13 Common Mistakes Couple Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

After the wedding it is the honeymoon trip that is the most anticipated and most awaited aspect of a couple’s life. But most often, due to lack of foresight and proper planning, most couples end up making these mistakes that ends up making their honeymoon a disastrous experience. If you are planning a honeymoon, make sure you strike off these before.

1. Not Planning Way Ahead


If you are lucky enough to get at least six month’s time to plan for your wedding and honeymoon, you should not wait but start making bookings for your honeymoon right away. Couples often make this mistake of waiting too long to decide and since all the premium hotels and resorts get booked way early, they miss out on these awesome places just because of lack of planning. They often fail to get flight discounts and other offers that are provided when couples go for advanced booking much before time.

2. Not Making The Planning A Joint Effort

When it comes to planning of wedding, dividing responsibilities and making plans is the formula for a successful wedding and same goes for Honeymoon. If you are taking charge of the honeymoon yourself or asking your partner to do it entirely it can lead to trouble later. Your partner, while making the bookings, can end up tailoring the trip according to his or her own desires and wishes which might not go in accordance with the other partner. The best way to ensure that both of you are getting the most out of the trip is to plan it together.

3. Not Taking School Vacations Into Consideration


While making your bookings for the trip, you need to make sure about the dates and check up for timings of vacations in schools. After all, you do not want to end up in your honeymoon with a bunch of school kids romping around and ruining your time, right?

4. Being A Miser While Booking

Your honeymoon is a one time affair, so while you don’t need to splurge the money, make sure you are npt cutting corners where you don’t need to.

5. Covering Too Much Of Territory


Couples get too ambitious and try to cover up too much of territory in their honeymoon, not realizing that travelling across continents can be both expensive and exhaustive at the same time. It is a good idea to concentrate your plans over a smaller location and enjoy the trip in a relaxed manner without getting worried about the expenses or time restraints.

6. Choosing Someone Else’s Package

People often take too much of inspiration from the stories of the other couples in their friends circle and end up booking the same package for them without realizing that they have different tastes and goals and you might have a completely different take on what you want to do. Honeymoon packages should be booked keeping in mind you and your partner’s wishes and not solely on the review of other couples.

7. Totally Depending On Google


Couples depend too much on the internet and Google for the reviews of places and packages without realizing the gimmicks of digital marketing. The reviews most often may not be genuine and can dupe you nicely leading to a honeymoon disaster. So, it is wise to take the search results of Google with a pinch of salt and cross verify all the details.

8. Not Being Specific About Your Requirements

While booking for their honeymoon, couples fail to be completely vocal about their requirements out of shyness or awkwardness and feel disappointed while on the trip. Discuss thoroughly and openly with your partner about your honeymoon expectations, what things you want to cover and what activities you want to do, including the kinds of room you would prefer before you actually make the bookings.

9. Not Taking The Professional’s Help


Even though it is true that you may save some by taking things in your hand, it is also true that the professional travel agents also know the best about their job, have knowledge of quite a few handy deals, information about the peak hours and when you can get the best of the deals, thus making things actually cheaper and much more organized in the end.

10. Leaving Just After The Wedding

Once you are done with your wedding, leaving for the honeymoon the very next day or immediately is not a good idea. Taxing wedding rituals, months of hectic wedding planning and more you need to unwind a little before packing your bag and heading off for a long plane ride. Take a gap of a week or so to start for your honeymoon so that you are rested and energized for all the activities and thrills that you have planned for your honeymoon.

11. Not Booking Hotel For The Entire Stay


Not booking the hotels and resorts way ahead and just taking things by the day can dig a huge hole in your pocket as last minute bookings and reservations are always costly and you may not get the best deals for this.

12. Not Planning The Activities Precisely

It is always a good idea to plan for adventure activities in the first part of the honeymoon trip and relaxing ones for the later part so that you have a balanced schedule and can pamper yourself towards the end of the trip.

13. Spending All For Your First Resort


It is not a good idea to spend the most at your first halt. You need to plan things in a way that you have a balanced expenditure schedule so that it does not feel like you are the king and queen in your first week and paupers the next.

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