5 Savoured Pablo Neruda Love Poems For Yearning Hearts

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Pablo Neruda is the legendary poet in South American literature whose work has marked infinite milestones of eternal legacy. His outstanding work continues to impress readers even in the realm of modern poetry. Pablo Neruda love poems are very famous among lovers who find romantic, erotic and thrilling poetry absolutely breathtaking. Neruda dedicated most of his poetry to his beloved wife, that deep and true his love was. And we have shortlisted five examples of the most beloved poetry by the legend for you to share with your sweetheart (Titles are all translated from Spanish to English).

1. And Because Love Battles

In this poem, Neruda chaperones his love from those who belittled her. He opens his heart to his love and shows her what his life was like before she walked into his heart. How she stirred passion in his life and made him fearless. Then he says that people would try to break them apart by asking unreasonable questions like why he loved her and was with her when he could find somebody more beautiful and sensual than her. They would even point out pretty faces and sensual sirens to him. He quietly defends her by saying that he loves her the way she is. He loves the way she dresses up. He loves the way her hair flows when there is a breeze. He loves the way she smiles like stream of spring water flowing over pebbles. It feels so pure. She is the bread, the light and the shadow of his life for which he has long waited. And he wouldn’t change a thing about her for he loves her just the way she is. Together they plan to share the glimpse of their love with the world and show them how powerful and glorious true love can be. Share this with the one you truly love, and it will surely brighten up his or her day. Check out the poems here..

2. I Do Not Love You…

The title of this poem is very misleading. Indeed the poem summarizes the way Neruda truly feels for his beloved. He says that he does not love her for being beautiful like salt-rose, topaz or the fiery carnations. He loves her for something that is truly worth loving, and that she doesn’t share with the rest of the world. In his unique, dark ways, Neruda has expressed his deep love for his paramour. This is one of those Neruda love poems which new lovers can exchange for expressing their flaming love. Check out the poems here..

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3. Love Sonnet XI

Love Sonnet XI is one of the most erotic love poems by Pablo Neruda. It describes the intensity and the growing fire inside him that make him want to love his desirable paramour even more. Literal cannibalism cannot be ignored where he speaks of how much he wishes to consume every part of her body, that his ravaging hunger for her has grown. He compares himself to a prowling jungle cat who is absolutely desperate for her. In just fourteen lines Neruda completely sweep us all off our feet. Be careful of how you share it or read it to your love. Its deep, resonating meaning will have a lasting impact. Check out the poems here..

4. If You Forget Me

In this poem Neruda opens the poem by telling her how beautiful and magical of things in the world remind him of her. But at the same time he challenges her love by saying that if she ever forgets him and moves on, he too will forget her and move on. And if someday she forgets him and then comes looking for him, she should not for he must have already moved on. Then he assures her that if she truly loves him and carves her destiny with him, he will do the same with a raging fire that is inextinguishable and unforgettable. By reading this poem to your beloved you express your deep passion and love you hold in your heart for him or her. But you also show her the truth of life that your world will continue to evolve and not stop for her. Check out the poems here..

5. Don’t Go Far Off

Neruda persuades his love in this poem to not leave him and go away, even for a short while. Her absence would desolate him and kill him from inside, a slightly different tone from the previous one. Then he questions her that if she ever leaves him, he will wander around thinking will she ever come back? This poem reflects the undying love of Neruda for his beloved. Although it can get a little overwhelming towards the end for some, it simply explains that he will not be able to live without her. One of those haunting Pablo Neruda love poems to share with your love whose absence haunts you day and night, and distance between you two cannot be covered in just miles. Check out the poems here..

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