151 Newlywed Game Questions For Couples To Spice Up The Party

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Weddings are beautiful. If you want to make yours worth remembering, play the newlywed game. Whether you are the bride, the groom, or a guest, these newlywed game questions will ensure to create moments that will be cherished by the couple as well as everyone else.

This activity draws inspiration from the popular TV show, The Newlywed Game. It involves the newlywed couple answering questions about each other, ranging from quirks to intimate details.
If you are on the lookout for an after wedding activity that is both fun and entertaining, this is it. We have listed 151 questions. Pick the best 15 or 20 and get started!

How To Play The Game

All you have to do is set two chairs facing opposite directions in the middle of the hall.

Provide the bride and groom with placards on which they have to write the answers to the questions they will be asked.

To make things even more interesting, the host can keep lists of questions ranging from easy to hard, and if both answer the same thing, they get a gift. If they don’t, they can have minor punishments like dancing to a song together or finishing a pie without touching it.

The game can be accompanied by good food, entertaining music, and romantic lighting.

Here is a list of 151 questions to spice things up and have a blast.

151 Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions
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  1. Who was the first to propose?
  2. Who is the lazier one out of you both?
  3. Who is the shy one?
  4. Who is the movie maniac?
  5. Who loves junk food more?
  6. Who says, ‘I love you’ the most?
  7. Who is the enthusiastic one?
  8. Who is the quiet one?
  9. What is the best thing about marrying him?
  10. Does she like doing chores or working outside?
  11. Is she girly or a tomboy?
  12. When did you first realize that you are in love?
  13. Who loves to cuddle more?
  14. Who loves making friends more?
  15. Who initiates the wild things?
  16. Who is the party animal out of you two?
  17. Which attire does the bride look the best in?
  18. When was your first kiss?
  19. Who was the first love?
  20. What is her favorite drink?
Which was your first movie together
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  1. Which was your first movie together?
  2. Which book reminds you of your love story?
  3. Which was the most awkward moment you both shared?
  4. How long does she take to get ready?
  5. What is his favorite pastime?
  6. What is your spouse’s nickname?
  7. What is the trick that works when she gets upset?
  8. Who is the first to give up?
  9. Who is the more romantic one?
  10. What name will you give your son?
  11. What is the best dish your partner can cook?
  12. What was your parent’s reaction to them?
  13. Who is the jollier person?
  14. Who loves giving surprises?
  15. What was your first reaction on seeing them?
  16. What is the best compliment he gave you?
  17. What was the best gift he gave you?
  18. What is the easiest way to annoy your spouse?
  19. What impresses you the most about her?
  20. What is her favorite magazine?
Who is his favorite hero
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  1. Who is his favorite hero?
  2. Who would start the conversation after a fight?
  3. How many kids do you want?
  4. Who gets annoyed more quickly?
  5. Which is your favorite destination?
  6. Describe your spouse using three adjectives?
  7. If you had to make him jealous, whom would you go out with?
  8. Who is the more caring one?
  9. What is the best thing you like about your husband?
  10. Which was the most romantic moment of your life?
  11. What would you say to your husband if you had to make him laugh?
  12. What is her favorite ice cream flavor?
  13. What is her favorite shade of lipstick?
  14. How long has he kept you waiting for a date?
  15. Has he ever written a poem for you?
  16. Was she ever jealous of your female friends?
  17. Where would you go for your honeymoon?
  18. What did you wear on your first date?
  19. What is the craziest thing you did together?
  20. What is the funniest thing he told you?
Who is into exercise
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  1. Who is into exercise?
  2. Who loves to take trips?
  3. What is his favorite band?
  4. Which song reminds you of her?
  5. Which country would you want to settle in?
  6. How would you surprise your wife?
  7. Who loves going outside to eat?
  8. Who is a good swimmer?
  9. Who is the animal lover?
  10. If you had to tell him something you never said, what would it be?
  11. Which song would you want her to sing for you?
  12. What is the perfect gift for your husband?
  13. If she would say no to marrying you, how would you persuade her to marry you?
  14. What does he like to shop the most?
  15. What would she do to scare you?
  16. If you had to apply makeup with closed eyes or make your spouse do it, what would you choose?
  17. Who is the entertaining one?
  18. Is she a dog person or a cat person?
  19. What is the most creative gift she gave you?
  20. What is the decision you both made and are proud of?
Would you choose food over sleep
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  1. Would you choose food over sleep?
  2. What would be the best gift for him?
  3. Who is a horror movie fan?
  4. Who would cry first after an emotional movie?
  5. Who takes care of household chores better?
  6. How would you celebrate a good day?
  7. What does he do to gain your attention?
  8. Who keeps their calm in difficult situations?
  9. Which couple do you look up to as relationship goals?
  10. What is her favorite place to dine?
  11. Where did you first hold hands?
  12. If you saw your wife with another man, what would you do?
  13. Is he a tea person or a coffee person?
  14. Which was the first series you watched together?
  15. What is one thing your spouse does best?
  16. When was the moment you realized you loved her?
  17. How would you tell him you are pregnant?
  18. If you had to tell him one last thing, what would that be?
  19. What is one annoying thing you like in her?
  20. How romantic was your marriage proposal?
How pampered does he make you feel
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  1. How pampered does he make you feel?
  2. Who likes making retirement plans?
  3. Is she the one you dreamed of marrying?
  4. Who would fight over a game remote?
  5. Which color does she look best in?
  6. Which topic keeps you both fighting forever?
  7. Who snores while sleeping?
  8. What does he love drinking?
  9. What is your secret of going through life?
  10. What is your spouse’s favorite brand of clothes?
  11. Has she ever called you bro by mistake?
  12. Did you ever ask for his password?
  13. Would you choose your husband over your superhero?
  14. Who is the guardian of your house?
  15. What would you do if you find your spouse with another person?
  16. What would you do if he forgot your anniversary?
  17. Who is the favorite member of your family?
  18. Has she ever forgotten your birthday?
  19. If someone hurt her, what would you do?
  20. Who is good at memorizing dates?
Who is the social one at family functions
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  1. Who is the social one at family functions?
  2. Who has a sweet tooth?
  3. Which was your favorite wedding destination?
  4. Did he ever make you cry?
  5. Did he give you a hoodie?
  6. Do you like joint dates or single?
  7. Who is the more possessive one?
  8. What is his email id?
  9. Who is his best friend?
  10. When did you first take a trip together?
  11. Which friend makes you jealous?
  12. What is her phone number?
  13. When did you realize you should get married?
  14. Who calls them the most?
  15. What is one thing about her that no one else knows?
  16. What is the worst your wife can do to annoy you?
  17. Do you like your spouse’s best friend?
  18. Who loves outdoor games?
  19. Who is the more forgetful one?
  20. How would you like your future house?
Who is your favorite sibling-in-law
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  1. Who is your favorite sibling-in-law?
  2. Which was the first creative thing you did together?
  3. Who will help the kids with homework?
  4. Who wrote maximum mails?
  5. Who is emotionally attached to the belongings?
  6. Who is the first to apologize after a fight?
  7. Who understands whom better?
  8. What is her best friend’s name?
  9. When was your first rain together?
  10. Who hates going to the office?
  11. What is one thing you’d never change about your spouse?

These are the best questions to ask the newlywed couple right at the beginning of the start of a new life. It is fine if they cannot get all the questions right. The idea is to have fun and make it interesting. Do you have any more questions to include? Post them in the comments section below.

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