Murali Vijay's Wedding: Cricket, Love, And The Allegation

Murali Vijay’s wedding to Nikita Vanjara, his teammate Dinesh Karthik’s ex wife, made such a ruckus online, that both cricketer’s careers were left in the dark for a while. Somewhere down the line, we all forgot who Murali really is. Murali Vijay was only 17 when he moved out of his home. A decade and more down the line, that soul-searching teenage boy is India’s A-listed cricketer with over 7000 runs in his kitty. Murali is best known for his unconventional and unpredictable style of playing the game, and the same is true for his love life, which is rumoured to have all begun with a flaming extra-marital affair. Yes, you read it right. And if that raises some eyebrows, then that is what all the noise about Murali Vijay’s wedding with Nikita Vanjara is all about. We take a closer look here.

Murali Vijay – The Rise

Murali Vijay's Wedding - Murali Vijay

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Murali Vijay was born on 1st April 1984 in Chennai. At the age of 17, he moved out of his home on his will after failing in his class twelfth examinations. He assured his parents that he will not take any dire step and told them that he just needed some time to figure out what he wants from his life. He felt the need to introspect and figure that one thing to which he could dedicate the rest of his life to. Murali realised that he had a keen interest in cricket and picked up the sport by playing for local cricket clubs in Chennai. After his admission into the illustrious Vivekananda College, his talent landed him a place in the Tamil Nadu state team for the 2006-2007 Ranji trophy tournament where he was noticed by the national team selectors. He made his international cricket début with test cricket in 2008, and was subsequently selected for the one day international team in 2010. Since then, he has carved a permanent slot for himself in the Indian cricket team, and is one of the popular faces of modern Indian cricket. Murali Vijay’s wedding happened much later, making him quite a late bloomer in matters of love.

Love Or An Extra-Marital Affair?

Murali Vijay's Wedding - Nikita Vanjara, Murali Vijay And Dinesh Karthik

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It was 2012, Murali was playing in IPL-5 and his friend Dinesh Karthik was also playing for another team in the tournament. The spectators of the match included the spouses of most of the players, and Nikita Vanjara (Dinesh Karthik’s wife) was also among the audience. Somehow news got out that Nikita was in love with Murali even though she was still married to Dinesh and gossip about the trio started doing the rounds. After much speculation, it was reported that there was indeed trouble in paradise for Dinesh and Nikita. Although this story has not been proved nor supported by any facts, one thing was clear that Dinesh and Nikita would go on to part ways. News of Nikita Vanjara and Murali Vijay’s wedding in a hush soon followed, amidst more speculation about Nikita’s pregnacy at the time.

It is not exactly known when and where Murali met Nikita, and how they managed to initiate a liaison. It is speculated though that Murali and Nikita met way back when both Dinesh and Murali were part of the Tamil Nadu squad for the Ranji Trophy Championship. Dinesh and Nikita’s parents were long-time family friends, and thus got them married. At that moment, Nikita may not have been able to come forward about her relationship with Murali, and it is only when the two continued seeing each other even after marriage that she took the bold step to bring their affair out in open. Needless to say, it marked the end of her marriage with Dinesh Karthik, and the couple divorced in 2012.

Finally Together In Wedlock: Nikita Vanjara And Murali Vijay’s Wedding

Murali Vijay's Wedding - Nikita Vanjara And Murali Vijay With Their Son Naveen

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The path was clear for Murali and Nikita to make their relationship formal and official. Nikita and Murali Vijay’s wedding was a private affair in Chennai in late 2012 with only family members around. Apparently, Nikita was pregnant with her child with Dinesh when the couple divorced. In spite of that, Murali joyously welcomed their son in 2013, whom they named Naveen. The two have had a successful run with their marriage, and unlike other wives of cricketers, Nikita is rarely seen attending any of Murali’s matches. Murali and Dinesh also share some glaring cold vibes on and off the field, which is completely understandable. Dinesh went on to tie the knot with squash player Dipika Pallikal in 2015. We hope Murali and Dinesh have finally found their true life partners, and wish them all the best for their married and professional lives.

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