10 Majestic Mughlai Mehndi Designs Just For You!

When you think of the Mughals and the Mughal Era, you would most likely imagine all things fancy, opulent and absolutely charming! All things Mughlai are expected to be over the top exclusive and one of a kind types, be it clothes, jewellery, food, decor or even the mehndi designs. Yes, Mughlai mehndi designs are as ethereal and fancy as everything else from that time. They add a touch of royalty and charm that is unmatched and second to none. So, if you have a big celebration coming up, or if you just want to get mehndi done, try one of these magnificent Mughlai mehndi designs.

1. Brilliant Bridal Beauty

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Brilliant Bridal Beauty

Like I said earlier, when you think of Mughlai mehndi designs, it’s about the detailing. This bridal design for the legs is extremely beautiful and will surely add a regal and rich charm to your overall look.

2. Summer Special

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Summer Special

Well, summers are all about making the minimal trend look marvellous! Why not try this one inspired by intricate Mughlai Mughlai mehndi designs? It is stylish and can really add to your elegance and beauty.

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3. Bridal All The Way!

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Bridal All The Way!

A bride deserves the best of everything. This beautiful mehndi design for the bride is everything it needs to be – elaborate, intricate, elegant, feminine and absolutely stunning!

4. Glitter Pop

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Glitter Pop

This beautiful traditional Mughlai mehndi design has been accentuated with some colour and a dash of glitter. Just a pop of glitter can turn any Mughlai mehndi designs into stunning masterpieces!

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5. Webbed Wonder

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Webbed Wonder

A complete web pattern covers the feet. The design elements look fairly simple and there aren’t too many design… it looks simple, neat and absolutely magnificent!

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6. Gloved Hand Design

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Gloved Hand Design

Imagine a beautiful glove adorning your hands. This Mughlai mehndi design is exactly like a glove but only prettier and more intricate. It’s quite a unique design that will make you stand out for sure.

7. A Mix Of Glam And Grace

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - A Mix Of Glam And Grace

Modern Mughlai mehndi designs are a mix of style and traditional. The design elements like the floral and paisley patterns are traditional but they have been stylishly placed. This one is perfect for any and every occasion.

8. Intricate Design

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Intricate Design

This design uses fine and intricate lines to adorn the complete hand. It is a pattern with many Mughlai mehndi designs beautifully put together in one graceful flow.

9. Fancy Floral

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Fancy Floral

A beautiful floral design pattern that extends from the wrist to the finger has been nicely highlighted with an intricate pattern all around, adding to the attention it gets.

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10. Truly Traditional

Mughlai Mehndi Designs - Truly Traditional

The evergreen gol tikki design but with a royal touch of Mughlai. The fine and intricate lines look very beautiful and make this simple design stunning and fantastic. It mixes a lot of design elements without creating chaos. Perfect for the bride-to-be on the engagement day.

Mehndi designs from different places have their own unique charm. The ones showcased above are definitely a class apart. The Mughlai mehndi design style is unique for the intricate patterns it weaves together without being too elaborate all the time. Although the bridal Mughlai mehndi designs may look extremely elaborate, if you notice closely, each and every design element and pattern is distinctly visible. Call it art or skill or a mix of both, Mughlai mehndi designs are truly rich and royal. So, are you ready to try one on?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock