21 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don't Want To Miss

So you’re getting married and have managed to get just about everything on point. With everything now sorted, all you have to do is to look perfect on the day. Now we probably don’t need to tell you this, but the photographer is usually the VIP for the bride and groom – it’s the genius with his or her pro-cam who will preserve, in sparkling fashion, all of the goings-on of that glorious day. It’s super important to hire the best person you can find to cover the wedding.

Now, every photographer has his/her own idea of an ‘ideal’ photo-shoot. But it’s always best if you do your own research for what you want (some of your) images to look like. There are some jaw-dropping poses that can make your photo album look like a dream. Here are a few of those –

1. The Dress


Obvious isn’t it? You spent a bomb on it and means the world to you so how can you not include it in your list of ‘must-haves’?

2. Getting Ready


Getting ready is the most emotional phase for most brides and grooms and if I’m not wrong, the situation can very well be compared to the tense environment that is felt in the locker room before the world cup final! Jokes aside, an amazing ‘before’ picture is certainly one to include in your album.

3. Minutes Before


A picture with your group just moments before you step out to walk on the aisle. Special, isn’t it?

4. The Bouquet


Every bride will agree that the bouquet is a very essential part of her wedding look. She spends a major part of her time trying to find one that matches the theme, her gown and the overall aesthetic. And once it has been found, it must be photographed for reminiscence and posterity.

5. The Gang


Girls shouldn’t have all the fun, after all.

6. The Invites


Most of us don’t realize how important the wedding invites are. We treat them as just another piece of paper whereas they should actually be preserved to be shown to the generations to come… “This was the communique that set us off on our crazy, beautiful journey.”

7. Welcome Tags


The rule of photos to be takes is simply thus: If any effort went into it, it should be in the album. Of course that includes pretty much everything, and that’s okay.

8. The Bridesmaids


Goes without saying, except we’ll say it anyway. A (or several) great shots of the bridesmaids goes a long way.

9. Group Hug – Bride & Parents


Parents are usually the most emotional, excited people at the wedding. Personally, I think it would be a sin to not have a special image with them.

10. The Family Portrait – Groom & Parents


Mothers often complain about their boys not dressing like ‘gentlemen,’ and usually it makes them teary eyed to see their boy look (and be) every bit a man at his wedding.

11. The Venue


Wherever it is that you’re getting married, it will have a special connotation in your life. It helps if the venue looks as stunning, and is captured as well, as this one.

12. The Bride & Father


This is such a special picture of such a special moment.

13. The Eager Groom


Watching your bride walk towards you, how special is that? This is a beautiful shot capturing the happiness on the face of the groom as he sees his bride approaching.

14. The Rings


The promise in the shape of two circles of rare Earth metals.

15. The Vows


This is the most special moment for any couple – the moment they recite their vows to each other. Their words express their emotions to the guests but the look in their eyes is what expresses to each other words not said.

16. Exchanging Rings


A drone would come in very handy in getting this particular shot.

17. ‘You May Now Kiss The Bride’


All eyes on you, and a few ‘woohoos’ and ‘woot woots’ in the background.

18. ‘Man & Wife’


HDR and greyscale makes for a rather exceptional combo, if your photographer knows what they’re doing. This particular black and white image makes us wonder if all images should be kept in this format! One breathtaking shot, indeed.

19. The Wedding Toast


One of our favorite parts of any wedding.

20. The First Dance


Okay we lied, this is our favorite part. When love is truly in the air! Your first dance as a married couple has to be captured, and captured superbly!

21. The Exit


Like any good event, everything must conclude with a spectacular exit.

So there you go, a few of the most important pictures that must be on your list – and ingrained into your photographer’s memory.

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