7 New Year Resolutions That Every Couple Should Be Making

When your ship is set to sail to that horizon of marital bliss, and it can be said you’re going steady with your second-half, priorities shift. You now plan for work, finances, ways to become more respectable as you get older, like that promotion, the house, the Benz, and sometimes marriage and kids. You get that you’ll be missing out on some stuff. This stuff is not all that important or necessary, but it does make you go, “I’ll never do that again!” or worse, “I never got to do that!”
The truth of the matter is that the sexual stuff, well intimacy in general is the one of those things that are very important part of being married. Love is a sexual companionship with someone for whom you care deeply for and trust, who can care deeply about your happiness and trust you in turn. Sexual stuff involves doing all sorts of stuff with your SO, not just the actual deed.

So here’s some help. If you swear to follow these couples’ special New Year resolutions, you won’t end up feeling low about all that other stuff. You’ll have to remember that some of these can be done once a month and some of these can be done on weekends, or once in six months. It depends on you two.
So, repeat after me,” I swear to…”

1. Get Out Together

Get Out Together

Get out of your home and go wherever the two of you want to, a couple’s penthouse suite or a seedy (but comfy and preferably clean) roadside motel, the great outdoors, a lake house, another city, it could be anywhere. And then do all sorts of forbidden, disturbing, revolting, creepy, unnatural, kinky stuff together. You can even experiment if you want to. Or you can just go vanilla, if that’s your thing.

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If you’re not going for safety first, then keep a first aid kit handy. Don’t get that rough that you’ll need to go to the doc, like that one Indian couple who used the Puri-frying ladle handle. And whatever you do don’t use the space invader. I mean that, you’ll end up at the hospital inevitably, if you do.

This step involves experimenting with all sorts of things, and that may include stuff that makes you high. Consent is essential.

Base Rules: If you’re new to this, take it slow. No means no. Stop means stop.

2. Have A Night/ Day Out


This one’s is simple. Doll yourselves up and go have an insta-worthy time. You know the type; you both look so cool and happy, you’re laughing, and there are loads of selfies, you go to new places, or go shopping, or sit at your favourite hangout, go for a movie marathon, or whatever. Bring your other couple friends along, if you like, and have fun together. And this is not the same as get-your-freak-on.

Base Rules: Make sure the both of you, and any other couples you bring along, promise that you won’t haggle or fight or sulk for those few hours. I know that can be tough, especially if the SO has done something unbelievable.

You can’t avoid fights but this next is a life-saver.

3. Pause, In Between Fights


Yeah some couples don’t have fights, but those couples have a set plan for ‘who makes the decisions on which subject’. If you’re not that kinda couple, it’s okay. If you’ve watched HIMYM, you’ll know that’s the Marshall and Lily are Marshall and Lily. It may be a sitcom, but this pointer is gold.

When you’re having a long fight, about cash, or work, or something super serious, and it’s an important one, then go ahead and see it to the end. Sometimes those kinda fights go on for a week, or so. That’s also fine. Some decisions need time. But between the fight, any one person gets to call ‘Pause’, and set a timeout. During this time out you get to pretend the fight is not happening. And do normal stuff.

Pause functions exactly like when you pause a video. For example, when you’re fighting, and the fight is important, but you feel the sudden need to go to the loo, or have a nasty quickie, or there’s this crazy presentation that needs your time, pause is okay.

Pause is not escapism; it allows your mind time to get past that fight-fright-flight phase that hits you when you’re in fight mode, and makes you make sudden decisions that won’t make appropriate sense in hindsight.

Rules Of Pause: Pause can’t be used just for sex. Pause is applicable anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Pause can’t be used to avoid a fight. Pause can’t be used in the hope that the other person will forget about the fight if the pause lasts long enough. You may need to keep a ‘book-of-judgement’ where you write down what you’re fighting about, to remember, if the pause takes too long.

4. Have Lazy-No-Sexy-No-Sex Days


This one is just obvious. Most of the time it’s a Sunday, but you can have any day to that. It’s the day you dedicate to sitting at home, and chilling. You would ideally watch movies or sitcoms at home, while you catch up online with friends and family, or read a book with a big XL cup of coffee. You could invite people over for a casually super-casual brunch in pjs. Or long peaceful aroma bubble baths alone. It could be breakfast for dinner, and takeout for lunch, long drives and smoothies by the beach, dressed in your weekend-worst.

Lazy days are different from regular days, and regular no-sex days. It’s like having me-time, but with someone you like hanging with you here and there.

Base Rules: No more than one lazy day in a week. No farting outside the loo, or belching without excusing yourself right after you burp. You’re having a lazy day, not a ‘convince-him /her-you’re-disguising’ day.

5. Upkeep


Yes, it’s very important. Parlours, monthly medical visits, shaving, tweezing, waxing, haircuts, gyms, whatever you know you need to do to be doing to stay hot for your girl or your guy.

6. Have Quickies


Some of you are probably already pros at quickies. They involve a quick act of sex, which satisfies both partners, in a limited amount of time. They can be done anywhere, in the absence of kids and babies. They’re not experimental, and you do regular things. The plan is to not end up sexually frustrated. They have no limit, or rules. You can do them, pun intended, as many times a week as you like.

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7. Live The Normal Days


Don’t ever underestimate the value of a normal day. You both wake up, check your phones, get ready, check your phones, go to work, work, chat, check your phones, work, get home, check your phones, chat, take care of things, go to the supermarket, hang out with friends, check your phones, get back, watch TV, have a quickie maybe, or bath, watch some more TV, check your phones and then go to bed. A true normal day-priceless; for everything else there’s..

Now, get going. You have work to do.

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