10 Most Amazing Purple Wedding Decorations You Will Ever See

Purple wedding decorations are some of the most stunning decorations that are available. The colour purple has it’s own unique set of characteristics and is called the colour of good judgement. It is a colour that represents spiritual fulfilment and tranquillity. All through history, purple has been used to symbolize magic, mystery and the powers of the mind. Not to forget, purple has been the colour of royalty. Purple is a combination of the warmest (red) and the coolest (blue) of colours and hence, is believed to be the best visual balance of colours. Did you know that this culmination of extremities is the reason why purple is touted as the most ideal colour? It is balanced, appealing and visually stimulating. If you don’t want to go with the regular whites and the boring blues, purple is the colour for you! Here are 10 of the most stunning purple wedding decoration ideas that you could use at your wedding.

1.The Purple Ombré Gâteau De Mariage

The Purple Ombré Gâteau De Mariage

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Stun your guests with this beautifully done Purple Ombre Gateau De Mariage. How cool would it be to have a purple wedding cake? Well, look at the picture once more – and we are sure you’ll be on your way to the pâtissier to order your own purple pound of pure pleasure. And what better purple wedding decoration, than a purple cake?

2. The Purple And Gold Wedding Theme

The Purple And Gold Wedding Theme

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The timeless combination of purple and gold has a very regal feel, especially when the shade of purple is a shade darker. Play with both these colours and incorporate them in the entire decor at the wedding and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Purple wedding decorations for that royal touch, yes!

3. The Epitome Of Elegance: Purple Chandeliers

The Epitome Of Elegance: Purple Chandeliers

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Elegant purple chandeliers that are suspended above each long table give the wedding a very unique theme and colour scheme. A purple wedding decoration idea that you could definitely put to good use at your wedding or reception party.

4. The Purple Floats

The Purple Floats

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Imagine a hall or a tent full of purple paper light holders or shades. Adding purple to an overall white theme makes the colour stand out and give the decor a pleasant and unique feel.

5. The Illuminated Purple Tent

The Illuminated Purple Tent

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You can cleverly use Purple up-lighting to set a dramatic theme to your wedding tent. The colour and the warm lighting give it a romantic vibe like no other.

6. Hanging Floral Centrepieces

Hanging Floral Centrepieces

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You can set coloured candles on tall rectangular platforms and line them up with beautifully arranged floral garlands and beads to give your guests a decor they will always remember.

7. Subtle Calla Lily Centrepieces

Subtle Calla Lily Centrepieces

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You can have an understated arrangement of purple calla lilies in small glass vases across the dining tables. These are subtle accents to the theme and the small centrepieces are convenient, and do not obstruct the guests from conversing across the table.

8. Lavender Mint Juleps

Lavender Mint Juleps

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Give your guests a bourbon cocktail with a dash of mint and lavender to boot. The drinks too, thanks to the lavender carry the overall purple theme of the wedding and could really be the standouts at the party.

9. The Purple Delphiniums Here And There


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You could artfully arrange delphiniums (which are available in a pale shade of pale blue that is almost like lavender or light purple in colour) on a corner table and complement the setting with randomly placed hydrangeas. The set up is easy but the result is absolutely stunning. A simple DIY idea for the perfect purple themed wedding.

10. The Entwined Purple And Beads Heart

The Entwined Purple And Beads Heart

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A beautifully designed purple and beads entwined heart for the bride to carry at the wedding. This could then be placed on a table top or as a showpiece. You could have similar ones for all the bridesmaids and the li’l girls at the wedding – a simple decor idea that is like a bouquet and could also double up as a piece of decoration.

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is a colour for everyday? And purple is for Thursday. In case you want to know – Monday’s are white, red is for Tuesday, green is for Wednesday, blue is for Friday, black is for Saturday and for Sunday’s it is orange. Each colour has its own significance and its relation to that day is pretty scientific too! More on that on another post.