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Yoga as a way of life is interpreted in multiple ways by various people. Is it something that improves your physical and mental strength or is it a tool with which you can help others? Or is it something else entirely? Go ahead and explore the world of modern yoga here.

Yoga And You:

We know that the practice of yoga originated hundreds of years ago in India. We also know that it allows us to push pause on our chaotic lives. Yoga is a soothing way to balance your mind and body. Many have even found a better connect with the environment, thus gaining higher clarity with those around them.

Yoga is an ever changing entity where each teacher and student respectively teaches and learns it differently. Let us see why.

History Of Modern Yoga:

Very few know the fact that ancient and modern yoga are barely alike. Modern yoga is a tiny offshoot of the ancient, true practice. Thousands of years ago, ascetics used yoga to enhance their physical and spiritual strength, but with great emphasis on merging with the divine. The physical aspect was merely a single leaf attached to a great tree.

Modern yoga originated in the 1900s with ‘Hatha Yoga’ as its base. This is one of the eight branches that focus exclusively on asanas. Historically significant people like Swami Vivekananda and Krishnamacharya played a role in introducing yoga to others. While the former taught spirituality through yoga, the latter encouraged building physical strength and endurance.

Later, yoga transformed into the present day modern style as it spread its wings. Modern yoga has a distinct association with western gymnastics and has no link to divinity.

Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life:

Despite the changes, the benefits of modern yoga are unchallenged. Yoga plays an important role in our lives in numerous ways.


  • Connects you with your emotions
  • Lets you understand your inner self
  • Awakens your senses
  • Brings happiness in a fast-paced life
  • Improves flexibility, strength, endurance
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Contributes to fitness
  • Results in weight loss

One cannot deny the positivity that yoga brings to our lives through these benefits. It is no less than exhilarating with its calming asanas and breathing techniques.

Relevance In Modern Life:

Yoga, in the modern world, is a continually changing art. The asanas that give such balance to our mind and bodies tackle modern issues at the root. Do you have a health problem? Yoga can gradually make you fit. Are you obese? Lose weight with yoga practice. Too stressed? You know where to find a solution.

There are different types of yoga targeted towards specific problems. We have a meditational version that brings out your spirituality. Then there is the physical yoga that is better than any gym routine.

Changing lifestyles have given us many options but very less satisfaction. To restore your energy in this technological and busy environment, yoga is accessible to all manners of students through videos. These students are pregnant women and kids too. Millions have made yoga their way of life, joyfully connecting with themselves and their loved ones.

Global Presence Of Yoga:

As mentioned earlier, yoga is not just about helping yourself and others. It is so much more. It is a growing, living, and breathing industry. It is estimated that nearly $10.3 billion is spent on yoga and is practiced by more than 20 million people in the US alone. An increasing number of people are also teaching yoga as a career.

In the past 30 years, modern yoga has taken the world by storm. Anyone including Christians, Jews, and even atheists can practice it. In recent times, the practice has morphed into a global phenomenon that has very little to do with the Hindus alone.

Make modern yoga a part of your life too and find the calm among the chaos. Do you have anything to share about this post? Please leave a comment.

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