Muslim Wedding Photography – Best ClicksThat'll Make You Say WOW

It was none other than Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), Allah’s messenger who said, “When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of the Deen (religion); so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.” Such is the place of importance given to marriage in Islam. Islam views marriage as a metaphysical union ordained by Allah, a union of two souls on their way to Jannah. A true Islamic household is graced by peace, mutual respect and love.

Muslim weddings in India are one of the simplest and most beautiful ceremonies one can find. And such a lovely ceremony demands that it be photographed by someone who will bring out the vibrancy, the joy and the piety that marks Muslim weddings in India. To capture those little smiles, the secret sighs of the happy couple, the laughter shared with friends, you will need to find a photographer who understands Islamic customs and practices. In today’s day and age, there are many great professional wedding photographers who do their job with artistic flair and a keen sensitivity toward people and emotions.

Traditional Or Candid Photography?

Now, the question before every bride and groom while they pick their wedding photographer is – should we opt for traditional or candid options for Muslim wedding photography? So, what exactly is the difference between the two? Well, traditional photography is the kind of wedding photography that we are used to seeing. The bride and groom pose with various guests and with each other.

On the other hand, candid wedding photography is more like documenting your special day. You will not be asked to pose much. The photography team will click some snaps around the venue, catching some beautiful candid moments. The playful kids around the venue, the bashful smile of the bride, the anxious looks of the parents are all captured in a raw burst of emotion and colour.

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A Photographer For Every Budget

Another crucial thing to consider about Muslim wedding photography is your allocated budget for your wedding photographer. Most people assume that candid wedding photography costs much more that traditional wedding photography. However, this is a myth. Sure there are photographers who will charge more than a lakh per day. But you will also find candid wedding photographers who work for a lower price as well. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. But the most important thing to remember while picking a photographer for your wedding is your level of comfort with them. Some photographers may be really famous, but may not make you feel comfortable. This is the single most important thing that will ensure that you have some lovely snaps of your big day that you will cherish for a long time to come.

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Pre-Wedding Muslim Rituals

Muslim Wedding Photography – A Candid Of The Groom

Image Courtesy: Soumen Nath Photography

The most important rituals in an Indian Muslim wedding are definitely nikah and the walima. But before these rituals, there are some pre-wedding rituals too. However, this is not mandatory and also varies between different sects and different parts of the country.

The Istikara ritual is a prayer to Allah where the religious head takes consent from Allah to perform the wedding ceremony. After the families share some sweets, the Manjha ceremony takes place. The bride is dressed in yellow clothes and turmeric paste is applied on her. Sometimes, turmeric paste is applied on the groom too. After this, they cannot step out of their houses and it is considered inauspicious.

The bride’s hands and feet are then decorated with intricate henna designs. This is quintessential ritual in most Indian weddings.

The Nikah

On the day of the wedding, the groom’s baraat is welcomed to the venue by the bride’s family. The groom then drinks a glass of sherbet with his brother-in-law. There are usually two religious heads present, representing each family. The maulvi then asks the bride thrice if she accepts this man as her husband.

Then, the groom too is asked thrice if he accepts this woman as his wife. After he too gives his consent, the nikah-nama is signed by the couple.

Muslim Wedding Photography – Qubool Hai

Image Courtesy: Soumen Nath Photography

After this, the khutba is recited and blessings are showered on the couple by everyone present. After a grand dinner, the couple sit facing each other, and their heads covered with a dupatta. The Holy Quran and a mirror is placed between them, through which they look at each other for the first time. This is called Arsi Mushaf. The next day is the walima ceremony which is conducted by the groom’s parents. The intention of this ritual is to inform everyone about the new union. A grand feast is on offer to all the guests. This ceremony is a time of celebration, laughter and blessings for the couple.

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So, we have seen the simple yet elegant format of an Indian Muslim wedding captured through some beautiful photography. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So let the saga of your undying love be captured as you promise a lifetime of togetherness in front of men, women and God.