Top 10 Nutrition Tips From Dorian Yates

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Have you been feeling envious of that muscle-packed body your neighbour flaunts? A dream for most folks, a well-toned physique is not just great-looking. It also oozes confidence. And if you have been looking for nutritional tips to arrive at that impressive physique, six-time Olympian Dorian Yates is the guy you should listen to.

Nutrition and Dorian Yates?

Yes, Dorian Yates, because nutrition matters a great deal to a bodybuilder. It’s the building-block for much of that envied body. If you have been reading Dorian, you would know the importance he gives to a balanced diet. Protein is the most important element in any bodybuilding diet, he says. In addition to protein, Dorian recommends eating all possible wholesome food stuff. His books and articles reflect his passion for nutrition in one’s diet.

Dorian Yates Nutrition Tips

Here Are the Top 10 Tips from Dorian Yates nutrition plan:

1. Protein, Protein and More Protein: You heard him say this. Protein is the most important element of a bodybuilding diet. You should focus on eating more and more protein with all your meals. Dorian advises a daily intake of a minimum of a gram of protein per pound and an average intake of 1.5 grams of protein per pound. However, the protein you eat should also depend on the intensity of the training routine you follow. In simpler terms, eat at least 500gms-600gms protein a day for building that muscle mass well.

2. Mix First Class Proteins with Protein Supplements: Another important tip shared by Dorian Yates is you should always aim at mixing first class proteins and protein supplements in your meals. Some people make the mistake of eating supplements alone, which is not the right method. This means, one should eat an adequate number of egg yolks along with the egg whites and other lean meats, for acquiring the required amount of protein from a regular diet. First class proteins are loaded with additional nutritional benefits, which are extremely important for our general wellbeing.

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3. Know Your Supplements Well: Bodybuilding is a fashion these days. You may not have a clear idea about the essential dietary supplements when following a bodybuilding program. You could also be confused at the multitude of products in the market. Dorian suggests mixing your supplements for an optimum output, like a combination of whey, egg white and micellar casein, the latter is natural casein and not liable to be damaged by heat.

4. The Pre-Workout and the Post-Workout Meal Plans: A beginner needs to be acquainted with the proper pre-workout and post-workout meal plans. Both these meal plans are different and they are extremely important when you look for the best results. For example, you should avoid a protein shake before working out. A protein shake helps to repair the damaged cells and builds muscle. It’s best drunk after the workout.

5. Stress on a Balanced Diet: Proteins-only meals are not the best diet for a body builder. The best idea, says Dorian Yates, is to combine carbohydrates, proteins and fats in a balanced diet. Carbohydrates and fats are necessary for one’s well-being and to maintain a high energy level. Both these elements also increase the efficiency of proteins within the body.

6. Focus on Complex Carbohydrates: Dorian Yates nutrition advice stresses the importance of complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are more important when you are looking to building your muscles well.

7. Spread Meals-Like all other dietitians in the world, Dorian too prefers eating small meals spread over the day. Over-eating can be dangerous. The focus should be on building muscles, and not fat.

8. Light Meals before Bed-Time: Your dinner should be your lightest meal of the day. Your body stops working when you sleep. Do not load your body with food just before going to bed.

9. Nuts for Essential Fatty Acids: Nuts are rich sources of essential fatty acids. A bodybuilders’ diet needs nuts in plenty.

10. Plenty of Water to Flush Toxins Out: Water is another enormously important ingredient of your diet. It gives you energy and oxygen, and helps to flush out toxins from the body. Dorian suggests drinking at least four liters of water every day.

Dorian Yates knows what he is talking about, he has been around in this field for several decades and his advice on bodybuilding diets is in huge demand. So follow these Dorian Yates nutrition tips and be the owner of a much desired body.

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