom of the container.
  • Fill the container with water and close the lid.

9. Handprint Dolphin:

  • Help your daughter dip her palm and fingers in the gray paint (without the thumb) and make an impression on paper.
  • Once it is dry, let her make an outline with a black pen to make the dolphin.
  • She can also apply glue all around the dolphin and add blue paint spots on top. Try this sea animal craft for kids that helps them to learn about ocean life.

10. Egg Carton Crab:

  • Help your daughter cut one part of an egg carton and color it blue.
  • Ask her to glue blue pipe cleaners to make the tentacles and glue on the googly eyes.
  • So, help your little one get the hang of these fun and easy-to-try activities.

Moms, do let us know if you tried any of these sea animal activities for kids. Which one did your little angel love the most? Tell us below.

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