Wedding Photos: 7 Absolute Must Haves

Weddings are the closest we have to real life fairy tales – beautiful ceremonies that weave together love, laughter, togetherness and joy! The goal of wedding photography is to capture all of the moments that highlight the union two persons who have come to the beautiful realization that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Photography has also come a long way, and today, photographers focus on capturing silent moments that speak a thousand words. Just as important photos of groups of people smiling and posing are, freezing the tender and significant moments that may otherwise go unnoticed is also a key consideration!

When choosing a wedding photographer, it thus becomes imperative to work with someone who understands this beauty and power of photos and has the skill to make your pictures speak for themselves. If you are getting married soon or if you are day dreaming about the picture perfect wedding, here are 7 must have wedding photos that you absolutely want and will definitely cherish!

1. A Quiet Moment


There’s a beautiful tradition of not seeing the bride before she walks in, but that does not mean you can’t share a quiet moment with your partner before the wedding ceremonies begin!

2. The First Dance


The couple, oblivious to the many eyes on them, sharing a moment of togetherness dancing into a new life… All of it makes for a great wedding photo.

3. A Few Classic Shots


We know it’s the age of candid and natural photos but you absolutely must strike a few poses as well! Do your research and speak to your photographer as to what works best for you.

4. The Formal Portrait – The Gang


Your ensemble cast of those closest, the support structure, photos that last a lifetime.

5. Traditions and Rituals


Traditional weddings, or those with a traditional twist, can be a lot of fun to capture. Make sure to get a couple shots of age old customs or ceremonies that you’ll likely never find yourself the centerpiece of again.

6. The Bride Makes An Entry


All eyes trained on her, many of them misty. Here’s the majestic beauty of the moment (and the bride) is something that has to be preserved. The photographer must keep an eye on the groom’s reactions and emotions as well.

7. Carry Her Home


A fun wedding pic that, if you’re comfortable, makes for a most memorable shot!

Wedding photos are full of emotions and stories; they are quite literally, priceless (no matter how steep the bill your photographer presents you with). Make sure to go over a list of must have’s with your photographer and get a bagful of memories, moments and your own little piece of history that you can revisit and reminisce over in the decades to come.

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