15 Mind Blowing New Year Gifts For Your Wife

New Year’s – who doesn’t love it? The holiday season precedes it, chances are you’ve just spent some quality time with near and dear ones, and whether 2016 was “meh” or exceptional, we’re all looking to ring in the new. Along with the toasts that will inevitably raised, there is also a question of gifts and presents. And if you’re looking to make a splash this time, we’ve got you covered – look below for great gifting ideas for your wife.

1. A Gold Flower Bangle Bracelet


Nothing is more beautiful than a gorgeously crafted and delicately moulded gold bracelet, complete with floral details – to sit gracefully on your wife’s hands. The radiance of gold goes with any outfit and occasion, whether formal or casual. This kind of accessory will add to the charm of whatever outfit she happens to go along with. Swarovski.com has some of the latest and greatest designs.

2. Personalized Wooden Wine Box


This is an ideal gift for the perfectionist wife. Add a touch of class to your kitchen this New Year’s with this crafted wine-box. Sleek and easy to store, so the wine can be enjoyed when it isn’t being neatly stowed away. You can try out ebay.com to get your hands on the latest collection at heavily discounted prizes.

3. A Photo Lamp


This lamp is ideal for those who seem to spend quite a bit of time away from their wives. So if you’re in the merchant navy, say, then this wonderful little device will give light, literally, as well as serve as a constant reminded of reunions to be made. Those two seem to be excellent reasons to give gifts – and we’re sure the lamp won’t disappoint.

4. Multi-Chain Necklace


A delicately crafted and beautifully designed multi-chain necklace in silver or gold with stone works can also be an ideal gift for your wife this New Year. The versatile nature of the necklace or chain makes it easy for you to wear it with any dress of any color and still look gorgeous every time. The stone embellishments are quite eye-catchy as they sparkle when catching the light, making it even prettier to look at.

5. A Solitaire Ring


When in down, go down the solitaire route. A responsibly sourced diamond ring will, in the vast majority of cases, will make for an a-okay gift, and that’s putting it mildly. This is the time-tested way of saying “I care,” and then some.

6. Her Favorite Perfume


And pretty much the same can be said for perfumes. Pick up her favorite scent and it’ll do two things – have her smelling as sweet as a rose, and thinking of you every time she puts on the scent. Both are great things to have happen!

7. A Signature Pen


If your wife’s a writer, a good fountain pen is a gift like no other. She can do her crossword with it, take notes or make her journal entries. If you want something truly fancy – There are several online sites that provide authentic diamond jewelry at surprisingly low prices. There are non diamond encrusted pens that work and look gorgeous, and a variety of inks to pick from. Choose, and make your wife’s New Year’s a dreamy one with such a thoughtful gift.

8. A Love-Duo Pendant Or Locket


Isn’t it so romantic to get a love pendant with the cutest picture of you and your partner, just side by side and forever together? Do not miss the chance of finding the perfect pendant for her and make her happy without bounds this time. You can find any online gifting site or a jewel store more than happy to oblige you with your needs and wishes – a customized locket for your precious wife.

9. Her Favorite Book


If she is an avid reader, you’re are surely one the luckiest husbands ever. It is just so easy to get hold of a list of books or writers that she wants to read in the coming year, gift her the first print editions of those works, and see her glow with happiness! She will want nothing more but to be submerged in those fine prints and your boundless love. Amazon is a good place to start, as with most things.

10. Death By Chocolate Cupcakes


For the wife with a sweet-tooth, a month’s supply of chocolate cupcakes makes exceptional sense. Match them with other goodies – a new french press for her coffee, say, and set her up with enjoyable tea-times at the start of the year! Order online to have them delivered fresh at regular intervals!

11. A French Manicure Kit


Any woman looking to look her best cannot say no to a French manicure! Won’t it be amazing if she can do up her nails on her own without the need of spending a fortune at a beauty parlor? Give her the satisfaction of owning a neat Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit – everything she needs for her pedi needs. You can check out Macy’s for all your cosmetic needs, and Amazon remains a go-to as always.

12. M.A.C. Lipstick


Any woman who has ever come across Ruby Woo by M.A.C. is sure to have been spellbound by its rich shade and gorgeous texture. It is a red that is hard to describe as anything except “perfect.” Gift her this amazing shade of red and make her feel like a diva this New Year. You can easily find the shade on the M.A.C. website and order it straight to your home with the free delivery privileges.

13. A Spa Visit


What can be more relaxing and rejuvenating than a couple-spa visit? Tip: Not much. Gift your wife (and yourself) a luxurious time at an exotic resort where you can relax, unwind and reconnect. It will help you bond and start your New Year’s on a healthy, positive and relaxed note.

14. An LBD


If you wish to gift her something sensuous you can surely consider gifting her a seductive little black dress in her style. An LBD is simply a must, and really, a woman can never have too many. If you are unsure about what she might like, we can assure you that an LBD will be a safe choice and she is sure to feel special for the thought involved in selecting such a precious and lovely gift for her.

15. Her Favorite Stilettos


Just like the LBD, a great pair of stilettos are an absolute must – even if they’re just to go with the dress. A woman can also never have enough shoes! It will be a very thoughtful gesture select a pair of heels for her, as you have to know her pretty well to even attempt picking a style – and you have to know her shoe size. So do some asking. If your gift is a successful one – and with a little effort, it’s bound to be – she is going to be thrilled. This is one of those gifts wives remember.

We hope you liked our list of New Year’s gift ideas and we imagine you found something useful – something your beautiful wife no doubt deserves this New Year’s.

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