Creative Money-Saving Tips You Must Know If You Are A Makeup Addict

Written by Priyanka Rele • 

Being addicted to fashion and loving everything about it is no sin, but going over the top and not knowing where to stop splurging might just be. We know fashion can be at times quiet expensive, and as every fashionista believes – where there is a problem there is always a life hack.

We’ve a listed a few wonderful tips for you that will help you cut down on those long bills and yet keep you in style for a long, long time! Go on with the read – we know you’ll thank us soon!

1. Save That Mascara:

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Average mascara has a life of about 3-4 months after opening. But at times, it goes dry even before this time. Whenever this happens, just dip the mascara bottle in warm water for about 5 minutes and then roll it between your palms. Also, never throw a mascara brush; you can instead use it as an eyebrow shaper!

2. Ditch The Parlour:

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You can always get a nice pedicure done right at home. Get your girlies and do each other’s manicure as well. This way, you not only save bucks, but also get to spend some extra time catching up on the latest gossip!

3. Double Duty:

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It is time your expensive makeup products begin to multitask just the way your boss makes you slog in the office! I almost always use my rose eye shadow as rouge, the only change being the brush. My usual liner pencil becomes kohl when the tip is burnt on a candle flame for a few seconds! Sometimes, I use gloss on my eyelids to give them this sultry look. So go ahead and find ways to use one product in multiple ways.

4. Store Your Shampoo And Conditioner Upside Down:

Do you know that when you throw away an “empty” shampoo or conditioner bottle, it still has enough material to last you at least two more washes? So always store them upside down to extract the most. As far as shampoo is concerned, you can put some water in the bottle and shake it well. It is not being cheap…do you even know that shampoo should always be diluted with water before you apply it to your hair?

5. Wait For That Sale:

Wait For That Sale
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Have you been lusting for that super-expensive eyeliner or the new moisturizer that promises to make your skin like satin? Just wait for the sale and save your moolah!

6. Sale Addict?

Sale Addict
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Make a list for an entire year and go buy those things in sale. Do not just get up and go like a trailblazer at the sight of “SALE”. You only end up spending much more than required when you step into a ‘sale’ place. Keep away!!

7. Use Brush For Lipstick:

Brush For Lipstick
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When the last of your lipstick is left, just use a lip brush to get to the bottom and apply it like a makeup artist. Never ever throw it – it is a sin in beauty bible!

8. Go Online:

Go Online
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No matter what they say, always browse the internet when you want to buy a beauty product. You will have better comparisons and more often than not, might get a great discount as well.

9. Go Home-Made:

Exfoliators and facial masks are best made at home, especially if you are one of those girls who buy “all-natural” products at unnaturally high prices. For others, haven’t you heard going natural is the new fad?

10. Go For Colour Palettes:

Always buy an eye shadow palette that has a collection of at least 8-10 colours. It would be a bulk purchase, and hence a great value for money. And what more, you get a number of colours to go with, like for almost every dress in your closet. Yeah…..this is one big money saving deal!

11. Replace Your Expensive Makeup Remover:

Always remove your makeup before going to bed, but not necessarily with that expensive makeup remover. Use baby cream and lotions instead; they come at half the price and are much better for your skin.

12. Make A Budget:

Make A Budget
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Make an itemised monthly budget and keep some extra after every four months. This way, you get to splurge and control….all at the same time! Just don’t toss your laptop when you see how much you had spent! Trust me on this one, I have broken two of them.

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