Monica Belluci’s Makeup, Beauty And Fitness Secrets Revealed

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The top face of Dior beauty products, the Italian supermodel turned actor, Monica Bellucci is still undoubtedly one of the hottest divas of Hollywood. Even at the age of 47, her poise and appeal are a cause of envy for many a woman around the world. She seems to be growing more beautiful with age. It feels strange, how the actor has groomed her persona so carefully over the years to become a fashion icon in the eyes of all. Her matchless beauty and evergreen appeal of course stem from her Italian origin. However, she has put no less effort in nourishing her elegance to the extent she could. Monica Bellucci’s beauty has been matched by very few till date!

Monica Belluci Beauty Secrets:

1. The natural beauty:

Monica Bellucci is not one of those plastic beauties. Her beauty is natural. This is the main secret why she appears to be equally appealing in all attires. She looks enigmatic even without any Photoshop magic. Those who realize what natural beauty is would know that it is not makeup that makes her look beautiful.

2. Hair care:

Monica Bellucci prefers shampooing her hair twice a week but not more than that. While shampooing, she generally dilutes the shampoo with water to reduce the alkaline effect of the former. In addition, she avoids blow-drying her hair to keep it natural and gorgeous.

3. Maintaining flawless skin:

Bellucci believes that beautiful skin is of the utmost importance for looking beautiful throughout the year. To ensure this, she starts her day by taking a generous shower in the morning. She is in love with the refreshing face fresheners that keep her fresh and glowing throughout the day.

4. Less makeup:

Monica Bellucci is not a makeup person. She hates loud makeup. In most events, you would find her with minimal makeup. She concentrates working on her big and expressive Italian eyes, which are her core attractive features.

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Monica Belluci Makeup Secrets:

1. Delicate makeup:

A diehard fan of Marilyn Monroe, Monica Bellucci is highly inspired by the femininity and delicacy of the legendary diva. Following the footsteps of her inspiration, she believes that no makeup should be loud enough to hide the natural beauty of a person. It should be rather complementary while helping to enhance the appeal factor. Quite naturally, Bellucci sidetracks loud makeup, unless for any special role or character.

2. Foundation, the base of makeup:

Bellucci goes for natural shades when it comes to the selection of foundation. It depends on the occasion and her skin texture, as she tends to get tanned so easily. Generally, she prefers using different foundations for summer and winter.

3. Eye makeup:

For everyday purpose, she likes to use natural shades for the eyes. Her favorite colors are brown or light gray.

4. Lip Gloss by Dior:

Dior happens to be Bellucci’s favorite brand. The lip-gloss by Dior is her all time choice. For the evenings, she usually goes by red mostly.

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Monica Belluci Fitness Tips:

1. Swimming:

As she is not a strict diet person, she has to put a little extra effort on working out on her body weight. Swimming is her favorite exercise, and she swims for about 45 minutes, 4 days a week.

2. Yoga:

Bellucci also practices yoga every day. She believes that yoga offers fullness to the body and the mind.

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Monica Belluci Diet Secrets:

1. Portion control diet:

To uphold her slender shape, most European beauties go for the portion control diet. Bellucci is not an exception. The diet style allows her to eat just anything she likes, but in moderation.

2. Water:

Drinking plenty of water is another good thing that Bellucci follows as her regular diet compulsion.

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