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It is a well-established fact that nothing can beat the sheer festivities of a good old Indian wedding. Family, friends, and colleagues gather around the happy couple as they celebrate a new beginning together. As a family member, friend and confidante, you want to do your best to support the bride and groom-to-be as they tie the knot. Wedding gifts are a big part of the event, and they usually range from small gestures to whopping luxuries. The excitement is always high when someone in the family or friend circle gets married, but so is the pressure to find the ideal wedding day gift. Ask today’s young millennial couples, and they would list traveling to multiple destinations as their ideal honeymoon vacation. So why not give the new couple a gift that suits their preferences?

If you are unable to find the perfect wedding gift, fret not! We are here to help you. Some of the memorable wedding gift options for the honeymooners can be:

  • A Traditional Gift: You can always look for traditional and personalized jewelry options. From dainty earrings to statement necklaces and chains, there’s plenty you can pick from depending on your budget.
  • Go With A Gadget: Gift the lovely couple a nifty gadget that helps make their life a bit easier, like a smartwatch or a hair styler.
  • His And Her Grooming Products: If the couple is always on top of their grooming game, you can give them a personalized hamper of ‘his and her’ beauty products.

In the past few years, we have seen a notable shift where personalized wedding gifts have taken over traditional and generic gifting ideas. A personalized touch can elevate your gifting game. So, make your presence count by simply making it more personal. A personalized gift can make the newlyweds feel special, and it also expresses how much you care for them. One such gift that the newlyweds can cherish forever is a romantic honeymoon package to their favorite holiday destination. Traveling together can deepen and strengthen a couple’s bond. That’s why a fully paid honeymoon package can be an ideal gift for a couple.

However, if you don’t want to get into the hassle of planning, you can always opt for the Club Mahindra GoZest Membership— which offers three years of magical holiday experiences, adventures, and a lot more. The GoZest membership can help the newlyweds start their journey of togetherness with a memorable travel experience! The GoZest membership allows you to choose from an array of domestic and select international honeymoon destinations and lifestyle experiences. It also provides access to luxury resorts and affiliate partner hotels. Scroll ahead to know what makes the Club Mahindra GoZest Membership the ideal wedding gift for a lovely bride and groom!

Club Mahindra GoZest Membership

Club Mahindra GoZest Membership

Which newly-wed couple wouldn’t love an extended honeymoon period? So why not give the newly-wed couple the gift of fun travel experiences and romantic getaways for a period spanning over three years? The Club Mahindra’s GoZest Membership is one such gift that aligns with the needs of every couple.

The membership is perfect for couples who love to explore and believe in living life to the fullest! The three-year lifestyle privileges program is great value for money and allows you to vacation across 100+ Club Mahindra resorts in India and other Asian countries. With Club Mahindra GoZest Membership, you and your partner can enjoy a vacation at any terrain— from alluring mountains to beaches and deserts to scenic backwaters. Couples can also enjoy various outdoor activities designed exclusively for them by the resorts.

The Exciting Features Of Club Mahindra GoZest Membership:

  • Enjoy romantic holidays for 7-9 nights every year for a period of three years.
  • Enjoy 2000+ magical experiences and adventure activities at the resort as well as outside.
  • No Annual Service Fees during your membership
  • Enjoy exclusive offers 365 days a year on unique in-city lifestyle experiences ranging from scuba diving, yacht sailing, rejuvenating spa therapies, and gourmet dining with complimentary Club M Select Membership.

The Club Mahindra GoZest Membership comes in two subscription packages:

  • GoZest Classic: With GoZest Classic, you can holiday for up to seven days every year for a timespan of three years at a Club Mahindra resort of your choice in India. A total of 525 points will be credited to your GoZest wallet annually under this package.
  • GoZest Premium: With premium, you can holiday for up to nine days every year for a span of three years at any Club Mahindra resort in India. In addition to this, you will also get a complimentary one-week international holiday trip in Asia. Under this package, a total of 675 points gets credited to your GoZest wallet annually.

What Makes The Club Mahindra GoZest Membership An Ideal Gift For Young Couples?

What Makes The Club Mahindra GoZest Membership An Ideal Gift For Young Couples

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  1. Members get access to luxurious resorts in breathtaking locations. Club Mahindra’s signature amenities include spacious accommodation, premium dining options, lavish amenities, and countless adventures.
  1. Couples can also partake in a number of thrilling outdoor activities in the resorts, designed exclusively for them.
  1. The Club Mahindra GoZest Membership is highly flexible. It is a point-based program that can be topped up at any moment. You can also visit Club Mahindra Resorts all year round.
  1. Couples can enjoy 2000+ unique experiences at the resort as well as outside. For instance, a candlelit dinner at the poolside on your honeymoon is an experience you don’t want to miss.
  1. Couples can also avail of exclusive offers on our partner hotels and cruises.

Finding the ideal gift with both practical and sentimental value attached to it can make a world of difference. A personal touch shows how much you care about the happiness of the newlyweds. A thoughtful gift can help the couple kick start their journey of love in the right manner. For instance, the exclusive features of the Club Mahindra GoZest Membership can give the couple memories that they will cherish forever.

Do you have any other trendy gift ideas in mind? Let us know in the comments below!