Net Saree Draping: 8 Useful Tips And Ideas To Dress In Style

Nothing complements a woman’s figure and enhances her beauty as much as a net saree. The texture of the material and the weightless quality of the saree makes it easy to carry, and for the wearer to have as much convenience in movement as possible. The gracious, beautiful and semi-transparent net sarees are perfect for occasions such as cocktail parties, kitty parties and a night out on the town. But how can you make the best use of your net saree? It looks great only if it is draped perfectly. Here are a few tips and ideas on how you can perfectly drape a net saree without getting messy or taking too much time


1. Do Not Pleat The Pallu

Even if you are used to pleating the pallu of your traditional sarees, please avoid doing the same with your net sarees. The drape of a net saree looks elegant without a pleated pallu that is thrown carelessly over the shoulder with the flowing portion covering your bosom and arms and handing by your elbow. Let it go loose and flowing for an elegant look and an effortless charm.

2. Choose Your Petticoat Wisely

The transparent quality of your net saree makes whatever you wear underneath it quite obvious and visible. Before you wear a net saree you have to be careful that you carefully select what you wear underneath it. In most cases while you wear a saree you opt for a cotton petticoat with a matching color with the saree to go ahead with draping. But in case of a net saree, the best material that goes with it is a satin petticoat that has a shiny finish which further enhances the look of your net saree.

3. Tailored And Fitting Blouse

When wearing a net saree, you need to make sure that you wear a tailored and body fitting blouse can conveniently hid all the apparent flaws of your body, the flabby portions and tiers, if any. It should also be noted that wearing a net saree and keeping your pallu loose also results in the complete visibility of the blouse underneath. So, make sure the blouse has hooks or ties at the back and the choli cut design of the blouse gives a good and firm shape to your bosom. Also keep in mind there should not be any visibility of your bra when it is not supposed to and the whole look should be very neat and finished perfectly.


4. Pin Up The Pleats Beforehand

One good trick to drape a net saree quickly and without much hassle is to pin the pleats beforehand. You can use a safety pin or a brooch for the same, complete the pleats of the front and the pallu and keep them pinned beforehand so that when you wear it, you can drape quickly and when done, simply remove the pins from the desired places and you are ready to go hit the party. It is an extremely useful trick to save time also when you are running late and yet need to look good for where you are going.

5. Select The Heal Right

Even though you might have a strong urge to wear your stilettos or high heels with that favorite net saree of yours, resist that urge a bit and go for the footwear that complements the saree and your figure. Net sarees look even better when worn with kitten heels that have a bit of height to add to your stature without making you look gawky or making you feel uncomfortable. But of course if you are confident about your gait and can carry off stilettos with élan, then you can surely go ahead with it and win the show.

6. Wear The Accessories Wisely

Apart from heels and blouse you also need to take care of the jewelry and accessories that you choose for the saree. Sporting jewelry and accessories that actually complement well with your net saree should be the key factor here that you need to put stress on. No need to go overboard with your jewelry and accessories. Achieve a minimalist look by going for statement jewelry such as a pair of beautiful earrings or a statement neck piece and an arm band to complete the look and make a sober yet striking style statement.


7. Go Minimal For Make-Up

When donning a net saree, rather than applying a flashy and too garish make-up, go for a minimal make up look and let the grace and gorgeousness of the saree speak for you. Choose to go for a good coverage makeup that can cover all the flaws and skin’s imperfections without making your make up look cakey. Achieve a dewy finish with sun kissed cheeks, nicely done eyes, a shiny lip gloss and elegantly done hair and voila! You are ready to rock that cocktail party in all your glam and style.

8. Wear It At The Right Length

A lot of the oomph-factor of your saree depends on from what length you wear it. If you have a smooth and toned navel, without tiers and flab, you can go for the below-the-navel drape and show off your midriff and smooth navel where a gorgeous navel ring sits prettily, grabbing everyone’s attention. If you are too conscious about your tummy and still want to flaunt a net saree, no worries! You can just tie it right above the navel but not too high so that only your midriff is visible that also cuts a nice and glamorous look.


Net sarees are available in various colors and can be worn with both silver colored or gold jewelry and even costume jewelry for that matter. The drapes that can be rocked wearing a net saree include the mermaid drape, the fish-cut or the butterfly drape, the mumtaz style or the simple loose pallu drape. Just flaunt your figure wearing a net saree but do not forget to keep these above listed things in mind before you style one.

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