Invite In Style-12 Superb Ideas For Amazing Muslim Wedding Cards

The joyous occasion of the announcement of a wedding is upon you, and someone very near and dear to you is getting married; it could even be for yourself. And now it is upon you to help them convey their joy in the form of their invitations to the guest that the couple has chosen to be around them in this most momentous occasion of their lives. Muslim wedding cards, are gorgeous pieces of art.To help you select, we have a list of beautiful muslim wedding invitation card designs.Invite in style

These cards, and even scrolls – called farman – in some cases, come in all price brackets with the option of being made out of almost any conceivable material, including handmade paper. They can be printed with whatever you desire, in any fashion you have your eyes set on. With a variety of options including die-cast, printed symbols to choose from, the only problem you’re going to have is whether or not to put the initials on the front and/or on the inside of the card. Browse through our selection of cards for inspiration and customize them according to your taste and creativity.

Muslim Wedding Cards

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Coupling grand richness with traditional grace, this modern wedding card is made from the absolute finest quality of metallic card stock. It holds two intricately decorated inserts, which are, along with the envelope, made from fine quality cream material. The gold foiled Bismillah design features both on the front and back and is die embossed. Along with exclusive decorative orders, the envelope and the two inserts are also die embossed and finished with gold.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 2

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Made from high quality card paper, the card features beautiful designs in gold print which lends an air of understated elegance to the whole. The Bismillah design is also tastefully added.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 3

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The soaring aspect of the stunning calligraphy that comprises of the bird here really lends it a distinguished touch. Complementing the otherwise simple appeal of this design, it features all the desired information presented in a sublimely pleasing manner.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 4

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The unique door opening pattern of this lovely card is sure to be appreciated along with the rest of its subtle appeal. Truly in a class apart, this card is finished in beautifully embossed designs that seem to have been born from within the paper itself. The card, along with the matched boxing envelope and the two complementary inserts are made from good quality card stock of a singularly dark tone. The final touch of chasing the embossed designs with trails of glitter is what truly ties it together, along with the rather tasteful ribbon of course.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 5

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Made of a surpassingly beautiful textured ivory/cream paper board, this card comes with a matching mailing envelope. The card itself is printed with traditional motifs on a pink background with the centre space reserved for the Bismillah. The inserts come with options of three different coloured borders, which will be printed with the same motif.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 6

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Known as the Farman, a part of the rich tradition of India, these traditional roll-open cards scream of class and distinction. Featuring exotic designs and special materials such as vellum paper, cloth and even velvet, these cards are fit for royalty. They come with their own special packaging box with matching wedding stationery, and will truly set your invitation card apart from the rest of the milling crowd.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 7

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Covered with sprawling raised paisley designs that are finished in gold, this wedding card is incredibly fashionable and chic. For those who want to throw away the trappings of traditional designs and venture bravely forth into the new century, this is what you are looking for. The card is made in totality from high grade metallic finish card stock, and comes with two gorgeous matching inserts and a dynamically matching envelope.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 8

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This contemporary design is made out of paper board that has a sheen of golden shimmery finish. Along with a folding style jacket cum envelope, the card also gives you the option of choosing from three coloured inserts that are done on velvet cloth. It also features a gold printed Bismillah.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 9

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This magnificent peacock themed invitation is made entirely from superior quality metallic card stock, and comes with a matching boxed envelope and two inserts that are made from the same material as the card. Even the inserts are adorned with golden foiled peacock designs, and are held in place with a beautifully designed pouch holder that follows the theme and is also finished in golden peacock designs. The exclusive looking card front includes intricate gold foil work, and the central panel is replete with embossed gold foiled motifs.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 10

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Cut out of a shimmery ivory paper board, this more sedate looking card has traditional motifs printed on a blue background, with the centre space tactfully reserved for the positioning for the phrase Bismillah. The inserts come with the options of choosing from two different coloured borders with the same motif design. This choice is also seen extending itself to the pocket and the mailing envelope.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 11

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Conceived in high quality satin card stock, this mesmerising design for an invitation card is done tastefully, as clearly evidenced by the gold foiled circular panel on the face of the card. The remainder of the surface is decorated with floral patterns and designs. It comes with two equally elegant inserts and an envelope that are cut from glazed white card stock. The front of the envelope, and the inserts have the same floral patterns, only finished with a touch of light pearl shade. Laser cut initials will spell out the all important information that the couple’ deems necessary.

Muslim Wedding Cards - 12

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This unique invitation card is novelly shaped and is made from superior quality metallic card stock. It comes with two inserts and a decorative envelope that are made from handmade card stock with a shimmer finish. The inserts are connected to the rest of the card through the use of a delightful tassel. While the inserts are regally plain and elegant, the envelope is embossed with matching floral patterns. The face of the card is also appealingly finished with embossed floral patterns that are coupled with elegant kundan work.