Muslim Mehndi Designs: 14 Best Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

The Islamic culture is rich and varied and this reflects in the mehndi designs too. Every function and occasion requires you to put your best foot (and hand) forward. With so many beautiful designs out there, you might be wondering what sets Muslim mehndi designs apart from the rest? Well, you will have to see for yourself to find out. So let’s take a look at some beautiful and unique Muslim mehndi designs that we are sure you will love.

1. Of Flowers And Glitter

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Of Flowers And Glitter

A simple and charming floral Muslim mehndi design can turn into a bold and beautiful one just with a dash of glitter. As you can see in the photo above, let the design be simple and allow the glitter to steal the show.

2. Let Your Feet Do The Talking

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Let Your Feet Do The Talking

It’s not just your hands but your feet deserve some special attention too. A simple floral Muslim mehndi design with glitter accentuation is all you need to be the showstopper!

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3. The Perfect Bridal Beauty

Muslim Mehndi Designs - The Perfect Bridal Beauty

The bride deserves the best of everything. This bridal Muslim mehndi design is simply beautiful and sure to add charm to the bride and her outfit. It’s elaborate, intricate and the perfect mix of motifs and elements.

4. Sparkling Floral Design

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Sparkling Floral Design

Another one with glitter and something similar to the first design on our list, you see that a simple long floral Muslim mehndi design has been beautifully highlighted and accentuated with bright and sparkling glitter all over. A definite must try to add sparkle to any festival or occasion.

5. Lines And Patterns

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Lines And Patterns

A great design that uses a combination of fine and intricate lines mixed with some circular and floral patterns. Both the front and back of the hand look beautiful.

6. Trendy Trail

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Trendy Trail

A long trail of design that runs all the way from the forearm to the fingertips. Very minimal but stylishly and beautifully so!

7. Round n’ Round

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Round n’ Round

The design goes round n’ round creating a symmetrical pattern that beautifully flows as one unique and elegant Muslim mehndi design. It uses very few designs elements and uses the same pattern over and over again without making it look repetitive or boring at all. In fact, it does just the opposite!

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8. Paisley Power

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Paisley Power

Paisleys are a commonly used design motif for mehndi and rightly so as they look beautiful and elegant. This design for the feet uses multiple paisleys varying in size along with fine patterns around it to complete the pretty design for the feet.

9. The Classic Circular Design

Muslim Mehndi Designs - The Classic Circular Design

The classics are here to stay! This circular design complemented with bracelet and finger designs is just perfect for any and every occasion. It’s simply elegant and beautiful!

10. Spaced Out Style

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Spaced Out Style

If you prefer to keep it simple and minimal when it comes to Muslim mehndi designs then this particular one is perfect for you. It beautifully covers the complete hand and arm without creating any chaos or being too densely elaborate. Its nicely spaced out patterns allow each to stand out.

11. Peacock Mania

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Peacock Mania

The peacock Muslim mehndi design is a classic and can never really go out of style. This great design for both hands and feet uses multiple peacock motifs making it a beautiful and pretty choice for the bride-to-be! It’s elaborate with fine lines and multiple design elements that are beautifully put together.

12. Glitterati

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Glitterati

A simple, intricate and elegant design with beautiful glitter accentuations. A mix of double colour glitter makes it unique as well as beautifully different. This design is perfect for important functions or festivals. Match the glitter colour with your outfit for added charm.

13. A Bouquet Of Beauty

Muslim Mehndi Designs - A Bouquet Of Beauty

These Muslim mehndi designs for the hands and feet complement one another well. The beautiful floral design for the hands and the intricate lined patterns for the feet add a lot of style and charm. The hands look elaborately full yet stylishly spaced out.

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14. Mix Of Elements

Muslim Mehndi Designs - Mix Of Elements

A mix of design elements is what makes this one stand out. Everything from floral to mesh-like patterns, from bold to fine lines… the design puts everything together beautifully.

We hope you liked our selection of Muslim mehndi designs and are as excited as us to try them. You don’t always need a reason to sport mehndi. Just go ahead and try one. And don’t forget to let us know how it turned out.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock