10 Must-Have Bridal Make-Up Kit Essentials For Brides To Be

Wedding is the time when nobody stops us from doing anything we desire. From turning into Rebecca Bloomwood at the malls to acting like a horrifying bridezilla like Liv Lemer, we hold the reins, and we are in the limelight. But it is also a well established fact that every bride wishes to look her best when she walks into a room full of people. We can give a fair share of credit to the fashion designer and the skillful make-up artist. After the bride gets ready and has posed several times for the photographers, and smiled at all the guests, her make-up slowly begins to fade. The sparkle and the glow gradually disappear. When this happens, these bridal make-up kit essentials will have you covered. Trust us!

Let’s not fathom the seriousness of these emergencies, but instead, make sure that you have an assortment of these bridal make-up kit essentials ready at least a couple of days before your D-Day.

Must Have Bridal Make Up Kit Essentials

1. Lipstick

You will know what colour lehenga or dress you will be wearing at your wedding. Pick a colour close to your wedding outfit, specially one that has a satin-finish.

2. Lip gloss/balm

A regular clear lip gloss will be just perfect. When you think that your make-up is wearing out, or you need a touch-up, just take out the lip gloss and bam! You will have the juiciest and the most succulent of lips in no time. But if you are somebody who does not like wearing gloss, get a nice, aromatic, fruity lip balm. Especially during winter, lip balms are such a savior when your lips begin to chap and dry out. But make sure you are picking up a stick and not a container. You certainly don’t want your fingers to get dirty and sticky.

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3. Powder

Get loose/pressed/translucent powder that suits your skin type and goes with your complexion. Powder is a blessing when it comes to summer weddings. No matter how strong the air conditioner blower is, sitting by the fire wearing those heavy ornaments and dress, you ought to sweat and feel hot. At this time, you don’t want to look like you were sitting at the gym in your bridal dress in the pictures. When you think you really need to clear the sweat and remove that extra shine from your face, dab some powder. And voila! You are sorted out for a while.

4. Wet Tissues/Blotting Paper

Emotional moments and tears or no tears. Droplets of tears or sweat anywhere on the face, these tissues/paper can help you de-shine that glow and give you a clear matt effect for the perfect pictures. Sometimes when you kajal or eye-liner smudges, wet tissues will help you in easily wiping them out, too.

5. Safety Pins

You never know! Don’t rely on your mami or chachi, or your best friend to have safety pins for you. Just keep a bunch in your kit. Better to be safe than be sorry and embarrassed.

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Must Have Bridal Make Up Kit Essentials For New Brides

6. Perfume

You will get ready at wee hours in the afternoon. Spray your favourite perfume. And continue to smell fresh like blooming flowers till late at night? Duh! Make sure you have a citrus or floral fragrance in your kit. A bride must not just look gorgeous, she must also smell good.

7. Sanitary Napkin/Tampons

Yes. Every woman’s dilemma. And when the dam breaks and before the flow goes out of control, you should be prepared with tools that will save you from drowning. At this point, you will not have time to wait for your friends to come to your rescue. Hail the bridal kit!

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8. Contact Lens Solution & A Spare

Are you one of those brides who wears lenses? Then you must not walk out of your green room without a lens solution and spare contacts in your kit. What if you burst out crying and your lenses flow out with your tears? What if your lenses get too dry and hard? You don’t want to feel uneasy and then suddenly realize that the whole world is just a blur!

9. Shimmering Pencil

Yes. We are talking about shimmers. For a quick, soft touch-up, smudging silver in the inner corners of your eyes will add a subtle sparkle.

10. Blush

Of all the products you wear on your face, your blush will be the first to wear out quickly. A little blush on your cheeks will bring back the colour on your cheeks. Pick a colour that is not too loud or too light. A nice pink or copper goes well with most of bridal dresses.