10 Most Popular Yoga Myths BUSTED

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Oh, YES! You read it right. Contrary to the popular belief that everyone knows about Yoga and are into it at some point of their life, there are some people who stay away from it.  Thanks to the myths they believe in about this art form. Read through this write-up to take a closer look at the myths and facts about Yoga.

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Yoga is the buzzword among fitness freaks today. However, there is still a majority, who hesitate to embrace this ancient form of fitness regimen due to some widespread rumours pertaining to the yoga mythology. Yoga, in reality allows you to take a closer look at one’s true self. However, people have started following it more for physical benefits in recent times.

10 Popular Yoga Myths Busted:

Myth 1: Physical flexibility is the keyword for practicing yoga

Practicing yoga asanas on a regular basis in fact, helps in attaining better flexibility. In reality, when compared to other forms of fitness routines, this art helps even those who have never exercised throughout their lives.

Myth 2: Yoga begets you a six-pack abs

While this art does offer you physical benefits, it has much more in store. Yoga in truth, offers you a chance to undergo complete transformation – physically, physiologically and psychologically. Thus, it transforms your lifestyle as well as your view towards life.

Myth 3: Hot yoga is the best way to go from flab to fab

Yes, there are countless people running after this Yoga form who are in the wagon to lose weight. Bikram yoga, which is popularly known as Hot Yoga, does aid in weight loss. However, pick any Yoga form, if and when practiced on a regular basis with utmost dedication offers you the desired results.

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Myth 4: Yoga is only for women

More and more women today are turning towards Yoga. No wonder we are hearing this yoga myth. In truth, anyone can do Yoga irrespective of their gender and age. The only thing you require is an open mindset. People like B. K. S. Iyengar, Bikram Choudhury, T. Krishnamacharya and many more are renowned male Yoga teachers.

Myth 5: Tantra yoga is sex uninhibited

The demand for Tantra Yoga especially in the Western countries has resulted in the misinterpretation of this form. Tantra Yoga is a divinely beautiful experience that celebrates the union of male and female – Shiva and Shakti, to be more specific. While this Yoga form does offer a sexual release, there is more to it. Tantra Yoga actually helps in channelling your energy in a way that it is in harmony with the cosmic unison.

Myth 6: Pregnant women should refrain from practicing yoga

This myth is completely incongruous. Yoga aids in keeping your body and mind completely relaxed when you are pregnant. Various asanas have exclusively been designed keeping in mind the condition of a pregnant woman. However, like other forms of exercise, you should definitely take the advice of your physician before you get started on this as well.

Myth 7: Practice yoga outdoors for better results

Yoga when performed in serenity, offers ideal results. However, it can be practiced anywhere. Only make sure that there is proper air circulation in the room, as breathing is a vital ingredient for all yoga poses.

Myth 8: Yoga cannot be personalized

This is yet another popular misconception. Each body is different, so are the needs of every individual. All the asanas can be modified, to a certain extent, keeping in mind the requirements of each person.

Myth 9: Include yoga in your daily regimen for better orgasms

“Rome was not built in a day”. This proverb is very much true when it comes to this myth. The increased flexibility that comes with regular practice offers you to enjoy your sexual life in a better way, no doubt.

Myth 10: Yoga is Hinduism

This is perhaps, one of the most common misconceptions about yoga. This is a form which transforms you as a whole individual and has no strings attached to any religion. You just need to be a human being to practice yoga.

Now that the yoga myths have been busted, we hope you can start practicing this lovely form of revitalization and rejuvenation with utmost dedication right away!

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