10 Super Cool And Stylish Navy Blue Wedding Invitations

The colour navy blue has its own charm. It is a colour that originated from the uniform of the 18th century British Navy and rose in ranks to take a place in our hearts as an attractive yet mystical colour. Most of us feel quite allured to objects and items that bear the colour of navy blue. For this reason, it even makes a great colour of choice for wedding invitation cards. If you are planning to print one, then here are some great navy blue wedding invitations designs you can consider.

1. Simple Envelope Design

This is one of those classic navy blue wedding invitations that have stayed timeless. It is apt even when you are using thin paper since navy blue creates an impression of thickness and rigidity. Cards are coloured completely in navy blue with text printed in orange or yellow. Envelope can be segregated into two pockets for a smaller and a larger card. The rim of the envelope can even feature navy blue accents to add more appeal to the overall design.

2. Navy Blue Envelope Style

Unlike books, most judge an invitation by its cover. The more enticing the cover, the better the impression created in the mind of the recipient. So if a good first glance is what you are vying for your card, then this is a design that will work great for you. As the name suggests, the emphasis here is on the envelope being navy blue. Along with that, the cover will also feature embossed designer engravings with a glossy finish that will exude a great sense of style.

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3. Laser Cut Design

Laser cut pattern navy blue wedding invitations are the most ornate and intricate of all designs. They display stylish patterns which are often complex and finely detailed. The card usually features centrally aligned text with four corners delicately cut into patterns. Since the card undergoes some precision cutting under a laser, it is usually thick and firm. Certain design types will also let you decorate the back of the card with appropriate illustrations.

4. Metal Foil Design

This style fuses the beauty of glittering metal with the distinct appeal of the navy blue colour. The card features a navy blue background with text and other design elements embellished in silver or gold foil covering. It is a style which is the most lavish of all and a great one if you intend to make a lasting impression.

5. Agate Style Design

Agate is a stone known for its beautiful internal concentric rings. This card design creates a pattern reminiscent of the stone’s natural pattern. Navy blue concentric rings cover the periphery of the card with the text taking up the central space. The card cover can also feature a few concentric rings, thus giving a peek into what is present inside.

6. Polka Dot Design

Polka dots are one of the most distinct design patterns and work great in a casual context. If you are looking forward to strike an informal tone with the recipients then you should definitely opt for polka dot navy blue wedding invitations. The dots cover all the outer fringes of the card with the text written in a casual font printed at the center of the card.

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7. Floral Design Pattern

Flowers symbolize celebrations and adding floral patterns always helps in enhancing the overall appeal of any design. In this design variant, flower drawings are added on the various parts of the card along with certain floral elements on the envelope. Flowers can be represented as a drawing or as a design vector – whichever suits your taste and purpose.

8. Solid Blue Style

This is a minimalist design where a heavy focus lies on the colour itself. Here the card features only two elements – the colour and the text. There are usually no other design patterns. Since text consumes most of the space, this style provides good opportunities to experiment with your text. You can have important text highlighted or simply placed at the header, depending on your requirements.

9. Certificate Style

Just like an actual certificate, here the objective is to lay emphasis on names. This could be the name of the recipient or of the bride and bridegroom. Borders can be thick and even embossed to add more appeal. Overall, these kinds of navy blue wedding invitations have a great design format to convey the message in as little text as possible.

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10. Restaurant Board Style

If your wedding is going to be all about great food and merry-making then this should be your choice of design. Resembling a board which you encounter outside a restaurant, this is a great way of implying that the guests will have a great time at your wedding celebration party.

These are surely some cool ways you can work with navy blue wedding invitations. Have you ever received or seen a navy blue invitation card which stood out? What was it like? Do share with us in the comments section.