Mithun Chakraborty Marriage: The Disco Dancer’s Riveting Love Life

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Mithun Chakraborty has had a stellar career with a total tally of over 350 films spanning across Bollywood and three regional film industries. He has been in the showbiz for a whopping four decades, and is popular for his distinct dialogue delivery and exceptional versatility in performance. When it comes to Mithun Da’s love life though, superficially he has always been one woman’s man but then there were many reports of his alleged philandering affairs. In this article, we take a look at the long-lasting Mithun Chakraborty marriage to Yogeeta Bali and also try and unravel the truth behind the alleged liaisons.

Mithun Chakraborty – Student, Artist, Naxal, Hero

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Mithun Chakraborty was born Gourang Chakraborty on 16th June, 1950. Mithun had most of his education in Kolkata, and was a graduate in Chemistry. Sometime during college, he developed a keen interest in performing arts. Mithun applied for an admission at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune and successfully got through. He graduated with a degree from the institute but soon found himself enticed towards Naxalism. The young Gourang became a Naxalite and stayed among the ranks of Naxals till mid-1970s.

Due to certain events at home, he was forced to quit the Naxal movement and started looking for alternate career options. Since he was already a qualified actor, he tried his luck in films and bagged a role in a Bengali film in 1976 with the screen name Mithun Chakraborty. He made his Bollywood début in late 1970s, and since then has acted in numerous films playing several different types of characters, some of which gained critical acclaim. He reached stardom with his film Disco Dancer in 1982, which made Mithun Chakraborty a household name. Undoubtedly, the many Mithun Chakraborty marriage scandals added to the mystique and fan following, behind the man.

The Quick Successive Relationships

In late 1970s, Mithun Chakraborty made a splashing entry in Bollywood, and needless to say, became one of the most sought-after actor in the industry. Thanks to his ascending popularity, Mithun became quite popular in film circles, on account of which he ended up having couple of flings in rapid succession. Mithun worked with Sarika (second wife of Kamal Haasan) somewhere around late 1970s, and it is said the young pair developed a certain real-life affinity. Not much is known about their relationship, or if it ever got serious enough to have reached the possibility of a Sarika Mithun Chakraborty marriage. But it is said that the couple saw each for few months before abruptly breaking up. It is said that it was Sarika who ditched Mithun for unknown reasons leaving Mithun desperate to find another arm candy.

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Mithun then tried to woo Helena Luke, who was a popular model and a small-time actress during the 1970s. In an interview in 1980s, Helena shared that Mithun would pester her from morning till evening, trying to convince her that he was indeed her ‘soul-mate.’ It is said that Helena finally gave in when she had a break up with her boyfriend for five years, actor Javed Khan. An actual Helena Mithun Chakraborty marriage went through in 1979, but their marriage lasted just four months. The couple had a tumultuous marriage riddled with differences and daily feuds, eventually making them file for divorce. Helena later put the blame about the failed relationship on Mithun’s suspicious and miser-like behaviour which irked her. Mithun, on the other hand, never openly spoke about his first marriage since right at the end of the four month’s matrimony he started seeing the much married actress Yogeeta Bali, who was espoused to the popular Bollywood playback singer Kishore Kumar.

The Wedding That Lasted

At the fag-end of his marriage with Helena, Mithun had started spending substantial time with actress Yogeeta Bali who herself was having a troublesome time with her marriage. She was then married to singer Kishore Kumar. Yogeeta finally believed that she has found her perfect life partner in Mithun, and the two decided to tie the knot once the divorce was through. It is said that Mithun and Yogeeta most probably met at the sets of a film, and soon developed a friendly rapport, which manifested into a romantic alliance. In 1979, Yogeeta finally got a divorce from Kishore Kumar, and the couple wasted no time. A very formal pakka Mithun Chakraborty marriage to Yogeeta Bali took place. The couple had a stable marriage, and were blessed with three sons and a daughter in their marriage. Everything, seemed to have been going smooth until the year 1985. That year is when actress Sridevi walked into Mithun Chakraborty’s life.

Did He Marry Again?

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In early 1980s, Mithun Chakraborty became good pals with Sridevi. In spite of being married, it is said that Mithun had no qualms about developing a certain romantic affiliation towards Sridevi, who was still trying to make a significant mark in Bollywood. Interestingly, Mithun was also a good friend of Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, who gave Sridevi her big break in the Hindi film industry. Mithun was always cognizant of the fact that Boney and Sridevi were very good friends, and that did not perturb him since he was an old family friend of Boney Kapoor.

As time passed by, the much married Mithun and Sridevi’s friendship reached a point of amorous affinity. It is rumoured that Mithun was so enamoured by Sridevi that there was a plan out for a secret Mithun Chakraborty marriage to her even though he was still married to Yogeeta. It is alleged that Mithun lied to Sridevi that he had divorced Yogeeta and that the two secretly had a court marriage in 1985. Yogeeta was unaware of the happening and it is said that she only got to know about it sometime in 1987 when Boney started getting closer to Sridevi.

Mithun apparently got a whiff of Sridevi and Boney’s affair, and this strained the friendship of Boney and Mithun who stopped speaking to each other. This did not go unnoticed by Yogeeta, who soon realised that the cause of rift between the old friends was Sridevi. It is said that Yogeeta was extremely disturbed by the news and is said to have even attempted suicide. She moved out of Mithun’s house with her children. But thankfully, in 1988, Sridevi herself came to know that Mithun was sailing in two boats at once, and had never actually legally split with Yogeeta. Sridevi immediately annulled her marriage with Mithun, and the two filed for divorce, which they were granted immediately. Now having been left by Sridevi, and his second secret marriage, he decided to uphold his previous one.

Since Then…

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After that incident, Sridevi went on to have a full-fledged relationship with Boney Kapoor, while Mithun somehow wooed Yogeeta back into his life again. Tabloids brimmed with reports stating that Mithun and Yogeeta’s divorce would be imminent on account of Mithun’s philandering act. But the duo surprised everyone when Yogeeta gave birth to their third child after their reunion, which firmly confirmed that the Yogeeta Mithun Chakraborty marriage was going steady.

Mithun and Yogeeta have been together in a firm wedlock since then. Mithun’s eldest son Mahaakshay Chakraborty made his foray in acting in the recent past, and Mithun has been a doting supportive father to his son. We wish the Chakraborty family bountiful of happiness and all the best.

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