15 Best Good Evening Love SMS Texts Perfect For Sunsets

By Aditya Vachaspati G B KAditya Vachaspati G B K  • 

So, you’re done with work. It’s the same case with your better half. Let’s say it’s about 5:30 pm in the evening. You’ve just got into your car. The driver turns the car on and puts it in reverse. You see a beautiful sunset to the west. The rays of the setting sun reminds you of your loved one. You call them and say, ‘I miss you babe. I love you so much. Just saw a beautiful sunset and it reminded me of you.’ She says, ‘I am looking at the same sunset love. It reminded me of you too. I was about to call you but you beat me to it’. We all know how that conversation goes. We all know that it goes on for hours. Till you see each other at the front gate. And then, it continues some more. However, we want you to get creative. So, here are a few good evening love SMS texts that’ll convey the message in a rather special way.


Having a tough time in the relationship? Is the honeymoon period over? Send this wonderful message to each other. It’s a reminder, ‘no matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise and shine again’.


Just send this lovely message to your girlfriend saying, ‘she’s your special star’ from morning to night, all day, and every day for the rest of your life.


True! The longer you stay friends, the stronger your bond grows and you slowly realize, may be, your best friend is the love of your life.


Perfect! She’s as beautiful as the setting sun; she’s your number one. It’ll make her smile and she’ll feel like a million bucks.


Nice! Very subtle way of saying, baby, we’ve understood each other and we’re together coz we understand each other. However, let’s not screw it up coz of silly misunderstandings.


I’ll be there come what may. For you, with you, always! Great way to remind him or her that you stand by what you said when you first met. You might have met only by chance but you loved coz you had no choice. It just happened and you didn’t even know it. This message is promise to continue that love, always.

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Wow! Now, that’s a romantic way of committing yourself to someone. Just beautiful!


That’s what we all need. Partners who’ll make us smile and laugh. A partner who’ll make us happy! Someone with whom, the world becomes a place where we can understand and make sense of situations.


Had a fight? Feeling bad? Upset? Well, don’t be. Send this lovely message and make up. Be happy, for every second counts. Keep in mind that you’re losing 60 precious seconds of happiness for every minute you are angry.


Way to say that you’ve got a beautiful smile. Way to say that I need you to smile so that I don’t feel low. If there’s ever been a way of saying something to someone, this was it.

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I love it when you smile coz of me baby. I mean, yeah, I like your smile but isn’t it just awesome when you smile coz of me? You feel great and I feel great. Let’s have a great evening together.


True in a literal sense I guess. Just coz you can’t talk, doesn’t mean you can’t love. At the same time, it means so much more in a metaphorical sense.


A peaceful mind and a grateful heart are known to be the ingredients for a happy life. And we agree. A happy heart means happiness all around.


That’s just romantic. That’s also just rhythmic. I guess, some people are born romantics, for others, romance just comes to them when they’re with the one they love.


What can I say about this good evening love message? After all, I’m just a hopeless romantic. So, I’m going to be using the exact same lines tomorrow when I talk to my girl friend.

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