15 Fabulous & Reliable New Year’s Gifts For Your Girlfriend

December is almost here, and soon, it’ll be time to wish your girlfriend a happy new year! Of course, you’re not going to be doing that empty handed, and even if your girlfriend is not expecting anything special, a surprise is a pretty great way to kick things off in 2017.

Where things get slightly less straightforward is when it comes to picking the actual gift itself. Well, we’re here to help. It gets harder and harder to stand out and give the “perfect gift,” but we can help you make an informed and worthy choice. Check out these gifting options below:

1. A Box Of Chocolates And Flowers

A-Box-Of-Chocolates-And-Flowers-new year gifts for girlfriend

Classic, like Nescafe. Besides, there’s nothing easier to manage gift than a box of chocolates and a bouquet of red roses. If you find yourself in a new relationship, where her tastes and choices might not be immediately apparent, this is what to go with. You will be ushered in with love and open arms.

2. A Good Book

Her-Favorite-Book-new year gifts for girlfriend

If you’ve got an inkling that your girlfriend is a reader, there’s nothing quite like a good book when it comes to gifting options. Just make sure that the work you choose is something she likes, or her favorite author. You can ask in advance, or you could keep any information gathering activities a secret so she doesn’t get any spoilers when it comes to her surprise.

3. Diamonds – Women’s Best Friends

Diamonds-–-Women’s-Best-Friends-new year gifts for girlfriend

Has any woman ever said no to diamonds? No! If you are looking for an instant mood lifter and wish to impress her this year, but are confused about what to choose – a diamond can be her best friend, and yours. A beautiful solitaire or a cluster of diamonds, be it in rings, pendant or an earring works best as a New Year’s gift for your girlfriend. For those on a budget, American Diamonds are perfect alternatives and look very beautiful themselves.

4. A Candle-Lit Evening Of Romance

A-Romantic-Candle-Light-Dinner-new year gifts for girlfriend

Do not underestimate the power of quality time spent together at a pleasant setting. Work out the ambiance, make reservations, keep her in the loop and set yourself up for an evening of fine dining and romance. Just make sure that the venue you choose is appropriate and not over crowded, as it can be expected, because of New Year’s.

5. A Swiss Watch

A-Swiss-Watch-new year gifts for girlfriend

There is something very romantic and surreal about watches, and if Swiss made, perfect craftsmanship is to be expected – not to mention a most beautiful looking timepiece. That way you can be sure that every time she looks at her wrist, you will be on her mind.

6. DVD Compilation Of Romantic Movies

DVD-Compilation-Of-Romantic-Movies-new year gifts for girlfriend

A comfort gift like no other, a DVD set of her favorite/classic movies is a winner. Pretty Woman, The Notebook, Notting Hill, Me Without You, Definitely Maybe, the list goes on and on. Beware, cuddly times and subjection to said movies await!

7. A Weekend Getaway

A-Weekend-Getaway-new year gifts for girlfriend

Surprise her this New Year by taking her to a lovely couples’ vacation spot, such as, for example, a cozy cottage in the Alps. A weekend full of wonder, love, pampering and much delight is just what the doctor ordered to kick off 2017 with. This time spent together will mean even more bonding, and will serve to bring the two of you closer.

8. Customized Photo Blankets

Customized-Photo-Blankets-new year gifts for girlfriend

Select all her cute pictures and gift her cute and cozy blanket with all the pictures emblazoned on it. It might sound vain, but when done right is just going to fill her with happiness, firstly because of the thought that went into such a gift, and secondly, for the dedication that you will show in making such a beautiful and perfectly crafted gift just for her. Look online for places that can help you get the blanket just the way you want it to be.

9. A Classy Coat

A-Classy-Coat-new year gifts for girlfriend

A perfect and thoughtful gift as she will need such an item of clothing. You can go further by having her initials woven onto the inside of the coat, and your initials as well as the date, to mark the occasion and make for a most personalized gift.

10. A Tote Bag

A-Tote-Bag-new year gifts for girlfriend

A girl needs her tote bag to fit in all her stuff. From her pair of shades, that much needed sun block, keys, purse and all the other little things. It’s always an awesome idea to gift your girlfriend a tote bag, because she can’t ever have enough! The recent trend is to go for tan colors and suede textures, but a nice faux leather bag will also do just fine. An added effort will be to find a nice key chain to go with the bag and she won’t be able to stop thanking you for the effort that you put for the gift.

11. Her Favorite Pair Of Sandals

Her-Favorite-Pair-Of-Sandals-new year gifts for girlfriend

Just like bags, a girl can never have enough shoes. Find her a cute pair of sandals or heels and give her a sweet surprise this New Year’s. There will be a lot of choices and you might get a bit confused, so enlist any help you can. Be sure of her shoe size as well.

12. An Anklet

An-Anklet-new year gifts for girlfriend

Different enough to make the girl that has everything feel special. You just have to take care of the size and make sure that the anklet’s sheen does not fade with regular usage, and you are good to go. You can make your purchase from the several online jewelry stores, which offer their customers a number of pretty designs at pocket-friendly prices.

13. A Year Long Subscription To Her Favorite Magazine

Year-Long-Subscription-Of-Her-Favorite-Magazine-new year gifts for girlfriend

She is going to love the new editions in the mail, she’ll know you’ve made sure of her regular dose of entertainment and information.

14. Lace Lingerie In Red

Lace-Lingerie-In-Red-new year gifts for girlfriend

Need we say more? A super sexy lingerie in red when gifted by you will be a most pleasing thing to receive. It is also works as a not-so-subtle hint of what you have in mind – that you’re serious about the relationship, of course.

15. Crystal Ear Studs

Crystal-Ear-Studs-new year gifts for girlfriend

If you are looking for something a little different, ear studs offer up that very opportunity. They’re available in a huge range, so do some digging to find the perfect pair. Retail outlets or online stores will have you covered, and she’ll love her fabulous gift.

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