Neha Dhupia Marriage: Almost There... Twice!

If there is one woman in Bollywood who has made her own sovereign path, through her strikingly independent and bold spirit, then it has to be none other than Neha Dhupia. Neha is known for her strong persona which she exudes on screen, and also at the multitude of events where she makes an appearance. Despite being seemingly desirable, Neha did not have much of a run when it comes to matters of the heart. In her 16 active years in the showbiz, Neha is known to have had a genuine romantic relationship with only two men; with her last breakup happening as recent as 2014. So what is this former Miss Universe participant’s love-life been like, and is a Neha Dhupia marriage in the offing sometime in the future? We provide the glimpses.

Neha Dhupia Marriage - Neha Dhupia

The First Squash Of Heart

Neha Dhupia Marriage - Ritwik Bhattacharya And Neha Dhupia Pose For The Shutterbugs

Neha’s heart first fell for Ritwik Bhattacharya, a national level professional squash player. Little is known about their first meeting but it is believed that they met somewhere around the year 2000. It was the time when Neha was still an unknown face for the public and was primarily seen in advertisements. The then aspiring model fell for the national level squash champion and he had her heart for a whopping 10 years. The couple was very much in love and it was even rumoured that a Ritwik Bhattacharya Neha Dhupia marriage may have been on the cards. But things did not go this way and eventually the couple split in the year 2010. Ritwik immediately started dating model Pia Trivedi to whom he eventually tied the knot in the same year.

The Alleged Innings

Neha Dhupia Marriage - Neha Dhupia And Yuvraj Singh In Candid Shots

In early 2014, Neha caught the eye of the ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh. This is believed to have happened around the time when Neha was already known to be in a relationship with a certain South American gentleman about whom we will cover a bit later. There nothing much known about when Neha caught the fancy of Yuvraj Singh but they were spotted together since January 2014. They even made a combined appearance at various high profile parties and events, earlier that year. It was quite evident to most that it was Yuvraj who seemed to have developed an interest in Neha, rather than other way around. Thus, all the hoopla about a Yuvraj Singh Neha Dhupia marriage soon faded away when Neha categorically denied being in relationship with Yuvraj in March 2014. Little is known as to what ensued but Yuvraj eventually found his soul-mate in British model and actress in Hazel Keech and the couple is already engaged.

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The Less Known Guy

Neha Dhupia Marriage - Neha Dhupia And James Sylvester Pose For The Press

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All the while when Neha was alleged to be in a relationship with Yuvraj, she was having a pretty conspicuous love affair with a Venezuelan called James Sylvester. Neha most probably happen to meet “Jimmy”, as she fondly called him, somewhere around the time she broke with Ritwik Bhattacharya. The couple shared some serious bond and were quite often spotted candidly together. Things were quite smooth and it is believed James, who is said to be a Dentist, had virtually settled down in India. But somewhere around mid-2014 James moved to the US for unknown reasons. Despite that, the couple maintained an amicable connection but cracks soon started appearing in their relationship. The equation between the couple started to flounder due to the burden of maintaining a long distance relationship. Soon rumours of the couple’s breakup started doing the rounds and finally around the last quarter of 2014, Neha confirmed her split up with James to a tabloid. While she confirmed that James had moved to the US, she declined to share any other details.

Neha’s Life Since Then

neha-dhupia-Neha Dhupia Marriage - Neha Dhupia Walks The Ramp For India Couture Week In An Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Piece


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Since her breakup with James Sylvester, Neha has been known to focus on her work and living single. She even went on record by saying in an interview that she would rather be single than jump into the wedding bandwagon just for the heck of it. She even added that, “I feel settled already. I mean, I’m paying my own bills … what else do I need?”

In more recent times, Neha has been actively experimenting with other avenues of entertainment. Reiterating what she had said earlier, she shared that she does not see any other reason to do films than pay the bills, and instead feels the time is right to try out something new. In 2016, she began her very own podcast-based talk show named #NoFilterNeha on a music streaming app, where her first guest was Karan Johar- a pro talk show host himself. The show features celebrities candidly speaking about the most personal and intimate matters of their lives without having any qualms about it. In fact Neha has been such a charmingly insistent host that she even made Karan Johar spill some secrets of his sex life leaving Neha and the listeners totally amused. “Sex and Shah Rukh Khan still sells”, she later spoke in an interview.

Neha Dhupia has always been a class apart from her league be it her bindaas persona or that resolute attitude that oozes from the way she carries herself. We are quite sure she would reach greater heights in her career and wish that the beauty finds her true soulmate soon.