Reena Roy’s Marriage: One That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time

Does the name Reena Roy ring a bell? Reena Roy’s marriage and love life should do more than that. The gorgeous actress from 1980s best known for her beautiful eyes mesmerised the audience with her beauty. Her alluring looks charmed Bollywood’s Shotgun Shatrughan Sinha and their rumoured affair provided fodder for gossip-mongers. Recently too, a lot has been written and said about the striking similarity between Reena Roy and Shatrughan’s daughter Sonakshi Sinha. Reena got married to Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan but always had a soft corner for Shatrughan Sinha. It is a classic tale of gharwali and baharwali. We take a closer look at Reena Roy’s marriage, and her infamous affair with Shatrughan Sinha.

Reena Roy – The Actress

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena Roy

Reena Roy was born 7th January, 1957, to a Hindu father and Bengali mother. She started her showbiz career in early 1970s as a model but then soon moved on to the big screen when she got noticed by film producers. Her first film was in the year 1972 but unfortunately that film got shelved and was never released after completion. She acted in several low budget films after that. Her major breakthrough role came in the year 1976 with the cult classic Kalicharan in which she shared screen space with actor Shatrughan Sinha. The film was a sleeper hit bringing instant recognition to the 19-year old Reena Roy. Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy reprised their magic with Vishwanath in 1978, which is considered a blockbuster hit. Reena is said to have received a string of offers after that film, and she became one of the most sought after actresses. She worked in 100 films through her career in Bollywood, which lasted till her marriage. Post Reena Roy’s marriage, she gave up her career to raise her daughter, and in more recent times she started an acting school with her sisters.

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Playing The Second Fiddle

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena And Shatrughan In A Still From Kalicharan

In early 2016, Shatrughan Sinha released his autobiography Anything But Khamosh, which had surprisingly candid revelations about his affair with his co-star, Reena Roy. It followed every trail and turn of his tumultuous (extra-marital) affair with Roy, and the events that preceeded Reena Roy’s marriage. When Sinha was quizzed by tabloids about the matter, he said, “The book has the summary of my life, from how I left home to study films at Pune, my struggle in the film industry, and then the girls who came into my life – the gharwali (wife) came and then baharwali (the other woman).” His words exacerbated one long lost filmy affair but it also doused the burning curiosity about it and cemented the fact that Reena was indeed the ‘other woman’ in his life. The question now was, “Where did it all start?”

The Road To Reena Roy’s Marriage : Sparks

Reena and Shatrughan worked together for the first time during the making of their commercially successful film Kalicharan in the year 1975. Reena was a timid 18-year old at that time, and a good 11 years younger than Sinha. Sinha’s star power and enticing charm drew the young Reena towards him, and while the two did not have much chemistry back then, they did make a striking pair. Reena and the then single Shatrughan Sinha became close pals, but that was the end of the story till their mushy togetherness blossomed into something more than friendship by the end of their second film together in 1978. This time, the two were so much palpably into each other that even Reena’s mother got a hint of it.

In an interview much later, she shared that she wanted her daughter Reena Roy’s marriage to Shatrughan to happen, knowing very well that he was already married to Poonam. She added that her observations made it clear that Sinha was just fooling around and did not have any sincere interest in investing in the relationship. “Reena told me it is love, I told her it is a mistake,” she rued about her daughter’s choice with words that would soon turn true.

Goodbye Shatrughan, Hello Mohsin

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena Roy And Mohsin Khan

It was the year 1981 and news of the romance brewing between Reena and Shatrughan was already out. But then suddenly out of the blue came the news that Shatrughan Sinha was all set to tie the knot with a certain lady named Poonam. Apparently, the two met on a flight, hit it off well and decided to get hitched. It was one rattling news for Reena Roy who was shaken to the core after hearing it. It was something that she had never expected even in her wildest dream. But Shatrughan Sinha continued to maintain the same old bonhomie with Reena as if he had never known any other woman. It was a glaring extra-marital affair that skipped no one’s eyes. It reached such infamy that Reena was then referred to as Sinha’s ‘other wife’, putting any hopes of Reena Roy’s marriage to Shatrughan Sinha far from a possibility. Sinha never made any effort to hide anything from plain sight, and soon his legitimate wife Poonam could smell the beans her husband was cooking behind her back. In an interview to a film magazine in late 1980s, she shared:

“The truth is that I did step aside and gave Reena a clear field, but Shatru didn’t want to marry a girl whose fidelity was in doubt. I was aware that they revived their old romance after our marriage.”
– Poonam Sinha on her husband’s affair with Reena Roy

The point that Poonam was not agreeing to the extra-marital affair and yet not resisting anything must have irked Reena since she was on an intersection where both the paths seemed clogged. Shatrughan was not ready to leave his wife, and the wife instead was kinda welcoming Reena as a second fiddle, in a way that looked more like a slapping insult. Reena had it enough and she surprised the industry and tabloids when she announced her marriage to the Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan, who was at his peak of his cricket career. Even Reena was at the prime of her film career, and was a bankable actress of that circa, making her the darling of film financiers. But the rough ride, and the unsightly situation with a two-timer was too much for her to handle and she decided to take a break. This was something which Reena Roy’s marriage to Mohsin Khan could provide.

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Mohsin And Reena Roy’s Marriage, A Tumultuous Affair

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena Roy And Mohsin Khan's Formal Wedding Pic

Mohsin and Reena had a straightforward private wedding supposedly held at Karachi in Pakistan. The initial years post-wedlock were bliss. Mohsin owned a large manor in London and the couple would often keep shuttling between their houses in England and Pakistan while sometimes making a stopover at Mumbai to meet Reena’s mother. Reena and Mohsin were eventually blessed with a daughter, whom they named Jannat, and that completed their family picture.

Reena Roy’s marriage and motherhood constituted that much needed solace she yearned for. At the same time, Mohsin’s status of being Reena’s husband became his ticket to Bollywood, and he took a hiatus from cricket to try his hand at acting, which he managed quite well. He was able to land a dozen films in his acting portfolio and some of which went on to become commercially successful. Reena, on the other hand, continued with her career in showbiz but her maternal instinct often kept her away from the film sets. She eventually quit films to raise her daughter right at the time when her husband was himself gaining decent foothold in Indian cinema. It was a win-win situation though, and the ride was breezy until the cold English weather and the manifestations of personality clashes started straining the couple’s relationship.

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena Roy And Mohsin Khan Pose In A Candid For An Interview

In an interview, Reena shared that her husband was keen on settling down in England with a British citizenship, an idea she did not support due to her inability to adjust to the environment and the lavish lifestyle of Mohsin and his friends. Things soon started taking a turn for the worse when Reena started feeling that they were two disparate people forced into a wedlock. Out of agony, she decided to speak to her mother about the matter. She shared the following anecdote about the conversation with her mother in an interview:

“At one point, I called my mom from London and asked her, ‘What is the meaning of marriage?’ She just said, ‘Nibha le. Shaadi means nibhana’. I listened to her otherwise I think I would have come back way earlier.”
– Reena Roy about the conversation with her mother

It turned out the nibhana (fulfilment) of marriage with the ambitious Mohsin was too much for Reena, and therefore eventually in early 1990s, Mohsin and Reena broke their marriage. Reena returned to Mumbai and Mohsin returned to Karachi with their only daughter, Jannat. After the divorce decree, Reena left no stone unturned to get back her daughter, and after Mohsin’s third marriage, he handed over custody of Jannat, whom Reena later renamed Sanam. It is said that her daughter is in touch with her father. Taking about her feelings for Mohsin, Reena stated in an interview that:

“I have nothing against Mohsin per se. He is a wonderful person. After me, he married twice. His third wife takes good care of him. He is in touch with Sanam every day and she loves him.”
– Reena about her ex-husband Mohsin

When she was quizzed as to why she did not give marrying again a thought, she gave the following tongue-in-cheek remark:

“Shaadi karna yaane ek aur aadmi ko paalna…” (Getting married is like raising another man).
– Reena Roy on why she did not remarry

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Guess she made a point there!

So Why Does Sonakshi Look Like Reena Roy…

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena And Sona

The steaming hot question. Well, if you have your imagination running wild by now on Sonakshi’s resemblance to Reena Roy, amidst a rumour of Reena Roy’s marriage in secret to Shatrughan Sinha, then we are sorry to burst your bubble. The answer is a crisp “No!” Sonakshi is not Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy’s love child, and she actually resembles her mother Poonam than anyone else in this universe. The resemblance between Sonakshi and Reena is uncanny though but we would say it is more because they have a ditto eye makeup and similar facial features. In fact, Sonakshi once shared the following tidbit:

“Maybe my facial features are similar to hers. I had a fuller face and wear similar eye make-up. Maybe that is why we are compared to each other.”
– Sonakshi Sinha on her resmblance with Reena Roy

Reena shared the following words to clear the air from her end:

“Sonakshi looks like her mom Poonam Sinha, not me. I think Salman Khan’s family has given her a very typical Indian look that resembles my look on screen. When I did Zakhmee, I was called Asha Parekh and Nasir Hussain’s daughter. Dimple was referred to as Nargis’s daughter.

Film industry mein toh yeh silsila chalte rehta hai. Kuch din baad khatam ho jaata hai.” (This trend goes on in film industry. After few days the gossip fizzles out).
– Reena Roy

After the two made things clear, tabloids and film magazines went on to find some other new story to fuel their gossip section. Like Reena said it, the matter just fizzled out.

Life After Reena Roy’s Marriage

Reena Roy’s Marriage - Reena At Her Birthday Party, January 7, 2016

Since the end of Reena Roy’s marriage to Mohsin, Reena went on to start an acting school and lives with her daughter Sanam in Mumbai. The thing that makes her admirable and a distinct celebrity is the fact she never harboured hard feelings for anyone; neither the married man who ditched her nor her very own ex-husband. Despite being an actress to reckon with, she has always maintained a low profile and is seldom seen in the Page 3 sections. Guess that is what makes her charmingly beautiful. We wish her and her daughter all the happiness and the very best.

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