Muttiah Muralitharan Wedding: Clean Bowled In Just One Meeting!

Muttiah Muralitharan is often regarded as one of the finest bowlers in the the world of international cricket. In spite of having a certain controversial bowling action, he is known for his stark mastery when it comes to the art of bowling. When it comes to off-field matters, Muralitharan was never keen on tying the knot, but just one meeting with the adorable Madhimalar changed his mind, and set the wheels running for a Muttiah Muralitharan wedding. Muralitharan married the Chennai-based girl Madhimalar in 2005 and the couple are having a dream run with their marital life so far. Let’s take a look at how Muralitharan met the lovely Madhimalar and then we have some details lined up about their traditional Tamil wedding too.

The Rise Of The Spinner – Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan Wedding - Muttiah Muralitharan

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Muttiah Muralitharan was born on 17th April, 1972, in a Tamil family in Sri Lanka, and was eldest of the four brothers. Muralitharan showed interest in cricket right at an early age, and started his domestic cricket career as a medium pace bowler. It was on the advice of his coach that he switched to spin bowling and stuck to it since then. He made his international cricket début in the year 1992, at the age of 20, opposite the Australian cricket team. Since then, Muralitharan has broken several records, and is the highest wicket taker in test cricket with a total wicket tally of an impressive 1374 in first-class cricket. Being a great bowler with a fan following, people were looking forward to a Muttiah Muralitharan wedding. Muralitharan himself was in no hurry, but fate had other plans.

A Chance Meeting & Marriage Proposal For Murali

The story of Murali and Madhimalar’s meeting is no less than a filmy one. It all began when the popular Tamil actor Vagai Chandrasekhar happened to visit the studio of popular Tamil television channel Sun Television Network in Chennai. On his visit to the studio, he had a chance meeting with Muttiah Muralitharan, who happened to be there for an interview. Muralitharan immediately recognised the popular actor, and during the course of their conversation shared that his mother was a big fan of Chandrasekhar’s films, and has watched all of them. That fact touched Chandrasekhar, and he made it a point to stay in touch with the cricketer. This later would lead to a pivotal point that would confirm the Muttiah Muralitharan wedding.

Over the course of time, Chandrasekhar even got an opportunity to meet Muralitharan’s mother who candidly shared one day that she was looking for a bride for her son. Chandrasekhar had known the then 24-year old Madhimalar since childhood, and knew her family was looking for a suitable groom for her. He spontaneously recommended Madhimalar to Muralitharan’s mother, who assured him that she will talk to her son about it.

“What I really liked about him was he was always smiling. When somebody smiles at you like that, you feel so relaxed and comfortable.”
– Madhimalar about her husband Muralitharan

Chandrasekhar was a close friend of Madhimalar’s late father Dr. S. Ramamoorthy, who was the founder of the Malar group of hospitals in Chennai. Madhimalar’s mother Nithiya, who is also a doctor, was looking for suitable matches for her daughter, and had even put up advertisements on several matrimonial portals. Based on Chandrasekhar’s recommendation, Muralitharan’s mother forwarded this marriage proposition to Muralitharan back in Sri Lanka. But Muralitharan refused to see the girl since he had no interest in marriage. He said that he wanted to focus on his sport and his cricketing career. He made it clear that he had no keen interest in tying the knot, a future Muttiah Muralitharan wedding be damned and what not.

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But Muralitharan’s mother and Chandrasekhar somehow managed to convince him to at least meet the girl. They assured him that his career will not take a hit by the meeting nor by marriage itself. After giving some thought to it, Muralitharan agreed, and flew down to Chennai in November 2004 to meet Madhimalar, who happens to be a post-graduate in business management.

“He said I was the kind of homely girl he was looking for as his wife.”
– Madhimalar about what Muralitharan thought of her at their first meeting

Met For The First Time, Chatted For An Hour!

Muttiah Muralitharan Wedding - Madhimalar And Muttiah Muralitharan

The first meeting left the family members on both the sides overjoyed since it went way better than expected. Muralitharan was bowled over by the giggly and cute Madhimalar, while she was immediately struck by Muralitharan’s humility. So much was their infatuation that the duo chatted away for an hour and over, sharing with each other every nuance of their life. Muralitharan shared details about his cricketing career with Madhimalar and she spoke about her hobbies. The two had definitely struck some solid rapport, and the evidence of that came at the end of their conversation when Muralitharan immediately offered the engagement ring to Madhimalar. After a conversation of over an hour, Muralitharan and Madhimalar came on the consensus that they were made for each other. Their families were more happy to begin preparations for a Madhimalar Muttiah Muralitharan wedding.

“I think he was happy because we could talk something other than cricket. But I am reading a lot about cricket, Murali and other players these days; searching all the websites. I am still learning.”
– When Muralitharan was happy to hear that Madhimalar had no interest in cricket

Madhimalar was mentally-prepared to shift to Sri Lanka and therefore had no qualms about leaving her native country forever for the sake of Muralitharan. Their meeting followed the beautiful phase between engagement and marriage. In an interview later, Madhimalar candidly shared that after engagement, she would speak to Muralitharan for an hour at least every day which resulted in enormous mobile phone bills.

Both the families decided to have a traditional Tamil wedding on 21st March, 2005, in Chennai. They decided to invite the entire Sri Lankan and Indian cricket team to theMadhimalar Muttiah Muralitharan wedding.

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The Madhimalar Muttiah Muralitharan Wedding And Life Thereafter

Muttiah Muralitharan Wedding - Madhimalar With Muralitharan, The Official Marriage Pic

Muralitharan and Madhimalar tied the knot in Chennai, in a traditional Tamil wedding. Madhimalar was decked up in a red Kanchipuram silk saree, while Muralitharan was sporting a silk dhoti and shirt. The wedding was attended by some of the leading Tamil Nadu politicians, and popular Sri Lankan cricket players like Arjuna Ranatunga, Sanath Jayasuriya and Chaminda Vaas. The newly-weds surely looked happy with their union, and the smile on their faces said it all.

“I am on top of the world to have such a person as my husband.”
– Madhimalar about her husband Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan Wedding - Madhimalar With Muralitharan And Their Son Naren

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The Madhimalar Muttiah Muralitharan wedding was a success. Their marriage has been doing well, and they’re a grounded couple. Muralitharan and Madhimalar were blessed with a son in 2006, whom they named Naren. Madhimalar has been a constant support to Muralitharan all throughout his career and even after his retirement. The couple is often spotted making public appearances together at social events, and look as happy as they were on their wedding day. We wish Muralitharan and Madhimalar all the best for all their pursuits in life.

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