Say I Love You With These 11 Music Love Quotes

Through the ages, music has been known for its power to get people from different walks of life together. It helps people bond not only by giving them a sense of connection but also acts as a medium to express our deep-rooted feelings which we sometimes have trouble expressing through words. Some musicians really speak their hearts out through their music and make our lives much easier and expressive in ways.
So on a musical note, here are 11 of our favourite music love quotes that can help you get your feelings across to your partner with ease and style!

1. Music Love Quotes - Kiss Me, Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is best known for his expression of love through his songs. Almost all the music love quotes from Kiss Me speak volumes about the feeling of love and this quote in particular is probably the best way to express those intimate emotions.

2. Music Love Quotes - I Saw Red, Warrant

When you’re in love, the person seems no less than a Godly figure to you. You start associating them with everything that you believe in and have faith in. Even though this song is about betrayal, this quote is something that most people in love can associate with.

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3. Music Love Quotes - At Last, Etta James

We’re often told that the right person will come along, sooner or later; love songs are full of music love quotes that promise such a future. So if you had been waiting too long for someone and finally have them in your arms then you would know what this quote signifies. It speaks of the longing for love coming to an end when you finally have the person of your dreams in your life.

4. Music Love Quotes - Thank You For Loving Me, Bon Jovi

Music love quotes and melodies complete each other; the perfect song has the perfect lyrics against the perfect notes. Lovers are like that too. They complement each other like no one else. Jon Bon Jovi here beautifully expresses his gratitude to his partner for coming into his life and making it a full circle.

5. Music Love Quotes - My Valentine, Martina McBride

How great are music love quotes like this one! A promise to be together until eternity is something that most people want but never really get. Wouldn’t it be great if you said something like this to your partner and lit up their lives?

6. Music Love Quotes - Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden

Ever since I was kid, this song has been one of my favourites. Earlier it was about visualizing the scenery in the song but now I truly get the beautiful lyrics about wishing that time stood still when you were with your loved one.

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7. Music Love Quotes - Your Song, Elton John

Well, that’s Sir Elton John for you! His music love quotes can always say what no one else could. It is every man’s dream to build a dream house for his love, one that will last for generations to come. While most people only talk about the feeling of love, Elton John here beautifully sings about the wishes of a man for his beloved.

8. Music Love Quotes - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Aerosmith

‘I don’t want to miss a thing’! Who does? Being in love makes you want to cherish every moment spent with them and you don’t want to miss even a fraction of a second from the time you get with them. You want to just look at them and realize how beautiful they are while feeling gratitude for having them in your life.

9. Music Love Quotes - For The Longest Time, Billy Joel

Billy Joel is someone that most singers today look up to. His music touches hearts and souls. Through For The Longest Time, Billy expresses his love and intentions of being with his lady forever. He talks of eternal love while promising a love for life; music love quotes that speak of the passions of true love.

10. Music Love Quotes - Time In A Bottle, Jim Croce

Time never seems to be enough when you are with your loved one. You always get the feeling like it rushed past you without giving you a chance to really be with them. So wouldn’t you also want to save time like Jim Croce? Most of the music love quotes from Jim’s albums are equally haunting in their innocent childish honesty.

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11. Music Love Quotes - You're Still The One, Shania Twain

Ah, Shania Twain and this song have had deep rooted feelings in my heart ever since I was kid. The melody, tune and lyrics come together in such a beautiful form that you always feel every word of it in your heart.

So these are our top picks for the best 11 music love quotes that will help you get your feelings across without having to sit with a pen and paper to write in your own words. Remember, music brings lives together!