Nail Mehndi Designs: 15 Beautiful Nail Arts Artsy To The Core!

Nail Mehndi Designs: 15 Beautiful Nail Arts Artsy To The Core! Nail art is a big thing today. There are so many designs out there and people are getting really creative with the designs and ideas. Attention to detail is not limited to clothes, shoes and makeup but has gone deep to every tiny little bit possible. We’ve got some really cool nail mehndi designs listed here. While some of these have been created using real henna, some have been tattooed on and others have used nail colours similar to the colour of mehndi and created some really wonderful nail mehndi designs.

Lo And Behold, Cute Nail Mehndi Designs For You And For Me:

Take a look!

1. Graciously Graceful!

Nail Mehndi Designs - Graciously Graceful!

One of the best nail mehndi designs, this is a stunning nail mehndi design that has been exquisitely accentuated with dull gold tattoo highlights. It’s an elegant design that adds to the grace and beauty. This mehndi nail art will complement ethnic wear as well as earthy or solid coloured western attires; you can mix it up with the latest mehndi designs and use them every day.

2. Dotted And Dolled Up

Nail Mehndi Designs - Dotted And Dolled Up

If you are not in the mood for complicated and intricate designs, this is one of the easiest nail mehndi designs for you. It requires little effort but adds a lot of style. Semi circles, a few dots and just some lines here and there and you are ready to flash those stylish nails.

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3. Hello Henna!

Nail Mehndi Designs - Hello Henna!

Woah! Just look at that beauty! This one’s for all you ladies with long nails. The nail mehndi designs are unique for each nail and one looks better than the other. Every shade of natural mehndi will make these design stand out and look stylish.

4. Go Aztec!

Nail Mehndi Designs - Go Aztec!

Aztec nail mehndi designs are very popular and completely in trend. This nail mehndi design is Aztec-inspired and wonderfully covers the entire nail. Uniformity looks boring and it is the uniqueness of each nail design, yet the similarity, that really brings out the style.

5. Diva Alert

Nail Mehndi Designs - Diva Alert

Highlight just the corners of the nail with a simple yet stunning design to create a uniform but unique look. This is perfect for a day at work and even better for a night of dancing and fun. Whatever your attire, occasion, or time of the day, this nail mehndi design complements all. And if you get bored, you can always use these western mehndi designs to add to the drama

6. Wearable Style

Nail Mehndi Designs - Wearable Style

If you don’t have long pretty nails or you don’t have the time and patience to try out nail mehndi designs, these nail extensions are here at your service. Heard of fake nails? So why not make it a trendy add-on instead?

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7. Flower Power

Nail Mehndi Designs - Flower Power

Think feminine nail mehndi designs, think flowers! If you were wondering where are the floral designs, well here is one. A simple little flower highlighted with henna-inspired designs is all you need to be that pretty girl, full of flowers. You’ll totally nail it!

8. Pop Of Colour

Nail Mehndi Designs - Pop Of Colour

No, I never said you can’t add colour, and here’s how you can do it uber stylishly. Just add a pop of neon or bold colour and let all the nails show off just a little mehndi design. Voila! Just like that you’ll have people following your fingertips.

9. This And That

Nail Mehndi Designs - This And That

Time for some experimenting. For a quick nail mehndi designs, just squish mehndi strokes on one brightly coloured nail while the rest display a bright plain base. The polka dots add the oomph!

10. Watermelon Wow!

Nail Mehndi Designs - Watermelon Wow!

Summers are about watermelons, so why not take some inspiration from it for your nails too? This yummy pink colour base with easy-to-do dots in a diagonal fashion is a stylish design that’ll take you under five minutes to be ready, and how!

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11. Flower Nation

Nail Mehndi Designs - Flower Nation

So beautiful! The perfect mix of all feminine elements in nail mehndi designs– pink, purple, glitter and flowers! Could a pretty girl like you ask for anything more? On a beautiful summer day, team it up with a white lace dress and bright pink sandals. Needless to say, the result will be simply outstanding!

12. The Power Of Black

Nail Mehndi Designs - The Power Of Black

Nail mehndi designs look amazing when done over a dark shade, like black or cobalt blue. You can use white or silver shades to get the best effect and also make the design stand out and pop up. This one’s a brilliant floral design with a little crystal accentuation. You can check out these glitter mehndi designs, if you really want to outdo everybody.

13. Glitter Glamour

Nail Mehndi Designs - Glitter Glamour

What can be more glamorous than bright red glitter nails? Well, a white mehndi-inspired design and more glitter is definitely more glamorous. This design is for the divas who like to make a statement, down to the last and minutest of detail.

14. Pop Art

Nail Mehndi Designs - Pop Art

Nail mehndi designs are not just about floral or ethnic patterns. If you are a lover of pop art and bold statements, try this unique design and add oodles of style to your western and party wear! Each nail speaks for itself.

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15. Simply Stunning

Nail Mehndi Designs - Simply Stunning

No words can really describe how simply charming and beautiful this nail mehndi design is. It’s just so unique and exquisite. It’s the simplicity that speaks volumes.

Nail mehndi designs trend is soon catching up. If you are a fashion follower, try these and also share some tips and advice for the newbies.

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