5 Topics Newlywed Brides Must Never Discuss with Her In-Laws

It’s safe to say that any mention of the word ‘in-laws’ can bring with it a mix of emotions. It’s not easy to just wake up one day and suddenly have ‘new parents,’ as they’re sometimes known. Still, the fact remains that these people are going to be a part of your life, in one capacity or another, and when you’re getting to know them, there are going to be certain do’s and don’ts. The don’ts are rather more important, and we’re going to discuss them now.

Here is a list of 5 topics that you must never discuss with your in-laws as a newlywed:

1. Money and Finances


As a newlywed, talking finances with your in-laws is something you need to steer clear of. Even though you may not intend it, talking about money and finances will only make you look materialistic and money minded – even if it’s prudent to be in many a case. You need time to make a connection before you can actually talk about finances. Salaries, pensions, prices… anything, just avoid such discussions.

2. Fights and Disputes


It’s only natural for every couple to have certain disagreements, arguments or even petty fights. Your in-laws don’t need to know about this – certainly not at the moment! Discussing such trifles will lead to unnecessary and unfair judgment as to your character, and there’s no need of that.

3. Family Drama

Often, there’s an urge to get into the details over a nice cup of tea (or glass of wine) of all the goings-on with your sister’s marriage, or your dad’s penchant for… it doesn’t matter. There’s a time and place for this kind of talk, but as a newlywed, this isn’t something you need to be bringing up. They might think you’re a gossip monger (which carries it’s own, necessarily negative, connotations) or they might want more details. What then? Just avoid the mess.

4. Children and Family Planning


Your in-laws may have dreams and already making holiday plans with their future grandchildren but don’t indulge this discussion. Every generation has a different notion about family planning and the discussion can be a sensitive one. Whatever your opinion is, as a newlywed you do not want to get into this!

5. Your husband; their SON!

This may seem weird but discussing your husband, their son, is not a good idea. You have to realize that for most parents their child is ‘best and perfect’ or pretty close. Especially when they hear anything not perceived as high praise. Of course, this might not be the case, but it could well be, and isn’t something you want to be bringing up with your first interaction with the in-laws.

So there you have it. It’s not like you can never talk about these things, it’s just that it would be better to do so once you’ve gotten to know the in-laws better. Or rather, once they’ve gotten to know you better. Conversations can be misinterpreted when they don’t know what you’re all about, but once they do, things will be a lot smoother and conversation will flow a lot better!

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