Nagarjuna Wedding: Finding True Love The Second Time

Nagarjuna is a popular actor, producer and television presenter. He has been active in the showbiz for more than three consecutive decades and now his family is actively involved too. In the span of three decades, he has worked in over 90 films, spread across the languages of Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. While Nagarjuna has mostly met success in his film career, a lot of rumours have been circulated about his personal life. Though the Amala Nagarjuna wedding and subsequent marriage has been quite a successful one, rumour mills are always abuzz linking him with one actress or the other. Let’s take a closer look here at the wife, family and affairs of this charming superstar from South.

Nagarjuna Wedding - Akkineni Nagarjuna

The Making Of Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna was born on 29th August, 1956, in Chennai to the popular Telugu superstar Akkineni Nageswara Rao and his wife Akkineni Annapurna. Being from a family with a film background it was but natural for him to follow in his father’s footsteps. He made his film début in the year 1967 as a child actor. Sometime in 1984, the first Nagarjuna wedding happened. In 1986, he starred in his début Telugu film Vikram as a male lead, which was the remake of the Hindi film Hero. The film met with success, and since then Nagarjuna has worked in films which have met both critical and commercial success.

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The First Nagarjuna Wedding

Nagarjuna Wedding - Nagarjuna And Lakshmi Ramanaidu Daggubati

Nagarjuna tied the knot for the first time in February 1984 with Lakshmi Ramanaidu Daggubati, who is the daughter of the veteran film producer Daggubati Ramanaidu. Interestingly, this wedlock was much before Nagarjuna made his début as a protagonist in films. Not much is known about the Lakshmi Ramanaidu Daggubati Nagarjuna wedding, and it is mostly said that it was an arranged marriage since Nagarjuna’s father Akkineni Nageswara Rao was a good friend of Daggubati Ramanaidu. The wedding was a private affair with only close friends and family and people from the industry being invited.

Nagarjuna and his first wife Lakshmi had a son in the year 1986, during his formal debut, whom they named Naga Chaitanya. Naga Chaitanya went on to make his début in Telugu films in the year 2009, and his films have done good business at the box office. Nagarjuna and Lakshmi saw a decent run with their wedding for five years but from the fifth year onwards things started going downhill. The couple eventually divorced in the year 1990, and guess the next section should tell you a bit about the major reason for their discord.

The Alliance With Amala

Nagarjuna Wedding - Nagarjuna And Amala Mukherjee

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It was late 1980s, and Nagarjuna was working on one of his many films opposite the Anglo-Indian actress Amala Mukherjee. In spite of being a model, and having no formal acting background, Amala was known to be dedicated and punctual. It is said that Nagarjuna was impressed by her attitude. One day during the shoot, Amala was reluctant to step out of the vanity van. Surprised, Nagarjuna decided to go and enquire as to what was wrong. When he entered, he found Amala sitting on a chair and sobbing. He was surprised to see her crying, and when he inquired about the reason, Amala shared that she was given a really goofy costume for the next scene which she just did not want to wear. Nagarjuna was swayed by the innocence of this newbie actress, and suggested that she talk to the director about the changing the costume. Nagarjuna’s response totally took Amala by surprise since she was not exactly expecting a supportive stance from him. She was touched by the care and concern shown by an enormously popular superstar towards a upcoming actress like her. That day marked the beginning of a close friendship between Nagarjuna and Amala, and the affair that went on to happen was, of course, something that did not go down well with the Nagarjuna’s family and his first wife Lakshmi.

Nagarjuna’s proximity with Amala did not go unnoticed. Lakshmi and Nagarjuna got an unavoidable divorce in 1990. With this, Nagarjuna made it clear to everyone that he has finally found the true love of his life in Amala Mukherjee. It was an year later in 1991 that Nagarjuna proposed to Amala on one of their trips together to the United States, and the second Nagarjuna wedding to Amala was set.

The Second Nagarjuna Wedding

Nagarjuna Wedding - Nagarjuna Weds Amala Mukherjee

Nagarjuna tied the knot with his wife Amala in June 1992 at an extremely private wedding ceremony held in Chennai. No major names from the film industry were invited to the low-key Amala Nagarjuna wedding, and only family members from both the sides were present and no photos were made available to the press. The celebrity couple were blessed with a son in April 1994, whom they named Akhil. Unlike his previous marriage, Nagarjuna’s second marriage with Amala has been quite a successful one but that does not mean it has been free from the press.

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The Affair With Tabu

Nagarjuna Wedding - Nagarjuna And Tabu

In mid-1995, Nagarjuna signed Tabu for his film Sisindri, and this was the first time the svelte actress from Bollywood became pals with Nagarjuna. Tabu was eventually signed for the Telugu film Ninne Pelladata in the year 1996 mostly at the behest of Nagarjuna, and soon there were rumours floating around of an alleged affair. By the turn of the century, the couple made numerous public appearances together. It provided enough fodder for the rumour-mongers who were anticipating a divorce. Interestingly, when Nagarjuna was quizzed about his alleged extramarital affair, he candidly doused it down as hearsay. He even shared that his wife Amala and the rest of his family are good friends with Tabu. It turned out that Tabu and Nagarjuna were just great pals. All the rumours died down eventually.

The Link-Up With Anushka Shetty

Nagarjuna Wedding - Nagarjuna And Anushka In A Still Shot

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In more recent times, Nagarjuna was constantly being linked up with his co-star of many films and close friend Anushka Shetty. She was often even designated as his unofficial wife. Since they were doing many movies together, many forums were abuzz with rumours, photos and stories of a third Nagarjuna wedding and a new wife. Things slowly started taking a nasty turn when gossip mongers started linking Anushka with Nagarjuna’s elder son Naga Chaitanya. There was even a news report that the two had gotten secretly engaged. Nagarjuna never made any statements about it but in an interview with a leading tabloid in 2011, he shared that he takes his alleged links-up very lightly. He said that Anushka is a good family friend, and that he does not mind all the hoax about his love life as long it is pertaining to him only. He said that in the context of being a bit annoyed by the rumours of his son and Anushka’s alleged link-up but also quickly added that the three met up and laughed off the matter.

Life Now

Nagarjuna Wedding - Nagarjuna Family photos

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The Amala Nagarjuna wedding almost two decades back has resulted in a marriage that is often said to be a stellar example of the importance of giving your partner some solid trust. In an interview, his wife Amala was quizzed about all of Nagarjuna’s alleged affairs, she said that she never lets the rumours bother her. She also added that without trust there is no relationship and no family. Quite true indeed. We hope that the couple have an extremely smooth married life and wish them all the best for it.

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