Nandita Das Marriage: Stage And Social Work With Some Time For Love

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Nandita Das belongs to a group of select few actresses who can pull off complicated, unconventional and perhaps even tough characters with utmost charm and confidence. In her career spanning over two decades, Nandita is credited with many a poignant role on stage as well as the silver screen. Nandita Das’s marriage was thus a popular story with the media.

When we take a look at the personal life of this social activist & actress, we notice that she’s had a double tryst with love and matrimony. Her first marriage was way back in 2002, with the advertising industry professional Saumya Sen. Her first marriage didn’t work out too well and she then tied the knot the second time in the year 2010. We take a closer look at the dusky beauty’s love life.

Nandita Das’s Marriage – The Actress

Nandita Das was born in Mumbai in the year 1969 to the artist Jatin Das and writer Varsha. Her dad hails from Orissa and mother is from Gujarat. Nandita had all her education from New Delhi, which is where she went ahead and attained a degree on social work. She eventually joined a theatre troupe, which would do plays based on social problems and issues. It opened the doors for Nandita to pursue a career in films, and she made her debut with the Prakash Jha directed Parinati in the year 1989. Since then she has acted in over two dozens film across 5 languages.

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Nandita Das’s Marriage To Saumya Sen

Nandita met Saumya Sen, an advertising professional, somewhere around the turn of the century – circa 2001. The two so happened to meet at an event that was centred around the theme of social work, and this common passion meant cupid could strike with ease. They, however, began as friends, and over a period of time realised the awful lot they had in common. This infatuation turned into affection, and before they knew it, they had decided to tie the know. Which is exactly what they did in December 2002, in a private court wedding in New Delhi.

It is said it was actually Nandita’s second marriage but absolutely nothing is known about her first marriage – including the fact that she indeed had one. Either way, after their wedding, Saumya quit his high-paying job to start an independent advertising agency with his wife, and the two worked on several ads and short films together. Things were going smooth but, unfortunately, there was soon to be trouble in paradise.

In 2005, Nandita and Saumya separated for a while citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. But in a few months they were back with one another; only to separate once again in 2007. This time the separation was affirmative and seemed to be based on more serious grounds. The couple declined to speak to media or tabloids about it, and things continued in the same vein until reports surfaced saying the duo had filed for divorce in May 2009, based on mutual consent.

Considering the collective decision the couple were granted a divorce the very same year. Saumya moved on to work independently on the venture he had initially begun with his ex-wife, and the two are still on friendly terms, at least on the professional front.

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Nandita Das’s Marriage Number Two

Post her divorce in late 2009, Nandita was visiting Mumbai for some work when she was urged by her friends Shahana Goswami and Milind Soman to meet this environmental entrepreneur named Subodh Maskara. Nandita was not someone who believed in blind dates and she somehow agreed to give out her email ID to Subodh via Shahana and Milind. Subodh soon sent a charming email to Nandita and invited the actress for a coffee to which she agreed. The couple struck a chord right away and they dated for five months. In January 2010, they decided to get hitched. Since Subodh had his business based in Mumbai, Nandita shifted base from New Delhi, and the two got married at Subodh’s residence in Mumbai in the presence of family members and of course Shahana Goswami and Milind Soman. Nandita Das’s marriage to Subodh Maskara was a quiet and private ceremony. The couple were blessed with a son in August 2010 whom they named Vihaan, and the family has had a good run since then.

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Life’s Good Since Then

After marriage, Subodh dedicated some time to his wife’s passion, and in 2015 even acted in a play written and directed by his wife. The couple has a successful run with their marriage, and when in June 2016 there were rumours of their separation, Subodh refuted the claim thoroughly through interviews with the media. We hope the brilliant actress has finally found the love of her life, and wish the family all the very best.

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