15 Must-Have Products For Mom And Baby In The First Few Weeks

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You have perhaps got the nursery ready. Your hospital bag too is probably ready. How about the things that will be needed in the first few weeks of motherhood, though? A little spill here and a little puke there? If you have no idea as to what they could be, here is a quick guide that can help you survive the first few weeks of motherhood with ease:

1. Pacifiers

Moms using pacifiers for their babies have faced criticism, but they are pretty handy when your baby is inconsolable. You don’t want a showdown when in public. Just get that binky do the job for your baby. Yes, don’t forget that you must not give your baby a pacifier when she’s hungry, though.

2. Breast Pump

If you are a nursing mother, you will still need the breast pumps. This is not because you will want to bottle-feed your baby, but because it is a good help if you are not around your baby and would want her to have your milk. You will be free of some mommy guilt too! Or think about those nights when you just want to sleep, but your partner can use the pumped milk to feed your baby. Won’t it be a blessing?

3. Milk Storage Bags

You will need milk storage bags as you don’t want to run around looking for where to store the pumped out milk. Sometimes you could have engorgement and just want to pump it out, so the bags are good to go.

4. Breast Pads

This one is particularly essential when you want to go out as a new mom. Or when you resume going to work post maternity leave. You don’t want to be seen with your milk leaking out. Breast pads will save you from that embarrassment.

5. Nipple Cream

With frequent nursing, you may feel some soreness in your nipples. A few women suffer from cracked nipples. Here is when you will need a nipple cream to relieve the pain and help you heal.

6. Swaddle Bag

Babies feel secure and comfortable when you swaddle them, just like they felt when in the womb. Swaddling your baby keeps her warm too. While traditionally you might need to have layers to swaddle, now quite a few stores sell swaddling bags that you can simply put your baby into or Velcro the bags for a snug swaddle.

7. Cotton Muslin Blankets

If you are looking for a multi-purpose blanket for your baby, then cotton muslin blankets are a sure thing. They can be used as a car seat cover, swaddling blanket, nursing cover, or as a blanket for your baby to lay on. The best part about cotton muslin blankets is that they are soft, light, breathable, and therefore allow your baby to sleep well or feel comfortable.

8. Burp Cloths

Not every child might have a reflux problem, but they could still spit when you burp them. So while you may think that burp cloths are not very necessary, you realize it would be great to have them when you see the milk spit up on your clothes. Trust us, it’s good to have the burp cloths handy.

9. Baby play mat

When you are busy, you will want your baby to play on her own but in a safe place. A play mat could be the safest thing where you can put your baby, and she may try to crawl, stand, walk, or explore in her little world around.

10. Noise Machine

Your baby needs all the sleep in the world, so its surroundings must be sound-proof. It would be very hard to maintain a pin-drop silence with that truck just driving by, a dog barking, kids playing, or the blender going off in the kitchen. Here is when a noise machine is instrumental in minimizing the noise.

11. Diaper rash ointment

Since your baby will be in diapers, she might also develop diaper rashes. A diaper rash ointment will help to keep the rashes in check.

12. Wipe warmer

Babies are sensitive even to little temperature changes. So when they need a diaper change, and you wipe with cold wipes in the middle of the night, they may find it annoying. Here is why you want to have a wipe warmer so the diaper changing time can be peaceful.

13. Temporal thermometer

Babies don’t cooperate when you want to check their temperature. Let alone the traditional thermometers that your baby will neither keep in her mouth or her armpit. The pacifiers with inbuilt thermometers are no good either in helping to get a reading. Here’s why a temporal thermometer is helpful. It could be expensive, but it’s worth considering due to the ease of recording the temperature in no time.

14. Nursing cover

A nursing cover is so much easier to use when you want to feed your baby in public. Women find it tough when their baby is hungry but have too many people gazing at them. While using a blanket is what you think will serve the purpose, a moving baby doesn’t help it much. A nursing cover is much easier and more comfortable.

15. Nursing pillow

Nursing in the first few months can be very exhausting. You may be hunching a lot of times or sitting in uncomfortable positions. Using a nursing pillow instead will help you bring your baby closer to you for suckling instead you struggling to hold your nursing position for long.

So, there you have it. There could be a lot many things that you might want to add in in the first few weeks of nursing. Can you think of those? Write in the comments section below. Happy parenting to you.

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