Unique And Thoughtful New Year Gifts For Your Husband

New Year’s Eve is on its way, and if you are still confused about what to give your husband as a surprise gift this time, help is at hand. Go through our collection of cool gifts you can give your man and totally catch him by surprise leading into 2017.

1. Designer Leather Wallet

Designer-Leather-Wallet--new-year -gift-for-husband

The latest trend this season is to get designer wallets from Gucci or D&G, straight off the ramp. You can give your husband a pleasant surprise this season by giving him a designer wallet that is going to keep all his essentials in place while making for a great style statement.

2. Classy Wrist Watch

Classy-Wrist-Watch--new-year -gift-for-husband

Give your man a classic, designer Swiss-made watch this New Year’s and behold. It will also serve to remind him that his time is best spent with you.

3. Signature Pen

Signature-Pen--new-year -gift-for-husband

Your man needs an incredible pen to sign all those pages and documents that come up in day to day life. A beautiful, embossed pen – perhaps with his initials on it – will see him delighted. A perfect reminder of your love, the pen will be close to his heart, literally, if he chooses to have it reside in his shirt/coat pocket.

4. A Digital Camera

A-Digital-Camera-new-year -gift-for-husband

A shutterbug’s delight. If your husband has a knack and an eye for a good click, or he’s been looking to exapnd his still/video photography skills, a camera is an excellent gift to give. While cell phones are ubiquitous, a dedicated fully functional camera offers the chance to do so much more with a medium we adore – the picture photograph. There are choices abound, for all budgets in the market.

5. Cologne

His-Favorite-Cologne--new-year -gift-for-husband

Don’t you just love it when your man smells awesome? It goes without saying. And so does the fact that giving him his favourite cologne – or yours (and then forcing him to wear it on occasion) makes for an excellent, classy gift. And the utility is evergreen as well.

6. Studded Cufflinks

Studded-Cufflinks--new-year -gift-for-husband

If your man makes the extra efforts to be classy, do appreciate his efforts by gifting him a pair of studded cufflinks for formal wear. These sophisticated cufflinks make a world of difference to his attire. He can style them for special occasions or formal gatherings where he needs to make his presence felt.

7. A Silk Tie

A-Silk-Tie--new-year -gift-for-husband

Seems boring, but is essential. Every man must own a quality ties that bears his wife’s seal of approval. It will be the best one he owns, after all.

8. Casual White Shirt

Casual-White-Shirt--new-year -gift-for-husband

A pair of blue jeans and a casual white shirt on a man is a sheer feast for the eyes. Let your husband grab the attention big time by gifting him a nice, white, pure-cotton shirt and let him bask in its glory. This gifts presents a win-win situation for you too.

9. Grooming Kit

Grooming-Kit--new-year -gift-for-husband

You’re not sending any hints, you’re just enabling your guy to be impeccably dressed and spick and span all the time. Which is a good thing.

10. Leather Jacket

Leather-Jacket--new-year -gift-for-husband

A leather jacket in black or tan is a must for every guy. If your husband is missing this wardrobe essential, help him out. A perfect New Year’s gift.

11. Jogging Shoes

Jogging-Shoes--new-year -gift-for-husband

Get him a cool pair of jogging shoes or sneakers to help him make an attempt to boost his health and maintain fitness. Going for morning walks and exercises together is a great resolution to make for 2017. Plus trainers are relaxing to lounge around in, so there’s that as well.

12. Fitness Gear Watch


Heart rate sensing, phone call answering, even time-telling, there’s seemingly no end to what fitness trackers can do these days. If your man’s serious about being in the pink of health, this is what he needs.

13. Men’s Skincare Regime

Men’s-Skincare-Regime--new-year -gift-for-husband

When it comes to a proper skin care regime, men often neglect their skin, blaming it on a lack of time or whatever fits the bill. Do not let your husband make that excuse, gift him a proper skin care kit this New Year’s, preferably a herbal one. There’s no time to lose.

14. A Photo Collage

A-Photo-Collage--new-year -gift-for-husband

Gift your husband with a cute collection of all your pictures together framed in a nice collage. His work desk has been crying out for something of this nature.

15. An Organizer

An-Organizer--new-year -gift-for-husband

Help him keep his commitments and his life structured by gifting him a digital organizer. Any important events, meetings, dates, occasions, and everything else will be kept a track of in one place. He is genuinely going to appreciate your thoughtful and most useful New Year’s gift.

16. A Laptop

A-Laptop--new-year -gift-for-husband

While usually a personal device, if you know your husband has been struggling with his current setup, even as he promises he only needs to do the basics, bring him back into the present byu giving the gift of machinery that works fast and as intended. It will be appreciated.

17. A Trimmer

A-Trimmer--new-year -gift-for-husband

Are you in love with the sexy stubble your husband rocks everyday? Help him trim just the way you like it with this most useful piece of kit. It’ll save him a few trips to the barber’s as well.

18. A Trekking Trip

A-Trekking-Trip--new-year -gift-for-husband

If you’ve been looking for some cozy time with your man, do the adventurous thing and pick up a tickets for a couple’s trekking trip this New Year’s. Taking some time off from work and concentrating on each other is one great way to ring in the new year.

19. Crystal Shot Glasses

Crystal-Shot-Glasses--new-year -gift-for-husband

If your husband loves to throw parties and swears by tequila shots, gift him with this amazing set of crystal shot glasses. They’re going to look excellent at his bar and they’re the perfect way to celebrate the coming of 2017, right in the moment.

20. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Moscow-Mule-Copper-Mugs--new-year -gift-for-husband

This set of copper mugs is the latest trend, useful for a Moscow Mule cocktail of beer and other spirits. Go on, indulge him.

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