The Mukesh Ambani And Nita Ambani Marriage - When A Billionaire Fell In Love


One woman is seemingly living the impossible dream; after all, snagging yourself a billionaire husband and a life in the world’s most expensive house is the stuff of legend. This isn’t just any billionaire we’re talking about either (if there were such a thing), this is Mukesh Ambani we’re talking about, the second richest man in Asia and the ninth richest man in the world. But to even approach the Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani marriage, the union of these love birds, in such a light would be folly. Indeed, the truth of how they came to be is much closer to home than would be apparent at first. Here’s their story.

The Back Story

If you’re wondering how a normal middle-class Mumbai girl comes to meet a billionaire, let alone wed him, then you’re not the only one. In fact, Nita herself couldn’t believe it when she received a call from Dhirubhai Ambani, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The Ambanis, specifically Dhirubhai and Kokilaben Ambani, were at a cultural show, where a young Nita was showing her skills in her self-proclaimed “first love” – dancing. Indeed, the young Nita was dazzling the audience with a display of her Bharatnatyam prowess, and Dhirubhai and Kokilaben were so impressed, they knew they had found just the right girl for Mukesh.

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The Phone Call

nita and mukesh ambani dancing

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So convinced were they, that they got Nita’s phone number and rang up. When Mr. Ambani introduced himself saying, “Hello, this is Dhirubhai Ambani,” he was met with a retort to the tune of “If you’re Dhirubhai Ambani, I’m Elizabeth Taylor” before the receiver was placed back on its hook. It was only after Nita’s father got suspicious of what was going on and answered the phone himself that Dhirubhai managed to get his feelings across to (a very apologetic) Nita, and that’s when the courtship began.

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The Mukesh Ambani And Nita Ambani – The Dating Phase


When Mukesh and Nita finally got to meet one another, each seemed to be more impressed by the other than they would have first imagined. Nita recalls how she (being from a middle-class house, with a strict mother) had a strict 12 p.m. deadline by which she had to be back home, and given Mukesh was just entering the world of Big Business, he used to work nights and could only get off at 11 p.m., complicating their meetings even further.

Even though it was Mukesh Ambani courting their daughter, Nita’s parents would not relent with their deadline, and Nita herself was working as a teacher at the time so she had to make sure that she had to be up and about the next day to go about her duties to her students. Nonetheless, the two managed to squeeze in time for each other, and for several months got to know each other better.

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Nita, being her usual self, once insisted that Mukesh ditch the Mercedes that he usually picked her up in, and that the two of them should take a BEST bus across Mumbai. She specifically chose the top seat in a double decker bus, that too on her favourite route that went past Juhu beach giving them a fantastic view. “I was thrilled when he readily agreed” said Neeta, who got to know a lot about the values of Mukesh and how much he wanted to be with her, when presumably he could have his pick from several thousand other women, most of whom would not have set such conditions on their meetings and hanging out!

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The Mukesh Ambani And Nita Ambani Marriage Proposal

mukesh ambani and nita

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The story of how Mukesh proposed to Neeta is perhaps one of the best tales to emerge out of the entire courtship. They were as usual driving around on Mumbai’s roads in Mukesh’s car when he suddenly grew serious and stopped the car, even though the lights were green. He turned around to face her and said plainly “Will you marry me?” A shocked Nita was gathering her wits when Mukesh added further “Tell me now or I won’t start the car!” Nita jokes about how she “said yes to avoid a traffic jam!”

To anyone expecting grand gestures and millions of rupees spent in making a splash, this is perhaps the best indicator of the down-to-earth nature of India’s richest family. The question was always about love and attachment, rather than any show of wealth. One would have thought that Nita would have said ‘yes’ the instant she had known Mukesh was interested in her but that was not the case.


One final point to note is that Nita was so invested in her love for teaching that she had made only one inalienable request before agreeing to marriage – that she be allowed to work after their marriage. Of course, now she heads the ambitious and prestigious Dhirubhai Ambani International School, a testament to her love for teaching and nation building.

The Mukesh Ambani And Nita Ambani Marriage Pictures

mukesh and nita ambani wedding

The rest, as we know, is history. Nita got married to Mukesh when she was just 20 years old. The couple have three children, two boys, Anant and Akash; and a girl, Isha. Nita has famously quipped in an interview that she “loves being Mukesh Ambani’s wife,” and as far as we have come to know her character, we know that the statement was not made lightly.

The partnership of Mukesh and Nita is one of the rarest, especially when it comes to the fact that their net worth simply does not match their humility and down-to-earth nature. Nita tells the story of how she gave both her sons 5 rupees to spend in the school canteen, to which one of her sons asked whether if he was “an Ambani or a bhikari?” The parents, true to their nature, just laughed off the statement, and continued to raise all of their children in the way they perceived was right – instilling in them the same values of humility, grace and charm that are so evident in India’s most wealthy couple themselves.

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The Mukesh Ambani And Nita Ambani Marriage – Present Day

nita and mukesh ambani kids

The present day sees their marriage going on as strong as ever, and their love for each other seems to know no bounds, just as it did when they first came across each other. Nita has several ambitious projects under her belt, and a long list of responsibilities, ranging from their Mumbai IPL franchise that she took over when results weren’t up to scratch, educating herself in a game she had no idea about in the process, as well as the school she runs and the Global Health board she is a part of. Apart from Nita’s nation building activities, Mukesh continues to expand Reliance into new and unprecedented levels, with forays into electronics, telecommunications and energy, carrying on the legacy of his father.

Nita Ambani At The Rio Olympics 2016


In August 2016, Nita Ambani was elected as an individual member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by the highest percentage of votes. The 52-year old Nita Ambani went on to become the first Indian woman to be a part of the governing body of the prestigious global sports event. She was nominated for her credentials of being someone who has worked for the improvement of sports in the domestic scenario. She is known to be quite vocal about her support towards sports, and their benefits to unify communities. In her obligatory speech after her appointment, she shared that she wants children in India to be exposed to other sports apart from cricket like football and basketball. She added that she is truly humbled and overwhelmed by her appointment as a member in the illustrious sports body.

As far as the Rio Olympics is concerned, Nita Ambani is the only active Indian individual member of the IOC, and will continue to be an individual member till the age of 70.

Nita Ambani went on to distribute medals on 8th August, 2016, to the winners of the women’s 400m freestyle competition at the Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016. She is undeniably the first woman from the nation to have the honour of being part of the Olympic victory ceremony. As far as the Rio Olympics is concerned, Nita Ambani is the only active Indian individual member of the IOC, and will continue to be an individual member till the age of 70. That’s quite an honour, and she has surely made the nation proud by her accomplishment.